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The finish to Jericho vs. Rock at No Mercy in 2001 really pisses me off. That match was awesome, would have been an easy ***** and the crowd were on the verge of exploding like crazy, and if Rock had tapped out when Jericho caught him in the Walls, especially when he dragged Rock back into the middle of the ring, I'm convinced the crowd would have literally exploded with joy. Instead, we had to get a shitty run-in finish that sucked the life out of the crowd and turned a match that was moments away from being legendary into just another good match with a terrible SE finish.



Unfortunately, you could see that finish coming from a mile away when on the previous Smackdown they basically said Stephanie was going to interfere in the match

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Modern HBK matches seem preposterous, unconvincing and redundant to me. The indy wrestlers who try to force out a MOTYC~! might be using a different method to reach their goal, but the end result is the same - a contrived mockery of a wrestling match.

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I just watched Impact and I noticed that in the PPV promo packages, they're using a picture of the NWA tag team belt in the world title match. Does Russo think the NWA title is too old school looking or something?

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Guest HTQ

From Meltzer's daily update:


TNA's Final Resolution PPV headlines the weekend, featuring a Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle 30:00 Iron man match. Our father, who art in heaven....Sorry, that was me praying the match doesn't get screwed up by 35 ref bumps and 22 run-ins, and a backstage cutaway of VKM riding stationary logs like they are on a log ride and Sonjay Dutt trying to bounce on pogo stick for one hour until the surprise signing of Ted DiBiase kicks the stick away at the 59:30 mark. On the other hand, they do have a chance for an early candidate for match of the year, although Joe's knee can't be 100%. Joe was back working last week in Portugal and he's making all his indie dates this week in Ontario.

Do you think Dave is a little worried Russo won't resist the temptation to overbook a match better left untouched?

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Guest HTQ

Some great pro-Russo comments from WC:




TNA does provide an "alternative". You won't be seeing "Rosie" vs. "Donald Trump" in a TNA ring. You won't see Kenny vs. Jeff Hardy wrestle for absolutely no reason. You won't see a horrible worker such as Khali wrestle in the main event against John Cena and last but not least you won't see John Cena in a TNA ring.


Everything that happens in TNA has a point to it which is why I think Russo is easily the best writer/booker in the business. There are actual storylines instead of pointless matches that lead nowhere. I'd much rather see a VKM or Kevin Nash segment than Kenny vs. Jeff Hardy or a horrible divas match on Raw

And when DM brought up Gabe Saplosky's name, ConanRulesNBC fired back with this classic:


First, I've never even heard of this Gabe Sapolsky. Who is he and what "stars" and "concepts" did he "create", Dave?


Second, if you're implying that Gabe created stars and Vince Russo didn't then I guess you don't consider The Rock, Triple H, Billy Gunn, Road Dogg, Kane, and most of the wrestlers from the Attitude Era to be "stars"? Please don't give me that **** that "Vince Russo didn't create them". Russo was the head writer of the shows back then so he pretty much "created" them.


Also, what are some "failed concepts" of Russo that he's using right now in TNA? I don't remember seeing Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe in the WWE or WCW. I don't remember seeing the PCS skits or the Abyss/Christian/Sting storyline. But I guess you're going to bring up the usual **** about Russo destroying WCW all by himself and blame him for putting the belt on David Arquette.

And this from the message board on a pro-Russo website:


siaki had more than the rock. He already had it when he started. . Rock had to find his groove in 97 for a few months before russo helped him... Too bad Russo never rewally got to push Siaki on a mainstream level


Truth is more talented than Austin/Mankind/Rock combined.. He just hasn't been given the right role/storyline to run with it.. He can swear better than Austin, has more charisma than Rock, and can be more entertaining than Mankind. Russo even knows Truth has too much talent..


Angle is already a star, but if Russo wrote him, he can be bigger than Austin...


TNA has a lot of talent that can be bigger than Mankind. I never really saw Mick as a star.. I saw him get pushed with his Socko role which made people love him> But quite frankly ANYONE can be given a role like Mankind and get over..


Russo can make most peopel get over.. he just knows how to write


too much mat wrestlign in the second Joe/Angle match, so much that i can even do that match. Just "act" like your leg is hurting when angle puts you in th elock


noit very hard


I might need to bulk up more to do the angle slam, practice dropkicks, etc..


but for the mat wrestling.. I mean I'm a good actor.. I can just pretend i'm hurt,. My fake kicks and punches are very good and believable too... I can stomp and allign it with the punches.. It's up to my opponent to "sell" it..


It's the artform. The best fake punchers and considered the best "in ring workers".. They're good fake fighters.. that's all... But it's an artform and I respect that


Meltzer/Keller are probably too scared to call wrestlers actors. but that's exactly what they are when they fake getting hurt, fake delivering punches


Most of the mat sequences, I can pull it off.. It's just about acting. That's all it is really


I think "5 star matches" the internet gives are overrated. Stuf like Slamboree.. That takes talent.. that takes endurance.. Stuff like charisma.. you can't learn that.. You have to develop it over time. and gain experience


Wrestling? Not too difficult


Russo: It's easier for an actor to learn how to wrestle than a wrestler to learn how to act


That's a fact



TNA is gonna suck if Russo is gone... that's why i lobbied for him to be brought back. cos quite frankly, i don t think tna has a chance without him.


Russo in previous interviews said he knew exactly what was wrong with tna and what is needed for reatings to grow


he also gave tna 5/10 when someone asked him. 5 for good in ring work (imo, if you can't book exciting matches, it doesn't matter how good your in ring work is). he said they got 0 for the other half: entertainment..


but yeah... im sick of promotions screwing him over.. if wcw didn't screw him over, wcw would be on top today..


TNA needs russo for the long term.. and i'm happy russo chose to come back



my email to russo i was just thinking about vkm and came up with this idea. completely up to u if u wish to use it or not but i know the importance of creating a buzz in the wrestling world. i was watching your ultimate insider dvd interview last night and i couldnt help but agree with everything you stated about competition in wrestling. you said that the number 2 company has to make as much noise as possible to get the number 1 company to acknowledge them in some form. i think you are doing a great job of it so far especially with the skits you and the boys have created already. a lot of these idiotic "smarks" on the net are shitting all over vkm however i know all the casual fans that watch TNA are absolutely enticed by the concept of another wrestling war. I had this idea about prank phone calls to vince mcmahon, hhh and hbk on their cell phones and putting it on loud speaker. I think it would be a hilarious idea and you could get other members of the TNA roster to participate like sonjay dutt who could put on a funny indian accent or whatever.


Another idea i had was adding members to vkm. you could put matt bentley in there and have him be the "fart break kid". put him in a squash match against the fat oily guy and have him win not by sweet chin music but by breaking wind in his face. another member you could add is screamin norman smiley where u could put a fake big nose on his face and call him the "hot hardcore hustla". i dunno but i think it would make for some very entertaining tv.


u could even make fun of that pathetic project known as ecw that vince mcmahon tried to revive. now that paul heyman is gone from creative its obvious that they are on the way down so maybe you could add some parody of how all these non hardcore wrestlers r trying to make a name in this fake ecw.


It's insane.. The crowd started popping when BG started saying "pus$ies" and "sh*t".. Do you think wrestling needs more swearing? I mean Stone Cold Steve Austin got over huge with his swearing.


The crowd was pretty silent during the VKM segment, and during BG's promo.. but they started popping when they really shot on WWE, with the language.. I think the "shock value" of the language needs to be brought back. .. it works for the viewres and as someone stated on another thread, people need to talk like real people.

Some of those statements just make you wonder about the human race, let alone wrestling fans.

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