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NWA Lutte Internationale September 1985


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September 1st, 1985

Bragg Creek, AB




-"Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal beat SMW's Boomer Lynch in 19:48


-In his return to the territory, Jos LeDuc beat the debuting Chris Benoit in 14:29


-The Spoiler beat Strong Machine 3 in 11:28


-Chavo Guerrero beat SMW's Billy Travis in 12:45


-Boris Zhukov beat "Ace" Bob Orton (w/Sherri Martel) in 7:55


-Mando Guerrero upsets Magnum TA in 7:39


-The Sensationals' newest member, "Hangman" Bobby Jaggers (w/Sherri Martel) beat Prince Alofa Fatu (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) in 4:01


NWA Canadian International Heavyweight Championship: Jacques Rougeau beat Gilles "The Fish" Poisson in 15:09 to retain

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I really like the "Under the Tent" stuff you've had recently. Looks like Jos LeDuc has got his chops back.


I cannot believe that Mando beat Magnum... that is one of the biggest upsets but everyone who knows knows that Mando was one of the better wrestlers out of the Guerreros... so it isn't out of the realm of possibilities.

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September 6th, 1985

Woodbridge, ON


-Prince Alofa Fatu (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) beat "Hangman" Bobby Jaggers (w/Sherri Martel) in 10:44


-Mad Dog Lefebvre (w/Frenchy Martin) beat Strong Machine #3 in 13:08


Gauntlet Match: Boris Zhukov beat "Ace" Bob Orton, Hector Guerrero, Billy Robinson, Steve Strong & Mando Guerrero in 12:37


Order of elimination:


-Bob Orton

-Hector Guerrero

-Billy Robinson

-Steve Strong

-Mando Guerrero. Boris Zhukov provided ALL of the eliminations


-Matt Borne beat Gilles "The Fish" Poisson in 9:52


Quebec Heavyweight Championship: Armand Rougeau beat NWA World Tag Team Champion Botswana Beast (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) in 13:25


-Bolshevik Revolution (Alexis Smirnoff & Baron Von Raschke) beat the Hart Brothers (Bruce & Owen) in 10:24


-The Vachons beat Richard "Le Magnifique" Charland & Rick Martel (w/Frenchy Martin) in 16:38 when Martel abandoned Charland to fight for himself. The match was signed before the events from Heatwave and the NWA Board of Directors ordered Martel to honor his contract and team with Charland against the Vachons. Charland spent the match refusing to tag in Martel and Martel snapped and delivered a vicious beating to Charland before leaving, much to the crowd's approval!


-The Rougeau Brothers beat Jos LeDuc & Dino Bravo in 7:59

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NWA Lutte Internationale TV

Taped at CHLT-TV Studios, Sherbrooke, QC

Broadcasted September 7th, 1985




Another recap for this week


-This week's show starts with a match between Strong Machine #2 and enhancement talent Foster Holmes. Holmes doesn't last too long as Strong Machine #2 makes quick work outta him. Super Strong Machine, with the NWA Canadian International TV Championship on his shoulder, watches the match from the broadcast booth. After the match, Super Strong Machine hands over a note to the broadcast booth saying that the first step into their takeover of the territory has been completed with him beating Gino Brito for the NWA Canadian International TV title at Heatwave and he says he'll return to Japan with it. The next step is beating Jacques Rougeau for the NWA Canadian International Heavyweight championship this week. That brings out Jacques Rougeau himself to the booth and he says that he has no fear of the Machines and there's no chance he's losing the title so he doesn't mind which one of them he wrestles this week. Bruno Sammartino makes his way to the booth and says that he will sanction the match but given the past shenanigans involving the Machines, he wants to make sure that this match remains fair so he'll make this a Lumberjack Match for the main event!


-Up next, Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman comes out to the booth along with his Creatchman Family. Eddy said that last week he promised to find someone else to take over the destiny of Prince Alofa Fatu & The Great Samu so he can focus on Botswana Beast & Lord Humongous as the NWA World Tag Team Championship. But he says not to worry because it will all stay in the family. He officially introduces Fatu & Samu's new manager.....his own son, "Pretty Boy" Floyd Creatchman! Floyd hugs his father and says that he's thrilled to have this opportunity and just like his dad did with the NWA World Tag Team Champions, he'll do the same for Fatu & Samu. A new chapter has become and he will make the family proud. Eddy says however that he has a welcoming gift for his son as he'll allow him to stay at ringside for the Botswana Beast & Lord Humongous open challenge, coming up next!


