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[2000-08-20-GAEA] Meiko Satomura vs Sonoko Kato


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With this and their MUGA appearance from the year before, these two are on a hot streak of cool 10 minute bouts. This was less hold intensive and more like BattlARTS match as they go for the hellish kicks and breakneck moves. I really hope these two had an excellent 20 minute match at some point which had the matwork of the MUGA match and the brutality of this match edited together. Actually this match was suffering a little from them cramming a lot into a short time while not doing the interpunctuation. Eventually though Kato's kicking Meiko really hard in the gut led to some strong selling from Meiko to atleast give the impression of the match having a red thread. One thing about the GAEA younglings crew that doesn't get brought up much is how inventive these girls were especially Meiko, and you can see it in this match from her, hitting her opponent from all kinds of unusual positions. Liked this match as the girls have the brutal offense and fundamentals down, but in terms of selling or structure was still lacking.

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Another sweet short match for August. These two go after each other right away and Kato in particular really took the fight to Meiko. Meiko got worked over for most of this match but interspersed her selling the damage with strikes of her own. The finish was great with her faking out a pele kick and then hitting it. Overall, a 10 minute strike heavy fest that wets your appetite for a longform match between these two. ***1/2 (6.9)

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-08-20-GAEA] Meiko Satomura vs Sonoko Kato

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