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  1. spaldoni

    AWA Continental Championship Wrestling

    Huge announcement as CCW merges with Georgia! Oh man the fans win on this deal. Ellering has a top notch tough stable with all the National champs (Race and The Andersons) Super Black Ninja is the new AWA LHW champ! Funk is going to be the Armstrong's most wanted man. Traveling around the AWA is going to develop Ninja into a huge star. Feuds continue between OMG/Bundy, Street/Alberto and Sheepherders/Fantastics. Clash of Champions will live up to the name is all titles will be on the line. Television time remaining wasn't enough time for Garvin and Race. The big angle tonight was Fuller and Golden giving Bob the spike piledriver on the concrete!!! Funk masterminds this and gets even more heat with the Armstrong family, if that's possible. Big card at the Cobb. Baron opens the show with the claw. Yea, Smothers and Cash over the Grapplers would have to be considered an upset. Fuji not pleased. It's going to be hard getting the titles off the Andersons. Nightmares found that out. Good grief! OMG powerslams Bundy for the decisive win. Street/Cooley and Olympia take down Fuller/Herc and Alberto. WOW! Garvin beats Race for the National title! Garvin's stock just went through the roof. OMG was on fire tonight as he splashes Akbar! The fans must of went crazy! Fantastics/Sheepherders will fight another day. What a main event as Funk and Armstrong battle to a wild no contest! This war is far from over.
  2. spaldoni


    TNT would like to book the AWA Tag Team Champs on November 30th.
  3. spaldoni


    TNT has the Kansas Jayhawks on the block.
  4. spaldoni

    AWA World Class Wrestling

    Really good show as all roads lead to Halloween Star Wars. Show kicks off with a wild brawl between Shultz, Studd and Brody! Man, I cant wait for that Chamber of Horrors match!!! I enjoyed the rest of the show as it showcased a lot of great talent such as Hart's monsters, Houston, Strongbow and Orton. Is Adams sincere? Can Kerry trust him? Looking forward to watching all this unfold. Watts makes a huge announcement as WCCW joins the Superstation! This is big for WCCW as they get a national platform. Smart move kicking it off by showing 4 matches from Star Wars. That will certainly draw viewers. Another wild WCCW main event as Adias beats Iceman in a strap match and has earned himself a title match with Bock. I noticed on the house show loop, Adias took Bock to the time limit. Can Adias pull off a major upset? He's looking strong heading in. Should be a good one.
  5. spaldoni