-The Creatchman Family is now in the ring waiting for their opponents in this open challenge. Eddy says they'll even put the World Tag Team titles on the line! The first one to come out is.....Hillbilly Jim? The Brain doesn't seem too impressed by the appearance of Hillbilly Jim but then Jim's partner comes out.....IT'S JOS LEDUC! The crowd in the studio goes insane as Jos LeDuc shakes hands with Jim and they step into the ring. Floyd tries to calm down his father as he definitely didn't expect Jos to show up. Nonetheless, the match is official and it begins. The challengers hold their own at the beginning of the match, obviously taken aback by their surprise opponents. However, the tide turns and Hillbilly Jim falls prey to Eddy Creatchman's questionable tactics and the champs are back in the driver seat. Finally, Hillbilly Jim is able to tag in Jos LeDuc after a missed Botswana Beast splash and LeDuc cleans house! LeDuc is a house of fire and The Creatchman Family can almost feel their titles slip away! Jos LeDuc locks in a bearhug on Botswana Beast! The champs are in trouble but then.....DING, DING, DING! Referee Adrien Desbois is confused as he didn't ask for the bell, nor there's a time limit. However, the camera shows the culprit: "Pretty Boy" Floyd Creatchman rang the bell himself! Amidst all of the confusion, the champions retreat backstage as Jos LeDuc is fuming and wants to get his hands on Floyd, which he almost does! However, thanks to Fatu & Samu, who came back, Floyd escapes the wrath of LeDuc!


-In the main event, we have a Lumberjack Match and Jacques Rougeau awaits his opponent. After much consultation between the Machines, it's determined that Strong Machine #3 will take on Jacques for the title. The lumberjacks surround the ring and they fulfill their duties, keeping the wrestlers inside the ring whenever they come outside. However, that doesn't mean that Super Strong Machine & Strong Machine #2 don't take a few shots. Jacques is able to regain the advantage back in the match towards the end and sensing that victory is slipping away, Super Strong Machine climbs on the apron to distract Jacques. But brothers Raymond & Armand are coming to Jacques' aid and the battle carries over to the ring. Now, the lumberjacks are in the ring and are fighting each other! The lumberjacks battle now spill over outside the ring and that's the moment that out of nowhere, D'Artagnan the Clown sneaks inside the ring behind Jacques! Jacques turns around and spots D'Artagnan, who does nothing other than stare at him with a blank look in his face. D'Artagnan chooses to extend his hand to Jacques and Jacques shakes it.....but then goes down in a heap, like he was electrocuted or something! Jacques seems to be in tremendous pain as Raymond & Armand rush to the ring. The show ends with the Rougeaus checking on Jacques while D'Artagnan looks over the scene with the same usual blank stare....



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September 7th, 1985

Bentley, AB




NWA Canadian International TV Championship: Super Strong Machine fight NWA World Tag Team Champion Lord Humongous (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) to a double disqualification at 15:31. Super Strong Machine retains


-Master of Torture #2 upsets Raymond Rougeau in 15:06


-Hector Guerrero beat Strong Machine #2 in 6:05


-Strong Machine #3 beat Richard "Le Magnifique" Charland in 10:16


#1 Contender's Match: Matt Borne beat Billy Robinson (w/Sherri Martel) in 6:44 to earn a future title match of his choice


-Hillbilly Jim beat Prince Alofa Fatu (w/ "Pretty Boy" Floyd Creatchman) in 16:24


NWA Canadian International Heavyweight Championship: Jacques Rougeau beat Marty Jannetty in 46:03 to retain, despite interference from Alexis Smirnoff & Baron Von Raschke. Postmatch, D'Artagnan the Clown tried to pull the same shenanigans than on TV this week but this time, Jacques saw him coming and D'Artagnan retreated....

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September 8th, 1985

Colisée de Trois-Rivières, Trois-Rivières, QC


Mid-Atlantic Showcase: Master of Torture #1 beat Owen Hart in 10:23


6-Men Elimination Tag Team Match: Hillbilly Jim, Jos LeDuc & Dino Bravo beat Gilles "the Fish" Poisson & The Sensationals ("Ace" Bob Orton & "Hangman" Bobby Jaggers, w/Sherri Martel) in 11:03


-Billy Robinson (w/Sherri Martel) beat Chris Benoit in 10:11


-Alexis Smirnoff beat "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal in 13:48


Quebec Heavyweight Championship, Guest Referee - Édouard Carpentier: Bob Backlund beat Armand Rougeau in 13:57 - TITLE CHANGE!!!


