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[1975-01-23-Joint Promotions] Clive Myers vs Sid Cooper


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Classic WoS heat mongering material. Sid Cooper is pretty underrated among the WoS guys as his stuff is simple but executed to perfection. He has the mannerisms down pat, acting like a huge chicken, then acting tough and rugged, then acting fake-friendly etc. all with his hilarious voice and accent. He will also make simple holds look brutal by grinding his knee across the face, bending the shit out of a leg while slapping the other guy etc. Clive is of course an amazing athlete. This was all fun and games with Myers outwrestling Cooper and occasionally threatening to unleash his Kung Fu on him but went to the next level when Cooper shoved Myers in the ropes. This wound end up being a WoS-typical low key holy shit moment when Myers got his leg tangled in the ropes and Cooper went to town on him. Cooper was unrelenting working over that leg and his leglock work coupled with Myers selling will have you believe in the possible finish. Wonderful, simple match executed close to perfection.

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This was a classic heel vs babyface bout, with Myers being the athletic baby and Cooper being the no-nonsense heel. Myers impressed me early on with his shine segment, but Cooper won me over as a classic heel. He knows he's here to get under the audience's skin, so he keeps all his stuff simple and leaves the flashy stuff for the babyface. He would jaw-jack with the audience and refer to Myers as a 'black boy' whilst working him over. Christ. This match really gets going once Myers gets his ankle caught in the ropes in a brutal spot and Cooper works it over. The referee comes close to disqualifying Cooper due to excessive force. Myers initially sold his injury well by limping all over the place, but he would brush the injury off during the final minutes so that he could make his comeback. Minor gripe aside, this was a great match.   ★★★★

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