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[2008-08-17-WWE-Summerslam] The Undertaker vs Edge (Hell in a Cell)

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Undertaker vs Edge - Summerslam 2008 Hell In A Cell


It is interesting the video package frames the entire story through the eyes of Edge. HHH exposing Edge's infidelity leads to Vickie Guerrero reinstating the Undertaker and condemning Edge to Hell In A Cell. Edge calls upon Mick Foley to help him prepare. Mick Foley tells him to look within. So Edge beats the shit out of him and snaps in general and attacks Chavo and pushes Vickie out of the wheelchair. The match becomes more about Edge's journey about facing this Demon. The match is of course then way more Undertaker getting revenge. It is pro wrestling not Dickens.


I can at least see why this match is praised and why some people may love it. Because I actually enjoyed it a good bit. It is a good car crash match and probably one of the best the weapons in a cell matches of all time. That's Hell In A Cell really is now Weapons In A Cell. This is really where Edge excels. He is pretty bland and terrible in straight wrestling matches, but in these he is pretty good. The transition to the weapons is terrible. Undertaker sets up some stairs in the corner. By pro wrestling rule #124, he who sets up the furniture but eat the furniture. Instead, Edge takes Snake Eyes on the steps and then immediately counters. So Edge no sells the steps to set up more step related offense that actually does hurt. What?!? Edge actually a really good spear up against the steps. Edge does not like the Feng Shui of the Cell so sets forth on a massive redecoration project. He rolls in every once in a while to hit Undertaker with something while he acts as his own stage hand. The match does get good, I swear once Edge spears Undertaker through the Cell Wall. This was pretty dangerous as it looked like it was just inches from hitting Jim Ross and Lilian Garcia in the head. Edge then speared Undertaker through the announce table. They had a good slugfest, back in the ring they trade finishers, but it is pretty entertaining. The best part is the finish. Undertaker does every heinous act that Edge did him back to him. I am real big sucker for this type of stuff. Undertaker chokeslams him off the top rope onto stacked tables (TLC match), camera shot (Survivor Series 2007), Conchairto (Smackdown). Awesome, awesome stuff. Tombstone finishes it. Undertaker is leaving and sees Edge moving on the big screen. So he chokeslams him off the top of the ladder through the ring into the DEPTHS OF HELL! :P

Sue me, I enjoyed it. It was a total car crash match, but the finish takes it from something that is meaningless and shallow to being an amazing revenge match. ***3/4

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Odd match to analyse because this wasn't a Hell In A Cell match. This was a TLC match inside the Cell. Now they did a decent job of pull that off. The first half was pretty boring but not bad enough that it took away from the rest of the match (breaking the cell wall onward) which was pretty fun and way more interesting. I ultimately didn't feel like this was an epic match like its reputation claims it as, but my feelings towards Edge as a wrestler (he is awful) will no doubt affect that. In saying that, he didn't do anything particularly awful or bad - a wee little boring as was Taker in the first half of the match. He was solid towards the end. Taker was Taker. Great ass kicker but still not as great as I would've liked. ***1/4

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