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[2000-08-18-ECW-Virginia Beach, VA] YoshihiroTajiri vs Psicosis


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Nice to have two fancam matches from these two after the tag angle we just saw. Opening of this is pretty great with Tajiri being a prick and making fun of Psicosis in a hilarious manner after he hits him low. Psicosis looks good taking a beating and then dishing it out when needed. They do a bit of a stage brawl which was disconnected from the rest of the match and lost the crowd but Tajiri gets the crowd back with a baseball slide back inside the ring. Build to the finish again has Tajiri teeing off with different combinations but he misses a moonsault and Psicosis gets an upset win with the big leg drop from the top. ***1/2 (6.8)



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Somewhat more suitable competition for Psicosis than Michael Shane.


The opening section is some really classic Tajiri being a lovable dick work. A bit of a missed opportunity that they didn't try to elevate him a bit more in the end, as his charisma could have worked in the upper level of the card I think. Maybe an uneasy alliance with Corino to let someone else do the promos? Aligned against the Network, long history together, new respect from Corino after the Hardcore Heaven beating... would have been fun. (Also, I was doing a lot of fantasy booking in this era and that thought made me want to fire up TNM7).


These guys are really keeping things crisp and tight. Just an absolute clinic. The brawling kills the momentum a bit, as there's not a big enough spot to justify the pace slow down. The back half is pretty nice again, though. Surprised but ot upset to see Psic go over.

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These two are just such a fun pair and the opening is good house show fun with Tajiri kicking Psicosis low. Tajiri keeps getting the better of Psicosis, causing him to bail out and eventually take over leading into the brawl on the stage. There is something lethargic about this to me, a bit of a reserved performance from both. Psicosis comes across like such a solid foundation in a match like this and just the ultimate dance partner for somebody with offense to shine. Psicosis is the perfect instigator. They don't go crazy down the stretch but they fit a nice conclusion to what they built.



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I had no idea this match-up ever happened but I can't say I'm too familiar with Psicosis' indy career post unmasking, or ECW for that matter. This was very much a house show fancam but it was cool nonetheless. It was clear from the outset that they weren't reaching for any great heights but they had the crowd heat to carry them through a decent first contest.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-08-18-ECW-Virginia Beach, VA] YoshihiroTajiri vs Psicosis
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Tajiri drops to all fours to escape the waistlock and as Psicosis then switches to a North/South position, Tajiri grabs a leg and bends it around his own neck for a modified single leg crab, Psicosis’ body resembling that of a scorpion with how it is bent around.  A punch to the balls and Tajiri mocks Psicosis’ obvious discomfort as his opponent rolls to the floor to try and recover.  When he returns to the ring the first thing he does is spit in Tajiri’s face which might not turn out to be the wisest!  They do a brief sequence resulting in a standoff and Psicosis is back on the floor.  This time when he returns he offers Tajiri his hand and, despite the fans telling him not to accept, he does so, and as they then hug Psicosis knees him in the groin.  That was so unconvincing to believe that Tajiri would fall for that.  Irish whip is reversed, Psicosis ducks the spin kick but a couple of sharp kicks to the thigh chops him down.  Tajiri follows that with one to the side of the head as Psicosis is now writhing on the mat in agony.  He telegraphs the backdrop though and Psicosis with a double sledgehammer to the back.  Sit out face first suplex.  After Tajiri counters whatever Psicosis had planned with a huracanrana, they’re back out on the concrete.  Tajiri gets distracted by the fans who’re only interested in ‘tables’ and Psicosis reverses the whip sending him crashing into the guard rail.  Some half-baked fighting on the floor, although Psicosis does throw a dropkick out there.  Back inside Tajiri avoids a flying Psicosis who ends up hooking himself upside down in the corner, the perfect ‘tree of woe’ position if you will.  More table chants from the morons, however Tajiri soon shuts them up with another vicious kick to the side of the head.  Handspring elbow for a near fall and more fucking calls for a table.  A nice cradle by Psicosis but Tajiri kicks out.  The two trade hard chops before Psicosis runs into a stiff thrust kick.  He avoids the Tajiri moonsault and then lands the guillotine leg drop off the top for the win.

A decent opening and a strong closing stretch, but this kinda died in the middle for me (not that it was ever bad or anything), almost as if they were holding back because it was a house show while I did get the feeling that at times this was being fought at half speed.  Will be interesting to see how they match up at the Arena (taped tomorrow, airs 8/27) as to see whether they repeat this or whether up the ante, which I think they probably will have to.

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