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[2017-06-01-DDT] Minoru Suzuki vs Sanshiro Takagi


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I'm not a big comedy match guy but I haven't unintentionally laughed this much in a pro wrestling context. Suzuki's comedic timing is so awesome, between his looks, the little smirks, and his pissy interactions with everyone around him, real and imagined. I don't think I can rate this as a match but as a collection of moments, this was incredible. Here's a few gems:

  • Suzuki's imaginary ring entrance complete with kicking at an imaginary young boy.
  • Suzuki trying to hide his smirk during Aja Kong's entrance.
  • Both guys playing to a crowd that doesn't exist.
  • The interactions between Suzuki and Gota Ihashi
  • The look Suzuki gives Ladybeard.
  • Jun Kasai moonlighting as a janitor.
  • The random encounter kickboxer in the corridor and Suzuki's escape.
  • The way fake Nakamura bumps against the door.
  • Tenryu fistbumping Suzuki and Suzuki's giddy reaction.
  • A straight-faced Meiko Satomura trying to pitch a baseball and failing miserably.
  • Takagi's missed lariat from the outfield wall.
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A thing of beauty. The twists and turns of this comedy match literally had me on the edge of my seat and howling with laughter with each new twist. I kind of don't want to spoil anything but think everyone should watch this if you are a wrestling fan at least once. ****

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I thought I heard this was posted online but that no longer seems to be the case. Is it currently on Youtube or DM?

DDT posted the first 26 minutes here:


There's some good stuff there but there's a lot that happens after this stops. Honestly, it's worth signing up for the free month of DDT Universe just to see this thing in full.

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