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[2003-09-06-AJPW-Summer Action Series II] Toshiaki Kawada vs Shinjiro Ohtani


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This is Kawada, the last remaining AJ faithfull against Zero-1 dickhead Ohtani, who really never has proved himself at that level in single competition. So at first, he really can't hang with Kawada, which is the story. When he does that boot in the face deal in the corner, my thoughts were "Hum... Kawada ain't gonna like that." Yep. Kawada gets up and slaps the shit out of Ohtani. Basically, every time Ohtani was too much of an irrespectful dickhead, Kawada would get up, walk right in his face and kick the shit out of him. Ohtani's strategy is to go after a knee, with quick dropkicks and kneebars. He also no-sells regularly Kawada's jumping kicks to the back of the head, which can be seen as annoying, but more on that later. Kawada doesn't forget to sell his knee while he goes back on offense. Some nice double boots to the face and backdrops back and forth. Ohtani basically has to go back to the knee to get an advantage up to the point they are trading bombs and Ohtani insists on not-selling those kicks to the back of the head. What a dick. At some point though, Kawada's offense gets too heavy. And while he tries to show off as the dick he is and keeps on no-selling those kicks, he finally ends up taking one too many and gets pinned after.... a kick to the back of the head. That's poetic justice. Excellent, bordering great match for Kawada's last Triple Crown win.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2003-09-06-AJPW-Summer Action Series II] Toshiaki Kawada vs Shinjiro Ohtani
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Kawada gets attacked by Mike Awesome (I think) right before the bell. What the fuck is that shit? Just when Japan was getting good. Did they think Ohtani needed some kind of leg up? That's kind of insulting. Why'd you book him in the final if you thought he didn't stand a chance against Kawada? This is an appealing matchup on paper since it features two of the most expressive wrestlers of the 90s, but it ends up being unimaginative and uninspiring. And a lousy Triple Crown match. Despite a bum wheel (when doesn't Kawada have a bum wheel?), Kawada steamrolls Ohtani and makes him look like a bitch. Ohtani does some goofy selling toward the end where he pops up and gets tangled in the ropes. That was cute in '96. And to think this was supposed to be Kawada vs. Hashimoto. This wasn't very good even through the lens of 2003 Toshiaki Kawada. I'm pretty sure Kawada vs. Kojima would have been better than this. 

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I definitely more on OJ’s side on this than El-P. I thought this match was a mess. 

Toshiaki Kawada vs Shinjiro Ohtani - AJPW 9/6/03 Budokan 

Hashimoto got injured so he had to vacate the title. We do eventually get Hashimoto vs Kawada but in February 2004. Semi-finals are the same day. Kawada beat Gladiator (Mike Awesome) and Ohtani beat Kojima (in a match I watched but forgot but apparently I liked). Apparently Awesome has sour grapes about his loss and attacked Kawada and made a point to elbow his knee. You think this should be easy Kawada selling the knee and Ohtani attacking it but they make a mess out of it. This match is a part of the ongoing AJPW vs Zero-1 feud.

Feeling out process. Kawada gets his normal heel kick Ohtani powders. Ohtani sick of getting bested kicks him in knee. Gets the facewash. This triggers the babyface shine with all the typical Kawada high spots, charging boot, half crab step on his head, Kawada Kicks etc…Ohtani goes back to the knee. It just felt like every transition was random and require done wrestler to no sell and take over. It was very my turn, your turn. Just a blend of their high spots. Kawada would do a bunch of offense, Ohtani would blow it off DROPKICK the knee. Kawada would take a bunch of punishment and then blow it off and make his comeback. Good example was Ohtani has pretty good momentum hit his standard springboard DROPKICK to the back only for Kawada to go back on offense. Ohtani gets a leglock and some suplexes especially his Dragon Suplex in his finish stretch. Kawada takes way too long to polish him off because this is 2003 Japan, one powerbomb should have sufficed but it ends up being like three more higspots.

Kawada wins the Triple Crown title and finally goes on an epic reign but is it too little too late. Rough start to the reign. 

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