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[1985-11-28-JCP-Starrcade '85] Black Bart vs Ron Bass / Ron Bass vs J.J. Dillon (Bullrope)


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  • GSR changed the title to [1985-11-28-JCP-Starrcade '85] Black Bart vs Ron Bass / Ron Bass vs J.J. Dillon (Bullrope)
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The idea of the match is that if Ron Bass beats Black Bart, he'll be able to have 5 minutes with J.J Dillon under the same stipulation. So the result was obvious. The match was fun, through the purpose of seeing two big guys slug it out while blood goes everywhere. Bass mostly dominated the action with Bart getting some moments in to break up the routine of Bass beating on Bart with the cowbell. J.J Dillon did a good job of selling his worry on the outside, although he pantomimed it up a bit for the nose bleeders. The match got a little sluggish and monotonous by the end but Bass hitting a belt shot off the second rope woke the crowd up. Bass got Dillon and kicked his ass, much to the delight of the crowd. Although Black Bart got his revenge by piledriving Bass, allowing J.J Dillon to win their portion of the match. **1/2

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