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[2006-12-31-Indy Summit 2006] Masaaki Mochizuki & Kota Ibushi vs Munenori Sawa & Fujita Jr Hayato (Battlarts Rules)


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I guess the best way to describe this "special" match-up is manic and sloppy strike porn. I mean, right from the get go, you had Sawa and Ibushi slapping and kicking away like two angst-ridden teenage girls. There are intermittent periods of ground game in between the stiff pissing contests but really, they mean squat here. You got Fujita blasting a provoking Ibushi with stiff kicks to the chest but when he signals for something devastating, Hayato picks up Ibushi, scoop slams him, picks him up again and then tags out. Dumb. Sawa was his terrific self with the hard smacks and Mutoh tribute spots, which included two Shining Wizards to Ibushi and Mochizuki. At one point, Ibushi stops selling Fujita's strikes and then destroys him with his wild lanky kicks and slaps and a German suplex. In the end, a busted open Fujita tries to submit Mochizuki with the K.I.D. but Mochizuki rolls through the final attempt and hits the Twister and a pair of high kicks to pick up the TKO victory. A glorious little clusterfuck of a match that doesn't quite know when to stop.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2006-12-31-Indy Summit 2006] Masaaki Mochizuki & Kota Ibushi vs Munenori Sawa & Fujita Jr Hayato (Battlarts Rules)

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