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[1981-09-23-NJPW-Bloody Fight Series] Antonio Inoki vs Tiger Toguchi


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IIRC Tiger Toguchi was threated like a total geek in All Japan, so this could've easily been a 3 minute squash. Rusher Kimura and Animal Hamaguchi get on the mic before the match to taunt Inoki. Inoki seemed off focus and Toguchi immediately starts pounding on him. Toguchi has really good looking basic offense, nasty looking punches with great snap, kneedrops, elbows to the kidney etc. Once again Inoki looked like the baddest dude on the planet when he made his initial comeback throwing punches and slaps and blocking Toguchi's attack. Toguchi makes a few more comebacks by throwing cheapshots including pounding Inoki on the ground with punches and hitting him in the throat and getting in a piledriver, but Inoki catches him with a flash kick and then locks in an Octopus Stretch which nearly crushed poor Toguchi's body. This was pretty much a glorified squash as Toguchi is nowhere near Inoki's league but Inoki gave Toguchi a ton of offense making him look credible and there were a few badass moments.

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