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[2017-06-24-CWF Mid-Atlantic-Absolute Justice] Trevor Lee vs Nick Richards


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Much has been written on this forum about Trevor Lee and his historic title reign as the CWF-Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion and here we have yet another piece of the puzzle to show us Lee's diversity and flexibility in the ring. In this match, we have ourselves a No Disqualification, No Time Limit environment since Lee wanted to beat his challenger, Nick Richards, at his own game.


The opening moments set the tone for the match with Richards hitting his signature cutter twice right out of the gate. From there the action is intense but incredibly well-paced. Too many hardcore matches suffer from trying to do too much too quickly. You had the fantastic double trash lid spot that showcased both Trevor's dominance and skill at selling. His timing on such sequences really show his smarts as a performer: showing his dominance as the Ace of the territory without negating the offense that was thrown onto him.


Most of the hardcore spots felt organic rather than obvious and set up. My favorite example would be the Cutter with the chair spot. I thought that played out beautifully and I never actually saw it coming. The only real moment where the match dragged was when Richards spent a whole lot of time building his chair bump spot but that at least paid off with a spectacular high spot.


After the bump through the chairs, Lee and Richards up the intensity with some hand to hand that looked and sounded brutal. All of this building to a particularly gross STF that was a fitting end to what was a hard fought match.


Trevor Lee, man. We are in the midst of a historic reign and it's only looking up from here.



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I am really upset with myself for not going to this one (too tired, too busy, too much road recently) as it seems like it was probably best experienced live. That said, I loved it on screen.


The story was one they have built for some time, with Nick needing to dig into his darker, more sadistic background to beat the insurmountable odds. Him getting the jump on Lee was also a great move for the story of the match, hitting two cutters in the first 30-45 seconds of the match and knocking Lee off his game. They used the no holds barred stip well. I love how they build how far Richards is willing to go throughout the match, how he just kept getting a little grittier and how Lee keeps adapting or overcoming whatever plunder Richards was willing to throw. I think both men came out better for it in that regard. My favorite example was when Richards is hitting him with double trashcan lids and you can see Lee wince under one of them and then just snap back with a brutal kick to the dome. Everything looked stiff, but not malice, just that they were all in on making this special. I also love that they establish mutual respect between the two as Richards doesn’t win the belt, but he wins Lee’s respect down the homestretch. That was another way of getting a sort of victory for everyone.


I didn’t like how finisher heavy they went for Richards. He hit 4 cutters, one on a chair and couldn’t finish Lee. In a way they are bordering on making Lee invincible (a la Roman Reigns at the height of his face push) and it might be the only kind of nitpick I have about the title run. I get it and I think it is a crowd pleaser and it can work, but sometimes that little element just isn't for me especially when it makes me feel like someone isn't vulnerable or beatable. I also thought the match was well executed but didn’t have the tightness or consistent urgency down the stretch.


Overall though, I loved the match and thought it was probably Richards best work and another notch in the belt for Lee.



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...And Trevor Lee does it again. Another classic match from the man. The match was just a complete WAR with it starting super hot & remaining super hot till the end. The drama built & built in brilliant fashion until the epic climax that was the finishing stretch with them going face to face, shaking hands & then beating the shit out of each other w/ Trevor coming out on top. What a goddamn match. ****1/2

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