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[1997-07-16-WDF] Masashi Aoyagi & Gokuaku Umibozu vs Shinichi Shino & Rikio Ito


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Gritty, seedy, blood-drenched fight. Umibozu was Aoyagi's face painted buddy and not afraid to potatoe someone with kicks. Rikio Ito is this roided wannabe Roadwarrior and a pretty terrible wrestler, but this kind of match anyone can do. All you need to do is throw stiff potatoe lariats and work the cut. At one point Ito grabbed Umibozu and tried a spinning Powerbomb where I was sure someone was gonna get badly injured. Shinichi Shino, for a W*ING nobody, looked a decent heel, and Aoyagi was more like the Aoyagi you all know. Aoyagi and Umibozu bleed and fight back with stiff kicks and punches, eventually Aoyagi takes off his belt and starts strangling Ito while Umibozu is stabbing Shino in the head while pulling his hair as if he was trying to scalp him. If a karateka vs. Garbage wrestler match that turns into attempted murder sounds good to you this is your match.

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This match was on a whole different level then the match up the previous month. Shino and Ito jump the Karate team at the bell and bust them both open quickly. It stays nastily violent for the entire match with Ito and Shino throwing these really reckless suplexes with very little regard for how their opponents landed, there was a spinning powerbomb and a released back suplex both of which looked like they might end in spinal fracture. Aoyagi and Umibozu fought back with some unpulled kicks to the face and body. The match ends with Aoyagi lynching Ito with his black belt and Umibozu stabbing Shino in the head with some sort of spike. It escalated bad, like a bar brawl where someone pulls a gun.

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  • Loss changed the title to [1997-07-16-WDF] Masashi Aoyagi & Gokuaku Umibozu vs Shinichi Shino & Rikio Ito
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This was exactly the kind of grimy, borderline-unprofessional scrap you expect out of Aoyagi and a few obscure indie scrubs in face paint. I'd never seen Ito or Shino before. I guess Ito is doing some third rate Power Warrior knock off while Shino has that voluminous Marty Jannetty mullet and dresses like Onita. Couldn't tell you if either of them are actually any good but Ito looks barely trained and watching him recklessly throw the other two around with powerbombs was sort of terrifying. They jump the karatekas at the start and within eleven seconds Aoyagi is cut open and leaving blood smears down the ring post. Umibozu plays a solid FIP so Aoyagi assumes the role of Tenryu in a karategi entering sporadically to kick guys in the spleen. Umibozu punches Shino in the privates a couple times and Aoyagi comes in off the hot tag crowbarring, then it all turns a bit sour as Umibozu whips out a pair of scissors or something and tries to stab Shino in the head. Naturally the match gets thrown out when Aoyagi hangs Ito to the ring post and kicks the shit out of him. Our referee gets repeatedly thrown around like an empty tracksuit for her troubles and I applaud her trying to maintain order for as long as she did. Of course this ruled, how the fuck couldn't it?

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