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WCCW September 1986


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Press Release from the Offices of World Class Championship Wrestling

Ladies and gentlemen as you are aware World Class hasn't been on your screens for the past month, this is due to some issues behind the scenes in World Class.

I am pleased to announce that theses issue have been sorted and that World Class Championship Wrestling will return to your screens this coming Saturday night from the World famous Dallas Sportatorium, the Road to the Wrestling War Extravaganza. which will take place on Friday Night September 28th from Reunion Arena.

It will feature 2 huge Main Events.

NWA World Tag Team Champions the Road Warriors will defend against NWA North American Tag Team Champions Stan Hansen and Bruiser Brody inside a steel cage.


NWA World Heavyweight Champion 'The Modern Day Warrior' Kerry Von Erich will defend against the winner of a huge Battle Royale that will take place on World Class Championship Wrestling TV this coming Saturday.


Tickets for this weeks TV Tapings are on sale now from the Sportatorium Box Office.


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World Class Championship Wrestling TV

Live from the Sportatorium in Dallas, TX on

Airing live on Saturday 7th on WTVT throughout Texas

And various outlets across the Southwest

Hosted by Bill Mercer and Bruce Prichard

Ring Announcer/Interviewer: Marc Lowrance

- Show begins with a brand new opening. We then go live inside the Sportatorium and see a jam packed crowd before cutting to the announce desk with Bill Mercer and Bruce Prichard.

- Bill welcomes us to the show and runs down tonights card featuring a huge Number 1 contenders Battle Royal to see who will challenge Kerry Von Erich on September 28th at Reunion Arena. We will also see footage of a match that took place at the Freeman Coliseum, in San Antonio, Texas last week, featuring Dr. D. David Shultz.

- We go to the ring as we see the participants for the Battle Royal making there way to the ring.

NWA World Title #1 Contenders 20 Man Battle Royal

(Participants: Jimmy Valiant, Kevin Von Erich, Terry Gordy, Al Madril, Adrian Street, Sam Houston, Tojo Yamamoto, Dory Funk Jr, Mr Wrestling 2, Dusty Rhodes, Rip Rogers, Adrian Adonis, Eddie Gilbert, Killer Khan, Kamala, Botswana Beast, Ted Arcidi, Michael Hayes, Buddy Roberts, Kendo Nagaski)

Mr. Wrestling 2 attacks Khan before the bell, and half the participants gang up to eliminate him at the 30-second mark. No one else is tossed for a while. Dusty and Houston pair up a few times. Bruce talks about what this match means for the winner. Dusty continues to pair up with other faces, this time with Al Madril, and then Dory. He chooses to go after Kendo next, misses a forearm, and gets thrown out with a big THUD at 5:47. Kevin and Jimmy Valiant pair up briefly, and Gordy tosses Rip at 6:17. Kamala and Beast try and toss Gordy, but Hayes and Buddy make the save. Beast tosses Houston out like a bag of trash at 6:52. Madril and Kevin exchange chops. Kendo tries to dump Kevin, but misses a charge, and he's gone at 8:10, as we go to a commercial break

- Commercial Break -

We return from a commercial break, and Gilbert tosses Dory at 10:33, just as we return. Gilbert charges Wrestling 2, and is back-dropped out at 11:07. Kevin pounds away on Kamala until Kamala, grabs him by the hair, and throws him over at 11:54. Street saves Valiant from elimination, then charges Adonis and gets sent to the floor for all his effort at 12:56. Tojo has Gilbert in a compromising position, but it's no go. Madril works over Kamala with chops, but misses a charge, and Kamala yanks down the ropes for the elimination at 13:21. Beast and Kamala double team Valiant, but Gordy makes the save. Shortly after, Valiant tosses Beast out at 14:08. Kamala tosses Gordy through the ropes, and Gordy returns and clotheslines Kamala to the floor at 14:20, just as we go to our second commercial break.

- Commercial Break-

We return, and it's time to clear the ring: Tojo clotheslines Arcidi out at 16:54.He celebrates prematurely, and is dumped out by the Freebirds at 17:09. We're down to all three Freebirds and the unlikely partners of Valiant, Gilbert, Adonis. Bruce and Bill speculate that this isn’t going to end well for Valiant. Gilbert and Adonis almost immediately turn on Valiant but Valinat manages to fend them off long enough to eliminate both Adonis and Gilbert at 19:44, but then the Freebirds gang up on him. That leaves Valiant, down 3-against-1, against Freebirds. They do a good job of beating the crap out of Valiant, but we get the obvious heel miscommuncation that sees Hayes accidentally clothesline his partner Roberts out at 23:17, and then in the confusion of things, Valiant throws Hayes out at 23:22, but as soon as Valiant turns round he cops a big boot from Gordy sending him crashing to the floor, 23:47. The winner of the match and receiving an NWA World Heavyweight title shot at the Wrestling War Extravaganza Terry ’Bam Bam’ Gordy.

- The crowd boo Gordy as Hayes and Robert join him to celebrate.

