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The site will continue to re-direct, but if you'd like to view it without that annoying blue bar at the bottom of the page, update your bookmarks to http://www.prowrestlingonly.com.


Yes, I don't care for the tag line at the top either. That will be changed.


I'll make a post later this morning explaining all the changes and answering any questions.

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Ok, here are all the big changes:


(1) The NMB wrestling folder is still accessible, but is read-only. We wanted to start fresh, but we also didn't want to delete everything because there's some good stuff there. So you can still see and easily search the folder, but any replies or new topics will be posted in the appropriate folder. If a situation comes up where it would be appropriate to move an old NMB thread to an active folder because it's relevant again, just make the request and we'll probably do it. Match Reviews and MMA are carried over from the old NMB board.


(2) We've added and taken away several folders. You'll notice that there are no non-wrestling folders here. That's by design. Sometimes, finding out too much about the people we talk wrestling with isn't necessarily a good thing, and we think there would be less chance of things like flame wars and petty crap taking over the board if there's nowhere designated for that sort of thing.


(3) There are currently no mods. Goodhelmet and I are admins, and will add mods at a later time if traffic picks up and we deem it necessary. For now, we're going to just handle everything ourselves because we don't know how busy the board is going to be.


(4) We have a blogs feature. I want this to be a big feature that brings people here and encourage everyone to use it. Obviously, considering that this board is called Pro Wrestling Only, blogging about your personal life, politics, music or whatever else doesn't really fit in, so we do politely request that if you're going to be making a blog, that it's wrestling or MMA related. Still, if you've ever thought about starting a wrestling website or writing a column, but didn't want to go through the trouble of setting it up, this is probably ideal for you.

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