-Master of Torture #2 beat Raymond Rougeau in 11:49


NWA Canadian International Tag Team Championship: The Vachons beat The Midnight Rockers in 36:07 to win the titles. Crowd was solidly behind the Vachons in this one. At one point, referee Adrien Desbois was inadvertantly knocked out by a Shawn Micheals superkick. The Creatchmans came out and sent out The Botswana Beast & The Great Samu to disrupt the match. However, Édouard Carpentier - still in referee gear - came out to attack Eddy & Floyd Creatchman! This distracted The Creatchman Family long enough to allow the Vachons to take them out and finish off The Midnight Rockers with Édouard Carpentier making the 3-count himself! - TITLE CHANGE!!!

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Got to see LeDuc on a Memphis show towards the end of his career and he was still a huge impressive guy...always liked watching him as a kid even if he was beating up my hero Lawler.


I actually met Jos LeDuc at my high school when I was around 14 years old as he was giving a speech to students. Even bought a chocolate bar from him. He's the very first wrestler I met in person and he was really nice. Which you wouldn't think when you saw all of his bloody brawls throughout his career!

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September 13th, 1985

Sudbury, ON


-The Great Samu (w/ "Pretty Boy" Floyd Creatchman) beat Strong Machine #3 in 16:50


-Rick Martel beat "Hangman" Bobby Jaggers (w/Sherri Martel) in 7:10


-Baron Von Raschke beat Gilles "The Fish" Poisson in 14:06


-Frenchy's Legion (w/Frenchy Martin) beat The Rougeau Brothers in 15:59


-Debbie Combs beat Luna Vachon in 11:59


-NWA World Tag Team Champions The Creatchman Family (w/Prince Alofa Fatu & Floyd Creatchman) beat Steve Strong & Bruce Hart in 12:52


Steel Cage Match: Gino Brito beat Thunderbolt Patterson

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NWA Lutte Internationale TV

Taped at CHLT-TV Studios, Sherbrooke, QC

Broadcasted September 14th, 1985





-This week's show opens with an interview from Rick Martel at the broadcast booth in regards to everything that happened since Heatwave. Rick Martel says that in the past few weeks, all he's been thinking about is getting his hands on Ric Flair and taking the NWA World Heavyweight Championship from him. But first, he needs to get revenge on those who betrayed him and that's where he's starting. He won't rest until Frenchy Martin and his goons pay for what they did do him. Martel is interrupted by "Pretty Boy" Floyd Creatchman and his Creatchman Family tag team, the Samoan SWAT Team of The Great Samu & Prince Alofa Fatu. Floyd tells Martel that even if he wanted to, so many people hate him that he'll never get his hands on Ric Flair and the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Hell, Floyd doesn't think that Rick could even find himself someone right now to team with him to face his Samoan SWAT Team in a tag match. Martel says that there's a few people that he trusts and he will find that tag team partner to shut Floyd up. Floyd says he feels generous so he'll give him 2 weeks to find himself a partner and they'll meet in the ring. Until then, Floyd suggests Martel better watch his back becaue you'll never know who's next to stab him in the back!


-This week's opening match features Alexis Smirnoff and newcomer to the territory, Matt Borne. A very physical match between both men and Matt Borne gives Smirnoff everything he can handle, pushing him to the very limit. But in the end, Smirnoff picks up the victory with a backbreaker.


-Postmatch, a rather distraught Matt Borne is intercepted by Édouard Carpentier to get comments. When asked how he feels right now, Matt Borne asks Carpentier if he's ever felt nothing but pain. Pain inside all of his body. Pain in his mind. The only thing he thinks about is pain. When he's not feeling pain, he wants to dish it. Borne says he feels like a poet who had his tongue caught off and all he can do is suffer silently and put his emotions on paper. The difference is that compared to that poet, he still has his tongue. He still can express his anger. And now, what he wants to do is to unleash that anger to everyone who feels different than him. Matt Borne wants to make Lutte the most miserable territory in pro wrestling. Soon, everyone will understand how he feels and the only way he can ever feel happy is if everyone feels like him....miserable and manic.


-The patriarch of the Creatchman Family, Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman" is coming at the booth next. Eddy says he's very proud of how his son Floyd has already taken charge and put Rick Martel in his place earlier in the show. Eddy also confesses that he received an interesting phone call from Mid-Atlantic suggesting that Eddy be trusted into getting rid of Rick Martel as a threat for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. The Brain says that it's because he's the smartest manager in pro wrestling and he has already found that problem solver. Eddy announces that starting in October, The Creatchman Family will welcome a new member. The most sadistic man in professional wrestling today. In October....ABDULLAH THE BUTCHER is coming for Rick Martel!!!


