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[2000-08-24-IWRG] Black Dragon & Ciclon Ramirez & Suicida vs Mosco De La Merced & Dr Cerebro & Mega


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More undercard IWRG stuff and another good, solid trios. Dragon and Mega still the first fall culminating in a tope that wipes out the first few rows of fans. Dr. Cerebro overall was pretty low key in this preventing it from reaching a next level. Ciclon has also shown some spirited performances but was merely good here. Overall, a good trios match but one that wasn’t memorable and mainly there to just fill out a card. *** (6.1)

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This was fine but not setting the world on fire or anything. Hard to even find much to point out about the match other than some nice springboard armdrag spots worked into some of the pairings. They all seemed to be working hard, though, and this had a decent amount of time to fill and it accomplished that pretty well. Nice average match with nothing really memorable.



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The Ciclon Ramirez rudo tease is the most random thing I've seen in 2000. It's not something that I saw coming and not something I can remember happening. I guess it explains why the big Ramirez vs. Cerebro match never happened. Even though there wasn't a full turn I thought this was a good storyline match. And Ciclon refusing to tag in meant we got plenty of Cerebro vs. Suicida which was a good thing. Cerebro looked legit hurt at the end and I have no idea whether the Ramirez tease will lead anywhere but it looks as though Ramirez vs. Black Dragon is the obvious outcome.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-08-24-IWRG] Black Dragon & Ciclon Ramirez & Suicida vs Mosco De La Merced & Dr Cerebro & Mega

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