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[2018-02-12-WAVE] Misaki Ohata vs Arisa Nakajima


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This is a a rematch from the previous month's SEAdLINNNG show and is for Ohata's Regina di WAVE title. The tone for this match is the complete opposite from the one before. It's as intense and chippy as you would have expected from these two after watching the Best Friends/Avid Rival series last August. Just a back and forth fight the entire way. Very happy to see Arisa have a big title match because that has been her bread and butter throughout her career. Just an excellent match. ****1/2

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Regina di WAVE Championship: Misaki Ohata © vs. Arisa Nakajima


Incredible main event. It has the same parity as their SEAdLINNNG match, but the action was more intense and diverse. The chaotic outside brawl, the heated flurries, the little cheap shots being thrown - all of the best Big Match Arisa tropes are here. Excellent work from these two. ****1/2

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  • GSR changed the title to [2018-02-12-WAVE] Misaki Ohata vs Arisa Nakajima

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