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[2017-07-25-NJPW-G1 Climax] Juice Robinson vs Minoru Suzuki


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Juice’s longterm selling has been splendid. He came hobbling out here and you knew Suzuki would pounce on it. Juice being such a traditional babyface makes the Suzuki Gun interference a bit more bearable even though it is still annoying. Juice musters up a great effort and gets his Juice punch but ultimately succumbs to the damage of the leg and the knockout blow of one of the better Gotch Piledrivers you will see. Really nice breakout style match for Juice. ***1/2

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I was disappointed in this. Both guys are doing great character work, and I figured they'd mesh.


Against Sanada, Suzuki was setting Sanada up for the babyface comebacks that are usually so effective since he's such an evil bastard. Problem was Sanada isn't a face and doesn't show a lot of fire.


Juice is and does, but Suzuki just didn't seem interested in setting him up for anything. Too bad.

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This was outstanding. Suzuki gave Juice a brilliant, hellacious beating, worked the crap out of that leg & Juice sold his ass off - how good is he as the sympathetic babyface fighting from underneath?! So damn good. His eventual big comeback with those tremendous looking punches & that beautiful Spinebuster was really great. Both guys played their roles to perfection. Amazing match. ****1/2

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I liked the gritty struggle of this one with Juice coming in hurt and having to face off with a monster like Suzuki. Juice shows off his toughness and lays in some good strikes too. He tries desperately to get in Pulp Friction, but can't pull it off. The very delayed gotch piledriver really sold the damage (even if it came off a bit odd with Suzuki encouraging the crowd for what seemed too long). ***1/2


Ioan's review at PTBN:



Juice was limping on the way to the ring, partly as a result of Suzuki’s efforts in Sunday’s tag match, so of course Suzuki attacked him and his left leg before the bell. Juice recovered well to get the better of a fight on the floor and hit a senton in the ring for two, but after avoiding Suzuki’s rope-hung armbar was trapped in the kneebar version! Out into the crowd, where Suzuki attacked with bits of barriers and a chair, and El Desperado lent a hand too. Back in, Suzuki peppered Juice with kicks then invited some retaliation, which he got, with the American landing punches and a spinebuster. Cannonball and a back suplex for two, but Suzuki blocked a suplex and returned to the left leg of Juice, punishing him with a heel hook. He pulled Juice to the middle of the ring and reapplied the hold, but Juice was able to scramble to the ropes. Juice fired up, nailing chops, and eventually downing a persistent Suzuki with a lariat. Pulp Friction was countered, but Juice did score with a big left hand, only for Suzuki to return in kind with a straight right. Sleeper into a delayed Gotch-Style Piledriver, and Juice was not getting up from that. Suzuki wins.

Post-match, Suzuki went after the young lions and even threatened El Desperado. Another decent match, though as I’ve found with Suzuki matches so far, it didn’t quite live up to what I saw in the set-up tag match. Juice was game, and his selling of the leg was great, but he’s not a familiar face as a singles wrestler to most crowds, and today’s audience wasn’t behind him quite enough for this to be a total success. ***
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