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NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III

cm funk

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Yeah if you are going to do a live performance it is much better to do it while showing the WWE opening promos. It gives it kind of a purpose. One of the reasons why nobody bitches about live music during entrances like in WM but always when it is just a concert to kill clock


Man I can't believe how super over Gargano is. He might get the biggest pop of the night.


Not sure if Almas should have won but damn what a great finish throwing a DIY shirt at Gargano to distract him

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Figured Almas would win. He's finally getting over and they're pushing him hard. Gargano is the plucky underdog babyface who the crowd loves no matter what. The loss doesn't hurt him, the finish was really creative, and because the crowd likes Almas it didn't kill them

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I was hoping that it would be like a live Freebird rule where they switch guys during the match but unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case. The rumors of Dain going to the main roster are becoming a little bit clearer


This is the best Wolfe has ever looked in NXT. But he kind of has to be

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Removing Dain in this match for EY fucking suuuucks.



Nah, it was way better this way


NEW CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!


That match was awesome. And it's the one I went into with the lowest expectations



Can't argue. Credit to Wolfe with a great performance, and the match told a great crazy story.

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