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[2017-06-03-CWF Mid-Atlantic/MVW-Summerheat] Trevor Lee vs Michael Elgin


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**Spoilers** My understanding is that even though this was a MVW show, this will be on CWF down the road so if you keep up with the show and avoid spoilers, stop here


I had pretty high expectations going into the building and these two really lived up. I thought Elgin gave this a big fight feel, a super fight feel. He worked it to a bigger crowd that gave it some gravity, but it also made some of the moments feel somewhat awkward and out of place in the small room. That is, there were just some spots where things didn't flow quite right, a few little moments here and there where things felt disjointed. That was really my only critique (and I am really nitpicking) of the match and it honestly might not hold up once I see it on tape.


Elgin worked this like a monster. He didn’t give a lot early on. He gave gradually, putting on a performance that reminded me of Aja Kong or Vader at his best. Trevor fought from behind and that let him fire off offense in spurts. Between the high impact beating he took and the high octane counters and comebacks this match provided a lot of "oh shit" moments. Most of those moments come from Elgin and start early. Elgin takes control after countering the apron punt and keeps control with high impact moves and strikes that break Trevor's momentum. Don’t worry though, Trevor gets to kick him… real good. When they return to the Apron punt Trevor tries to chop him down with 5 HUGE kicks. They tie lots of things together really well.


They threw bombs at each other and both men put some real power on display, but all of that was put within the context of good selling and solid pacing. Big Mike always excels with the power, but I thought Trevor showed up big there. He delivered a dead-lift suplex late in the match that pulled my back out. They also knew they were working within the context of Trevor’s epic run and had a few nice little callbacks to things, especially the Day match. Trevor kicks out at one at a point late in the match, a spot that let the crowd on fire during Day/Lee. Here everyone pops hard only to see all the life quickly drain from Trevor again as he slumped to the floor. It was sort of brilliant.


The ending was good, but not quite as satisfying as I might have hoped for. It made a ton of sense and honestly the more I think about it the more I at least don't dislike it. They are moving like one of them is about to hit a deathblow, with lots of quick reverses and counters and escapes, and all the sudden its a flash roll-up. It was a desperation move by Lee and was consistent with the beating he just took. Lee gets a clean win and Elgin loses absolutely NOTHING.

My favorite part of the match was just how they built the emotion and intensity. Trevor comes in fired up and Elgin is stoic. As the match moves forward Elign grows impassioned and frustrated. First he tells Trevor it is his house and slowly unfolds that emotion. That eventually turns into anger as he tells Lee to stay down. Lee on the other hand sells the beating like a champ. He doesn’t just sell the pain, his energy levels decline as he goes too. Like the abovementioned one count spot Trevor had fired up so many times that he just crashes to the ground because he has almost nothing left. That comes right before he gets the desperation rollup win. These two pay a lot of attention to detail.


Regadless, this is a must see match. I am not seeing quite as much interweb hype as I saw for Day/Lee (I am new to twitter so maybe I am missing it), but I think this deserves some buzz. It was really really good.


For those rating inclined, I put this just under Lee/Day, giving it ****1/2, but the more I talk/write about it the more I am talking myself into this being better than that. I always like to reserve final judgment till I see it on tape. I can see some of my complaints sort of disappearing a bit and some of the strengths of the match really being accented on camera. It is possible that the little moments that seemed disjointed to me might not hurt this and I up its rating. I am really excited for this to hit youtube.



EDIT: This one finally came to youtube and confirmed more or less everything I wrote about it before. It was a great, physical match, something a good bit different than other Lee title matches here. Elgin played the final boss in a video game really well. I loved it

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..Aaaaaand the best big match wrestler in the world does it again. This gave me some Ric Flair vs. Vader vibes w/ Elgin putting on the best big-monster-man performance of his career (so far) & Trevor selling that excellently. Elgin pretty much dominated Trevor throughout the whole thing, but in the end, the ace survived w/ his fighting spirit by getting those terrific comebacks in. Fantastic storytelling with the big invader star almost getting the win & putting the champ in real big trouble. In my top-5 for the year so far. ****3/4

If you want to have the best match of your career, just go to North Carolina & fight Trevor for the CWF Mid-Atlantic Title. Worked for Elgin.

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Great match. Elgin made a believable monster redwood that Trevor had to chop down. Trevor sells his ass off once again and he makes such a fantastic babyface in peril instead of the more Ace-like position he embodies against a guy like Day. Loved the multiple PKs on the apron and Elgin just dropping before the sixth. The finish was hot and once again CWF-Mid Atlantic crafts another crazy good finish that ends exactly when it needed to. Never felt repetitive and always felt like it escalated.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2017-06-03-CWF Mid-Atlantic/MVW-Summerheat] Trevor Lee vs Michael Elgin

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