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Central States Wrestling August 1985

El Dragon

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(Sorry for the not great format yet, have had computer problems all day and just wanted to make sure to get this up and not fall too far behind)


UWF/CSW Television Debut, August 4th 1985. Pre-Recorded on July 28th

Hosted by Larry Matysik and Gene Kininski

Larry Matysik: Central States Wrestling is Back on the Air! Hello everyone watching at home in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, and parts of Illinois and Indiana! After 6 months, we are proud to debut the new and improved Central States Wrestling, brought to you by the Universal Wrestling Federation. There has been lots of changes around here in recent months, and to help familiarize you with the direction we are going to be going, we are happy to bring to you one of the voices of the UWF, Mr Jim Ross

Jim Ross: It sure is good to be here Larry, and thank you for having me, and it’s great to officially welcome you in person to the UWF. Let me just say that many folks down south are happy to have ya!

Larry Matysik: And we sure are happy to be a part Jim. Now, as you have been around it for a lot longer then I have, can you help familiarize the folks at home with what switching to the UWF means to them.

Jim: Well it means a bit of a new title structure for one thing. Now the main UWF titles are in a bit of flux, as the UWF World, Tag Team, and Six Man Tag titles are all being defended tomorrow night at CCW Beach Brawl down in Tampa Florida, which is a gigantic card. UWF World Champion Austin Idol defends his title against Jerry Lawler, The UWF World Tag Team Champions the Road Warriors, and they are 2 bad men Larry, are putting the belts on the line against the House of Humperdink, and the UWF World Six Man Tag Champions the Stud Stable are putting the belts on the line as well. Whoever wins will, I’m sure, have to making some title defenses against the best of your boys sometime soon, and we are greatly looking forward to the action

Larry: Thanks for coming up here Jim, and thank you for the welcome to the UWF!


Commercial Break


Match: Debuting British Import Marty Jones defeats Frankie Lane in 7 minutes of hard hitting action after a Belly to Belly Piledriver. Marty Jones was hyped up extensively by Matysik, stating how it’s common belief he’s one of the very best British wrestlers alive, and Jones does little to put that in question, with one of the best technical and hardest hitting displays the Central States crowd has seen in some time. Jones checked on Lane at the end of the match, and shook Lanes hand, with Matysik complimenting Jones sportsmanship and fair play.

After the match, Matysik and Kiniski hype up how Central States plans to determine the First UWF Central States Champion with there upcoming UWF Central States Mid American League. They go over the rules, as follows

Larry Matsyik: And that’s why we here at Central States are proud to announce the UWF Central States Mid American League! We here at Central States believe in going to great lengths to determine who should be the right man to carry us into this new period of promise, and we have came up with this league. Here is how it’s all going to work. We are going to be all around Missouri and Kansas for the month of August, and those shows will be centered around Mid American League matches. This upcoming week, we will be in Topeka on Monday, and Kansas City on Wednesday. Each of those shows will have 4 qualifying matches, with no time limit! Whoever wins those matches will be qualified to take part in the Mid American League. And after a couple more matches tonight, we should have the list of matches for each of those big shows!

Match: The Black Dragon (Magic Dragon) w/ JR Foley defeats Art Crews by Countout in about 10 minutes. Another showcase for a foreign talent, Black Dragon was brought out to the ring by one JR Foley, who proceeded to take some cheat shots on the more established Crews over the course of the match. Dragon is a small guy, but has some good strikes that some submission attacks of note. Crews made a nice comeback, but after Foley tried to get involved again, Crews went to ring side to try to take him out, only for Dragon to hit a brutal looking sliding kick through the bottom ropes that took Crews out. The 10 count was pretty academic after that.

Foley then heads down to Matysik and Kininski, and starts ranting to the fans.

JR Foley: Did you see what my man just did to one of your boys Kansas City! He just took out one of your hometown favorites like it was nothing at all! Because he is one of the best in the world, and this is what he does! And let me tell you something Matysik, and you too Kininski. If those in charge of Central States Wrestling have any ounce of honor, they will recognize that my man the Black Dragon just beat a former NWA Television Champion! And I know for a fact that they had plans to put Crews right in the center of the that Mid American League. Well, if my man can beat Crews, you better come out here and tell me right now why the Black Dragon can’t be your first UWF Central States Champion! And if he’s not in that League, I will tell you right now I will make it my personal mission to make everyone in this companies life a living hell!

Commercial Break

After commercial break, Larry Matysik is joined by former Central States Heavyweight Champion Buzz Tyler!

Tyler: Oh, it’s good to be home! And it’s good to be going for some gold Larry! You see, when I heard Central States was back and chugging, there was no way I wasn’t going to come back and re-establish that this my time to stand out. And you better believe that pretty soon, Buzz Tyler is gonna be holding UWF Gold around my waist!

