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[1986-04-26-WWF-Detroit, MI] Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage

Superstar Sleeze

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WWF World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage - Detroit 4/22/86


The finish of this match is very strange. Savage hits the elbow drop and we get the Hulk Up. Pretty normal. Hogan big boots Savage and he goes to outside. Also normal to setup a countout finish. Elizabeth gets in the way; Hogan moves her. Hogan puts him back in. Now Hogan has lost the energy of the Hulk Up and telegraphs a back body drop. Savage goes for another elbow but eats the foot ala Toronto, but doesn't kick out at three. I don't think I have ever seen the rhythm of the Hulk Up broken like that. Also weird that Savage was pinned clean. They do the whole Savage steals the titles and beats Hogan with it like in Toronto and Hogan reclaims it.


Before the finish, I liked this match the best. Savage jumps him with the robe and then the belt. I liked how they used Elizabeth in two momentum shifts one with Savage getting distracted and then the next Hogan is distracted. Great bumping by Savage here. Hogan has some great offense. They put the stalling in the middle, which I don't like, but this involved spitting, which is gross, but effective. Savage's heat segment is good. Like I said finish is weird. I don't think there has been a great Hogan/Savage match. They are all just kinda good. ***1/4

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This was a really fun flashback to a classic feud before its major escalations. Hogan didn't take any shortcuts putting Savage over along the way, selling for his offense and falling for the outside shenanigans with Liz when called for. Perhaps its been a while since I watched him, but Savage's offense really stood out here. He's not fast like cruiserweights or explosive like an athletic big man, but he moves and attacks with a real suddenness that projects unpredictably and makes his strikes look really strong.


Sleeze noted it above, but the finish here was really strange and completely unexpected. Hogan follows a 1 count kickout with the Hulk Up comeback that leads to the finish. Except it doesn't, as Savage cuts it off before meeting a boot as he comes off the top which gives Hogan the win. You could call this the Big Boot if you want, but certainly not the one we know and there was no Legdrop. Very curious what was behind going this route as I don't recall them veering from the script for clean finishes during this era.


Either way, this was a really fun watch with a great crowd and a pair of all time characters meshing quite well. They even keep a pretty nice pace while working for the local crowd. Very much worth a watch for those looking to see them in this era.



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