-In a lenghty main event, Billy Robinson, accompanied by Sherri Martel, takes on Baron Von Raschke. Early in the match, "Ace" Bob Orton and "Hangman" Bobby Jaggers are joining Guy Hauray & Édouard Carpentier at commentary. Bob Orton explains that Sherri offered him the old Terry Taylor Sensational jacket because he was better fitting to be a Sensational than Terry Taylor ever was. As for "Hangman" Bobby Jaggers, he says that after Rip Oliver constantly disappointed Sherri Martel, she placed a call to him to replace Oliver in the stable and now, they're gunning for the new NWA Canadian International Tag Team Champions, the Vachons. As for the match itself, Robinson and Von Raschke contrasting styles make for an interesting bout. In the end, Billy Robinson scores the victory with a butterfly suplex. The Sensationals celebrate together post-match and Robinson announces that he's challenging Super Strong Machine to a match next week for the NWA Canadian International TV Championship. Will Super Strong Machine accept? Tune in next week!





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September 14th, 1985

Midland, ON


-For the 2nd time in a short span, "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal upsets Magnum TA in 13:59. Postmatch, Magnum shakes hands with Regal.


-Strong Machine #3 beat Alexis Smirnoff in 9:31 after an illegal switch with Strong Machine #2


-Velvet McIntyre & Donna Day beat Luna Vachon & Penny Mitchell in 12:50


-Steve Strong & SMW's Tony Falk score an upset win over The Sensationals ("Hangman" Bobby Jaggers & "Ace" Bob Orton, w/Sherri Martel) in 24:13


Guest Referee - Bruno Sammartino: Marty Jannetty beat Thunderbolt Patterson in 11:52


-The Guerreros (Chavo & Hector) beat Dino Bravo & Billy Robinson in 27:55. Robinson was constantly refusing to tag in with Bravo so Bravo "tagged" Robinson with a stiff right hand and left Robinson to fend for himself!


NWA World Tag Team Championship: The Creatchman Family (Botswana Beast & Lord Humongous, w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) beat The Rougeau Brothers in 54:37 to retain after Eddy Creatchman used his cane on Raymond Rougeau, allowing Botswana Beast to pin him.

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September 15th, 1985

Bragg Creek, AB




-Steve Strong upsets Alexis Smirnoff in 11:48


-"Hangman" Bobby Jaggers (w/Sherri Martel) beat Baron Von Raschke in 12:48


-Luna Vachon beat Velvet McIntyre in 17:22


-Richard "Le Magnifique" Charland (w/Frenchy Martin) beat Thunderbolt Patterson in 11:25


-Mando Guerrero beat NWA World Tag Team Champion Botswana Beast (w/Eddy & Floyd Creatchman) in 10:35


-Armand Rougeau beat Marty Jannetty in 8:01


-The Strong Machines beat Rick Martel & D'Artagnan the Clown in 14:19. Matt Borne was scheduled to be Rick Martel's tag team partner but the ring announcer was told that The Great Samu & Prince Alofa Fatu had jumped Borne in the back and he was unable to compete in the match. Martel started the match by himself but midway through the match, D'Artagnan the Clown showed up and slowly made his way on the apron. Martel tried to tag D'Artagnan but instead of tagging him, D'Artagnan squirt the flower on his jacket.....AND BLINDED MARTEL WITH BLOOD! Martel was then easy pickings for the Strong Machines, picking up an important win!

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September 20th, 1985

Brantford, ON


Super Strong Machine was supposed to defend his NWA Canadian International TV Championship on the show but he sent a message to the ring announcer via a letter saying that Brantford wasn't worthy of seeing him defend the title so he wouldn't be here tonight


-The Creatchman Family (Prince Alofa Fatu & The Great Samu, w/ "Pretty Boy" Floyd Creatchman) beat The Andersons in 16:34


-Larry Zbyszko beat Shawn Michaels in 11:10


-NWA World Tag Team Champion Botswana Beast (w/ Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) beat Raymond Rougeau in 17:15


-"Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal & Gino Brito beat The Bolshevik Revolution (Smirnoff & Zhukov) in 14:32


-Mad Dog Lefebvre (w/Frenchy Martin) beat The Iron Sheik in 17:38


Cage Match: The Guerreros (w/Mando Guerrero) beat Gilles "The Fish" Poisson & Ray Stevens in 38:48


-NWA Canadian International Heavyweight Champion Jacques Rougeau beat D'Artagnan the Clown in 34:12 in a non-title match. D'Artagnan tried to shock Jacques with a taser gun but Jacques was able to roll him up before he could! Postmatch, Jacques tried to reveal the identity of D'Artagnan by taking off his clown wig but D'Artagnan was able to escape before Jacques could get it off!