Before Matysik can interject with more, he is interrupt by the legendary Bulldog Bob Brown.

Brown: Oh Tyler, I think you’d have learned by now. Any time the Central States Heavyweight Championship is going to be on the line, you are gonna have to go through me. And everyone here, especially the great people here in Kansas City, knows that there is no force of man that is going to stop me!

There is a brief stare down, before Matysik interjects

Matysik: It is worth noting, as well as you both being included in the field of the Mid American League, you have both put yourself together into the running for the Central States Tag Team Titles. And on top of that, you guys are teaming in the Main Event tonight against the Della Sorra Brothers. It might be wise for you Gentlemen to calm down.

Tyler and Brown continue their tense stair off, before Tyler smiles, and retaking the mic.

Tyler: Oh Larry, you should know how me and Bulldog work. I’ll knock him out whenever we get in the ring for that title, but we’ll knock out anyone out on the way to that belt. And Della Sorra boys, I got nothing against you guys. I heard you’ve done some good work up there in Canada. But you are out of your league tonight boys. We are the foundation of Central States, and we are going to be for a long long time!

MATCH: Lanny Poffo defeats Spike Huber w/ Dick the Bruiser with a School Boy rollup in 6 minutes. Poffo seemed to have a bit of an ego about him, and when he was controlling Spike, he was taunting Spikes Father in Law, Dick the Bruiser at ringside. Huber took control and was looking to be in good shape before Poffo pulled out the rollup, and looked to have a hand full of tights as well.

Commercial Break

MATCH: “Sweet Brown Sugar” Skip Young defeats Dave Taylor in 9 minutes via Pinfall after a 2nd Rope Dropkick. Both of these guys were not very well known in this area, but both put on a pretty solid match that was easy to get behind. Taylor is another one of those British imports, and works a pretty hard hitting style, but doesn’t have Jones sense of fair play. Young worked some good control into this, and hit a sharp 2nd rope dropkick on the jaw to score the duke.

Larry Matysik excitedly says they have finally revealed to him the qualifying matches for the Mid American League, and they are as follows.

Scheduled for August 7th in Topeka Kansas

The Following Matches are Qualifying Matches for the Mid American League!

Handsome” Jimmy Valiant vs. Lanny Poffo

Gary Royal vs. Tiger Conway Jr.

Rock and Roll” Buck Zumhofe vs. The Black Dragon w/ JR Foley

Plowboy Frazier vs. “Sweet Brown Sugar” Skip Young

Also on the card

Bulldog Bob Brown & Buzz Tyler vs. Kelly and Nick Kiniski

Marty Jones, Ben Bassarab, and Norvell Austin vs. Jack Victory, Dave Taylor, & Eli the Eliminator

The Dream Machine vs. Art Crews

Scheduled for 8/9 in Kansas City, Kansas

The Following Matches are Qualifying Matches for the Mid American League

Nick Kiniski vs. Norvell Austin

Buzz Tyler vs. Kelly Kiniski

Ben Bassarab vs. Marty Jones

The Dream Machine vs. Bulldog Bob Brown

Also on the Card

Rock and Roll” Buck Zumhofe & Lanny Poffo vs. Dave Taylor and Jack Victory

Dominick DeNouchi, Spike Huber, and Brett Wayne Sawyer vs. The Black Dragon w/ JR Foley and the Della Sorra Brothers

Jimmy Valiant vs. Plowboy Frazier

Tickets are still available for both shows, so grab them fast to see history in the making!

Commercial Break

MAIN EVENT: Bulldog Bob Brown & Buzz Tyler defeat the Bob and Gino Della Sorra in 12 minutes when Bulldog pins Bob with a Legdrop. Mostly domination from Brown and Tyler though the Della Sorra Brothers got some good offense in here and there. Brown and Tyler seemed to be trying to one up each other to try to prove a point. The show ends with them jaw jacking a bit at each other.


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Pretty good out the door effort here. I would say that the formatting is one step away from being spot on with what you need but you've got all the pieces together here. You've got a pretty decent crew of workers here and I would encourage you to continue to build that roster and work with the other members of your alliance to bring a couple of names in for shots to help build up those cards all the while making your own talent as important as possible. This is the first of many shows, keep up the good work.

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Absolutely. Being part of an alliance is a huge advantage for smaller territories like yours and mine. That's why it's so key to use any help you can get by bringing outside talents and freelancers once in a while. Not everything will fall in place from the start so be patient. Try some stuff. Don't hesitate to get outside advice from other members of the project if you need to.


So far, so good! :)

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