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[1996-11-18-WWF-Raw] Faarooq vs Savio Vega

Superstar Sleeze

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Sunny, HOLY SHIT! Good God in Heaven! Skipped most of the match. Caught the end and there was a total holy shit bump. They were going for a superplex and both of these muthafuckas just tumbled from the top rope to the floor. It looked scary as fuck. Of course because there are two bad muthas they no sell it and do some lame finish I cant remember. I don't care if that was not planned, they should have sold the hell out of it. Ahmed Johnson is rover like over getting the crowd to chant thunderously "Youre going down" at Faarooq.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1996-11-18-WWF-Raw] Faarooq vs Savio Vega
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What was the point of Sunny here.  I forgot how bad the original Nation of Domination was, ugh that horrible rap.  The AKKlaim Slam of the Week is Rocky's debut match at Survivor Series!  Nice spine buster by Faarooq.  Yeah, that blown superplex spot looked bad, but they both acted like nothing happened.  

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