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NWA Lutte Internationale TV

Taped at CHLT-TV Studios, Sherbrooke, QC

Broadcasted September 21st, 1985





-Guy Hauray and Édouard Carpentier welcome the viewers to this week's show and they officially announce that a new NWA World Women's Champion will be soon crowned and Lutte Internationale will be the hosts of the Women's Division, as they'll feature the best women wrestlers in the world. So, outside of this week's main event pitting Billy Robinson vs Super Strong Machine for the NWA Canadian International TV Championship, all of this week's show will feature women's matches that took place just last week.


-The first match is from Sudbury, ON as Debbie Combs squared off against Luna Vachon. The broadcast team put over both of the ladies' family heritage as both ladies come from a wrestling background. But Combs' experience proved to be the determining factor in the outcome of the match as Luna Vachon, going for a back body drop, got countered with a neckbreaker from Combs, allowing her to secure the victory.


-The second match is from the next night in Midland, ON as this time Luna Vachon teams with Penny Mitchell to take on the team of Velvet McIntyre & Donna Day. Luna gets some offense early and doesn't seem to be to distraught from her loss the night before against Debbie Combs. However, Velvet & Donna double team Luna whenever they can, forcing Luna to work most of the match. Eventually, Luna makes the tag with Penny Mitchell and hell breaks loose. However, it's a miscue between Luna & Penny that will cause their downfall as Luna accidentally nails Penny with a forearm, allowing Velvet to roll up Luna with her McIntyre Roll for the win with a hold of the tights!


-The third and final women's match this week happens the following night in Bragg Creek, AB as Luna gets her chance to avenge her loss to Velvet McIntyre the night before. Velvet definitely had control throughout most of the match, and coming up with an answer every time that Luna mounted a comeback. Velvet tried to do a repeat of her win last night with her McIntyre Roll but Luna blocked her with a swinging neckbreaker. Luna then climbed on the top rope and hit her Diving Splash that was referred to as the Luna Eclipse by the broadcast win to score the upset win. Guy & Édouard mention that with this victory, Luna is now a name to be reckoned with throughout the whole women's division.


-Before the main event, the broadcast booth plugs the next batch of women's action this weekend and those matches will be featured in upcoming episodes of NWA Lutte TV. In the meantime, next week's main event will feature The Great Samu & Prince Alofa Fatu, with their new manager "Pretty Boy" Floyd Creatchman against the team of now former Quebec Heavyweight Champion Armand Rougeau & Rick Martel.


-Main event time as Billy Robinson challenges Super Strong Machine for the NWA Canadian International TV Championship. As expected, Sherri Martel is at ringside and before the match starts, she claims to be the best women's wrestler in the world and people are not worthy to see her compete. But when she does compete, she'll prove that she'll be the only choice as first NWA World's Women Champion. Super Strong Machine and Billy Robinson exchange momentum back and forth in a clash of styles between Robinson's catch-as-catch-can skills and Super Strong Machine's brute force. Robinson almost took the title away from the champ with his hammerlock DDT but the Machine kicked out. In the end, Robinson tried his finisher one time too many and Super Strong Machine rammed Billy shoulder first into the corner, allowing him to hit his Machine DDT to retain his title. The show ends with Super Strong Machine waving sarcastically bye bye to the audience, as the broadcast booth reminds us that his commitment with Lutte is almost finished and unless he loses the title prior to October 1st, he will return to Japan with it.





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September 21st, 1985

North Bay, ON


Guest Referee - Bruno Sammartino: Larry Zbyszko beat Baron Von Raschke in 26:37


-NWA World Tag Team Champion Lord Humongous (w/Eddy "the Brain" Creatchman) beat "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal in 7:40


-Armand Rougeau beat Ray "The Crippler" Stevens in 8:57


-Alexis Smirnoff beat Mando Guerrero in 16:07


-Arn Anderson beat Hector Guerrero in 17:34


NWA Canadian International TV Championship - Guest Referee, Bruno Sammartino: Super Strong Machine beat Hillbilly Jim in 49:21 to retain

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