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[2000-07-07-CMLL] Ultimo Guerrero & Rey Bucanero & El Satanico vs Antifaz del Norte & Felino & Safari


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Holy shit at the airbrush shirts the tecnicos are wearing. The entrances here are just awesome and Los Infernales are great too strutting down to the ring with the women at their side. Match again was all about the status quo and I am really hopeful for some big time CMLL feuds soon. Some individual spots here are neat like Satanico just slapping Antifaz when he dances around and the triple dive combo that wins the second fall for the tecnicos. Third fall also has some neat stuff like Ultimo monkey flipping Bucanero out onto the floor and Ultimo’s quebrada into the steps looked good. Finish was usual double pin shoddy stuff. Fun while it lasted but just a collection of spots. **

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This was clipped to all hell but what was shown was nice. Rey Bucanero takes two sick bumps to the outside that would make Psicosis and Jerry estrada blush. I didn't realise he was like that. Tecnicos hit some nice dives in the 2nd. I liked Satanico's reaction when Safari tries to do the Marco dive to the ring. The Felino/Satanico double pin reminds me of the Solar/Navarro finish. Seemed weird in this.

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CMLL matches continue to be butchered in the edit. This was another Infernales showcase with a heavy focus on the younger pair's bumping. My favorite part was the vaudeville-style bumping for the tecnico comeback. Some nice dives in the third fall but the edits make it hard to get a feel for the rhythm. Satanico vs. Felino seemed like it would be a fun showdown at the end but the double pin didn't serve any purpose. CMLL is lacking a hot summer feud, which isn't that surprising if you've been acquainted with CMLL for a while but frustrating nonetheless.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-07-CMLL] Ultimo Guerrero & Rey Bucanero & El Satanico vs Antifaz del Norte & Felino & Safari

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