- We go to Bill and Bruce who recap the closing moments before introducing the footage of an NWA North American Title match featuring Dr. D. taking on the Ultimate Warrior who was a last minute replacement for Lance Von Erich who was suffering from a concussion. We then cut to footage of the match.

NWA North American Title Match

Dr. D. David Shultz (c) vs The Ultimate Warrior

- We see Dr. D. in the ring the ring with the microphone saying that he can beat everyone in the locker room and that no one has the nerve or guts to face him for the title. We then hear the drum beat as the Warriors music hits the crowd goes crazy as he runs to the ring. Bruce Prichard goes crazy saying that he thought the Warrior was working ‘up North’ and that he shouldn’t be getting a title shot. The Warrior slides straight in under the bottom and charges to the opposite side of the ring Shultz tries to cut him off but Warrior fires off a hard right that floors Shultz, who gets back up and gets nailed with another as the bell rings. The crowd is going crazy. Shultz gets up and nailed with 3 more rights followed by a scoop slam. Warrior runs at the ropes as Shultz gets up and warrior nails him with a clothesline to the back of the head followed but a big splash rolling Shultz over for the cover and the 3 count. The crowd goes batshit as Marc Lowrance announces Warrior as the NEW NWA North American Heavyweight champion.

- The Footage ends and we go back to Bill and Bruce. Bruce insists that the title should be given back to Shultz cause he wasn’t prepared. Bill tells him the match was sanctioned by the NWA Board and the World Class match makers.

- Commercial Break -  

- We come back from break and go straight to Marc Lowrance who is standing by with Dr. D. who rants that he was robbed by the crooked NWA Board and World Class and that hes been robbed of his chance to regain his North American Title Match because NWA and World Class are giving the 1st shot to Lance Von Erich once hes able to compete. Dr’ D calls it bull and that he’s been screwed and that he will quit if they dont give him a shot right now he will quit World Class. Marc informs him that he will have to earn the shot due to the attack on Terry Funk a few weeks ago. Shultz goes mad and quits World Class and storms off.

- Commercial Break -

- We return and Bill and Bruce discuss Dr. D. and Bruce calls it a travesty that he was screwed and should never have lost the title due to Lance been unable to compete. We go to the ring for our feature contest.

Killer Bees vs. The Grapplers

The Bees start working on Grappler 1's legs. Grappler 2 takes over with an atomic drop and a front facelock on Blair. Blair is worked over in the wrong side of the ring, with a double-team clothesline and a gutwrench suplex. A Bearhug on Blair, courtesy of Grappler 1. Grappler 2 comes in, performs a vertical suplex and gets 2. The Grapplers keep working on Blair, until they make the mistake of tossing him outside. Brunzell crawls over and the Bees go under the ring to don their masks. A fresh Brunzell takes Blair's place in the ring with a slam, backdrop, skullcracker and dropkick on Grappler 2. Grappler 2 responds with a side backbreaker and then all four men enter the ring. In the confusion, Blair (still the legal man) flies off the top turnbuckle with a flying bodypress to pin on Grappler 2. The Bees celebrate the win as the crowd pops.

- We go to Bill and Bruce and replay of the closing minutes from the Battle Royale, and go to Marc who is standing with the Freebirds who talk about how there going to celebrate tonight and then again when Gordy wins the title. As they walk off. Bill and Bruce close the show.

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Nice first show for you to break the ice with World Class. Obviously, you can't go wrong with a Von Erich vs Freebird match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Big win for Warrior as well as he captures the North American Championship. Nice way to continue his meteoric rise in the world of professional wrestling. Good work!

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World Class Championship Wrestling

Sam Houston Coliseum

Houston, TX

Sunday September 9, 1986

Bell time: 7:30pm


Al Madril pinned "Hustler" Rip Rogers w/Missy Hyatt


WCCW Television Championship

"Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert w/Missy Hyatt pinned Big Bubba Ottman


Eight Man Tag Team Elimination Match

Dory Funk Jr/Mr. Wrestling 2/Dusty Rhodes/Jimmy Valiant w/Mr. Wrestling 3


Ted Arcidi/Killer Khan/Kamala/Botswana Beast w/Gary Hart


Killer Khan pinned Mr. Wrestling 2

Jimmy Valiant pinned Kamala

Botswana Beast eliminated Jimmy Valiant

Dusty Rhodes and Botswana Beast are counted out when they brawl on the floor.

Dory Funk Jr pins Ted Arcidi following a miss communication and Khan Spews mist in Ted’s eyes.

Dory Funk Jr eliminated Killer Khan to win the match.


NWA North American Heavyweight Title

Ultimate Warrior pinned Jack Victory


NWA Texas Heavyweight Title

Adrian Adonis beat Mr. Olympia


NWA North American Tag Title Number 1 Contenders Match

The Killer Bees beat Tojo Yamamoto/Kendo Nagasaki



NWA World Tag Team Championship

The Road Warriors (Animal/Hawk) w/Paul Ellering beat The Grapplers



NWA World Heavyweight Championship

Kevin/Mike/Kerry Von Erich defeated The Fabulous Freebirds

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