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[2000-08-10-IWRG] Dr Cerebro & Rodi & Kung Fu Jr vs Ciclon Ramirez & Fantasy & Star Boy


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Dr. Cerebro is a bad ass. He tears apart Ciclon in this match and Ciclon is busted open within 30 seconds. Overall, this was again very entertaining for underneath IWRG guys for the most part that I am not familiar with. Each fall took the appropriate amount of time, wrestling and brawling were mixed in properly and the finish was the BS finish that helps build a feud overall instead of derailing it. IWRG continues to be a great showcase. ***1/4 (6.7)

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Dr. Cerebro and Ramirez are the showcase here and they carry things for their respective sides. Cerebro comes across like a real pro and really punishes Ramirez. Rodi and Star Boy both look pretty sloppy and work through some awkward sequences admirably enough. A really enjoyable offering though from IWRG.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-08-10-IWRG] Dr Cerebro & Rodi & Kung Fu Jr vs Ciclon Ramirez & Fantasy & Star Boy

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