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[2017-06-11-NJPW-Dominion] RPG Vice (Baretta & Rocky Romero) vs Young Bucks


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If it wasn't for Tanahashi & Naito putting on another masterclass of the graps a few matches later, this would've been an EASY MOTN. Amazing psychology with The Bucks taking out Rocky with an apron powerbomb, so that leaves Trent alone for quite a while - Trent has become one of the absolute best FIP's in the business & he was outstanding here. Just selling & bumping his ass off while The Bucks did great work over him. Loved how when Rocky was first starting to get back to the match, Matt goes and powerbombs him on the entrance ramp right away. Once he does make it back to things, RPG Vice get more offense in, but you just know they can't get it done because of the damage both guys had taken - they sold that in superb fashion. Brilliant stuff. ****1/2

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I enjoyed this a lot. It had really sound psychology and provided a great tag structure with Trent being FIP. The Bucks toned down their zany comedy spots and worked more towards cutting the ring off and utilizing the damage that was done to the back. Finish played this off well. ***3/4

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Boy this is a really interesting Young Bucks match formula-wise. They really come off as ass-kickers here, which seems odd given their normal shtick and the size differential with Trent, but they make it work. They take out Rocky early (Matt powerbombs him on the apron and then slams him into the post) and work over Trent as FIP. This was fine, some nice hope spots (swinging DDT out of the corner), but Rocky is still down. Then Matt shows off his strength and powerbombs Rocky up the ramp. Geez, impressive. More work on Trent - springboard 450 after the apron swanton. Rocky finally returns and they hit their finish but Nick hits a sick swanton on Trent and his brother, which he came a bit short on and they really took it in full. Then they start working more with the sharpshooter - and it's not a throwaway submission here , they go for it a couple times (even hitting their facebuster while Rocky is in the hold), eventually settling in on Rocky for a very convincing win. I did like the roll-up callback to 1/4, which the Bucks broke up this time (that was a super flat ending before). ***3/4 and am kind of tetering upwards to ****

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