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[2005-02-04-CMLL] Shocker vs Dr Wagner Jr

Vinnie B

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I really couldn't tell who was tecnico and who was rudo throughout this. Both wrestled pretty similar styles, and I couldn't hear if the crowd were chanting 'Wagner' or 'Shocker'. I'll put it down to my own stupidity. This excelled in delivering some really slick and impressive power spots - suplexes to the outside, powerbombs, general feats of strength. It made a nice change of pace, but lacked the excitement of Mistico matches. Good but not great, for me. *** 1/2

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  • paul sosnowski changed the title to [2005-02-04-CMLL Mexico City] Shocker vs Dr Wagner Jr
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This was an awesome match IMO. They went at an unbelievable pace from the whistle. The crowd was incredibly hot for this match cheering for Wagner from the start. The first two fall's went by pretty quick but there was some nice technical wrestling and quick bouts of quickness. Then in the last falls they started hitting each other some massive moves including a suplex on the ramp which looked painful. ****1/4 

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  • GSR changed the title to [2005-02-04-CMLL] Shocker vs Dr Wagner Jr

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