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[2000-06-15-IWRG] Dr Cerebro vs Bombero Infernal vs Ciclon Ramirez (Mask vs Hair vs Hair)


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Dr. Cerebro works both guys to start off. Cerebro is able to show off his range and have two very enjoyable sprint matches. Each took the right amount of time and made Cerebro look strong. Cerebro wins both. This leads to Infernal vs Ciclon and Ciclon does a nutty tope for someone 39 years old. Bombero is much more rudo here just biting on Ciclon until he is starting to bleed. Cerebro is fun on the outside just casually watching and crossing his legs like he is just a passerby. The submissions were dramatic and creative from Infernal as well as the pin reversals. Cerebro teases getting involved at points but refrains and Ciclon is able to win. Apuestas matches almost always are solid and this had the great character work from Cerebro to go along with the in ring action. ***3/4 (7.6)

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Three way hair matches are usually pretty shit unless you are dandy/Santo/Casas. This wasn't too bad. I liked that Cerebro took it to the match and beat both guys with the same submission. Bombero tried it vs Ciclon and it didn't work. We get some rudo ref BS which is unfortunate but ciclon makes up for it with his nutty dive. The camera man doing a closeup on Bombero biting Ciclon's bloody forehead was nasty but effective. Good match but not the epic I was expecting.

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I liked the heat in this feud early on but the apuesta match was disappointing. The first 2/3 was overbooked. Threeway apuesta matches always have perfunctory elimination falls and that was the case here regardless of how good a worker Cerebro was. Once you've got that out of the way you expect the meat and potatoes of the apuesta match but there was a bunch of bullshit here about replacing the ref and the first big move of the deciding fall didn't air in "real time." Instead of showing Ciclon's tope, the editor cut to highlights of earlier matches on the card. We saw the tope in slo-mo but the impact wasn't the same as if we had seen it in rhythm. The other problem with the deciding fall was that after waiting for the combatants to go at it hammer and tongs, Bombero went the old-school route of working a cut. That's great in a standard 2/3 falls apuesta match but not what we want to see after waiting to see who the final pair will be. I was amped for this feud but there was no real heat in the final exchanges and the result was a lot more meaningless than I imagined it would be after watching the May footage.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-06-15-IWRG] Dr Cerebro vs Bombero Infernal vs Ciclon Ramirez (Mask vs Hair vs Hair)

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