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[1986-01-31-Houston Wrestling] Jake Roberts vs Dick Slater (No DQ)


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This is the famous match that Ken Hoffman reported the finish of because Jake was leaving the area and headed to the WWF. Watts was so furious that he changed the finish and put Jake over here. I've really enjoyed this feud. This is a NO DQ match. Jake taunts Slater to start and Slater starts just kicking the crap out of him. Slater just taking it too Roberts. Jake's comeback is good with great looking punches. The crowd is 100% behind him. Slater cuts him off and delivers some surgical punches of his own. This bout has a real sense of urgency. The hate comes off the screen. Jake is bleeding and Slater delivers a pile driver. Slater is after the cut. Slater biting the cut and has Jake's blood all over his mouth. The crowd is nuclear cheering on Jake. A quick comeback is cut off immediately. Slater back on the cut. Slater choking him with athletic tape. Jake with his boot making a comeback. This is also a call back to their other matches. Except this time it's legal. Nasty clothesline by Jake, but Slater turns the tide. Ax handle from the top and Jake looks beat, but gets a foot on the rope. Atomic drop by Jake. DDT onto his boot causes the roof to blow off the place. 4*

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