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[2000-06-02-Toryumon] Dragon Kid & Tiger Mask & Takashi Okumura vs Judo Suwa & Yoshikazu Taru & Sasuke The Great


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A neat mix of Toryumon and Mich Pro guys. The action here was more of a showcase than and actual structure but Dragon Kid gets his masked ripped and has his hair flowing through all of his highspots which provided a nice visual. The Crazy Max team also used some great rudo tactics including SUWA hurling a chair and gaining the advantage as we hit the stretch run. Tiger Mask took a backseat in this one until the end where him and SUWA are front and center for the finale. Dragon rana nearly spells doom until Sasuke the Great interferes with the referee. DK wipes out SUWA on the outside and inside the ring, TM is able to put away Taru with a Tiger Suplex. Fun Fun Fun. ***

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This was pretty awesome. Sasuke the Great is Masao Orihara who’s a great Japanese indy heel who’s been around the Japanese indy scene forever. SUWA puts on a heck of a show here cheating, low blowing the faces, tearing Dragon Kid’s mask, getting heat on Okamura by taking his gi off and choking him with it and bumping for Dragon Kid’s stuff. Okamura was an odd addition to this match, but I thought he was alright with his kicks and woring with Orihara. TARU who usually is the worse member of Crazy MAX and mostly excels as a second, looked good here. Him removing his belt and using it as a weapon to choke the faces was a perfect touch. Overall I dug this match much more than the other multi man match between M2K and Crazy MAX we got on this same card.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-06-02-Toryumon] Dragon Kid & Tiger Mask & Takashi Okumura vs Judo Suwa & Yoshikazu Taru & Sasuke The Great

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