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[2017-06-22-WAVE] Ryo Mizunami vs Hikaru Shida


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This is a non-title match, (don't get me started on WAVE's booking.) Despite this, it doesn't stop this two from going all out and producing the best joshi matches so far this year. The opening exchanges are fantastic, especially how Mizunami works her headlocks in a grinding fashion. Shida doesn't get any momentum till the action spills to the outside were she is able to out-brawl Mizunami. The transitions in this match were great as well, with Mizunami needing a good three tries before gaining control, while Shida sneaks in cheap shots with her kendo stick. The finish is a draw, but they still end it with a great finishing run before time runs out. ****1/2



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Hikaru Shida vs. Ryo Mizunami


What an awesome match, it breezes through those 20 minutes. Shida was working over Mizunami in brutal fashion -- seriously, the outside brawl was one of the best I've seen this year. Those chair-punts to the face of Mizunami were wicked. I really like how Shida has been utilizing those knee strikes lately, they look and sound amazing. Mizunami was struggling to survive, picking her spots when she could and making it count. Fantastic match. ****1/2

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  • GSR changed the title to [2017-06-22-WAVE] Ryo Mizunami vs Hikaru Shida

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