    TNT Wrestling

    TNT Wrestling TV @ The Roanne Fieldhouse, Memphis TN 10-18-84 Footage is shown from last week's show as Tully Blanchard and Buddy Landel put a beating on Curt Hennig with a chair! Lance Russell: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of TNT wrestling here on the USA Network. Loaded show tonight as the Fabulous Ones will defend the AWA Southern tag team titles against Johnny Valiant's Blonde Bombers. Big 6 man tag match as DJ Peterson, Mike Shaw and Denny Brown take on the trio of Carl Fergie, Gary Young and Art Crews. Non title match as TNT champs Dick Murdoch and Adrian Adonis take on the Real Deal. And Austin Idol will defend the TV title against The Dream Machine. All that and a lot more. Right now I want to show you some pre recorded comments from the Hennig household. Commissioner Larry 'The Axe' Hennig is standing in his living room. Larry: Tully Blanchard! I'm here at home because of you! I was ok with that when I found out Curt was coming in to TNT. I was ok with the two of you settling things with a fight. He beats you and then what do you do? On TV you and Landel attack him! Real tough guys! 2 on 1. Well Buddy Landel, since you're so eager to get in on this, you'll will love this announcement just as much as Tully. The doctor's have cleared me. I now want to resign as Commissioner! That's right! The boots are coming back on! I've talked with Jerry Jarrett and next week you 2 punks are getting into the ring with myself and my son! Curt walks in. Curt: You heard him! Next week my Dad the Axe and myself get the 2 of you in the ring! Get ready because the Hennig's are coming and we're coming for a fight! Lance: How about that. Next week the Hennig's return and will clash with Tully Blanchard and Buddy Landel. That will be a wild one I'm sure. Fans lets kick things off with a non title tag team bout. TNT Tag Team Champs Dick Murdoch and Adrian Adonis vs. The Real Deal (Scott McGhee and Ricky Vaughn) McGhee and Vaughn start of gelling well as they work the champs over with quick tags and high offensive maneuvers. That comes to a halt when Murdoch nails Vaughn from the apron with a forearm smash and Adonis follows with a back elbow smash. Adonis and Murdoch take over and dominate for awhile but still cant them away. Vaughn eventually gets the hot tag to McGhee and McGhee is a house of fire. Adonis turns things around with a knee to the mid section and Murdoch follows with a gut wrench suplex. The champs control again but cant put McGhee down. A pier six brawl breaks out. Real Deal double back drop Adonis and send Murdoch over the top rope with a double clothesline. Ding Ding Ding! The 10 minute time limit expires. Adonis rolls out of the ring. Him and Murdoch regroup and are furious and embarrassed. The fans cheer as the Real Deal are in the ring pumping their fists. The Real Deal opened a lot of eyes today as they take the veteran TNT champs to a draw. Commercial Break Lance: I would have to say that was a moral victory for The Real Deal... Adonis and Murdoch storm the podium. Adonis: Shut up Lance! Those two punks are the luckiest punks walking the earth! Talk about a fluke! Murdoch: Fluke is right! You punks want a fight? You got one! We want them again and hell we'll put these titles on the line! Adonis: Next time you boys wont be standing up at all! Lance: Ok, a challenge has been made. I'm sure the Real Deal wont have a problem accepting a title match. Back to the ring. Roosevelt Jones vs. Trent Watkins Jones shocked everyone last week when he attacked George Wells and pledged his allegiance to the Movement. Jones is in full heel mode tonight as he kicks, stomps, slams and chokes the life out of Trent. Jones slams Trent's head on the turnbuckle several times then delivers a jumping headbutt to get the pin! Jones picks up Trent, headbutts him again and hurls him out of the ring. Jones stands in the middle of the ring and raises his fist as the fans boo. Commercial Break A music montage video is shown of Rick Martel in the ring. Lance: Yes fans, I'm excited to announce that Rick Martel is coming to TNT. Exciting news! Back to the ring. Jumbo Tsuruta w/Gene Anderson vs. Gary Williams Jumbo just demolishes his opponent. Jumbo swings Williams to the ropes and nails him with a big boot to the head. Jumbo hoists Williams up and finishes him off with the Powerbomb! Gene leads Jumbo to the podium. Gene: All day long, all I've heard about is Rick Martel. Oh yea TNT gives him a nice little video package and seems to be rolling out the red carpet for him. Why!? The true superstar in TNT is standing right here. Jumbo Tsuruta! Make no bones about it, Martel's stay in TNT will be a short one because Jumbo Tsuruta is going to make an example out of him and prove who the superior wrestler is! Commercial Break DJ Peterson/'Mountain' Mike Shaw/ 'Downtown' Denny Brown vs. 'Cool' Carl Fergie/'Gorgeous' Gary Young/'The Ace' Art Crews Chaos right off the bat as all 6 men go at it before the bell even rings! Denny drop kicks Crews out of the ring. DJ body slams Fergie. Shaw clotheslines Young over the top rope. DJ goes to the top rope. Fergie staggers up and DJ nails him with a flying shoulder tackle! Shaw swings off the ropes and splashes Fergie! Young and Crews grab Fergie by his feet and yank him out of the ring then help him to the back. The fans are cheering as DJ, Shaw and Denny stand tall. Official Ruling- No Contest Commercial Break Lance: Well that match never officially started but DJ, Shaw and Denny certainly won the fight. Joining me now are the Kansas Jayhawks. Boys, you got a big win over the Cuban Assassins last week and that should put you right back in line for a tag team shot at either of the titles. Boos as The Roughnecks (Killer Brooks/Bob Sweetan) come out. The Roughnecks insult the Jayhawks and tell them they had their title opportunity and blew it! They tell the Jayhawks to get lost because the Roughnecks should be in line for a title shot. Jayhawks fire back and say they've been on top of the tag team scene for a long time and are always in contention and if the Roughnecks have a problem with that we all can settle it in the ring. Tensions rise but no fists are thrown...yet. Lance: Whoa, that was a close one. I for one would like to see that match up. More tag team action as we go to the ring. Gino Brito and Tony Parisi vs. Vic Dutro and William Hillman Brito and Parisi are in sync tonight and look sharp. Brito tags in Parisi. Brito body slams Hillman and Parisi follows with the Cannonball Senton to get the pin! Brito and Parisi raise their arms in victory when WHAM! They're nailed from behind by Ted and Jerry Oates along with Gene Anderson! Gene is shouting instructions as the Oates to take it to them. They hurl Parisi out of the ring then hit Brito with a double suplex. Ted grabs Brito's arm and holds it while twisting. Parisi tries to get back in the ring but Jerry kicks him back down. Jerry gets on the top rope. Ted holds Brito's arm while Jerry crashes down with a knee drop on the arm! Gene leads the Oates Brothers to the podium. Gene: The Anderson unit is back and running on all cylinders! I warned everybody and especially those wimps in the ring, that I wasn't done with them. I have myself a team and what's a better unit than family? The Andersons wreaked havoc for years because we were family. Well now I have the Oates Wrecking Crew and mark my words the destruction that Ole and I caused will carry on because the Oates Wrecking Crew have arrived and TNT better watch out! Lance: Well, this has indeed been quite the night for Gene Anderson and his unit. I know Brito and Parisi wont take this lying down. I hope Brito is ok after that attack on his arm. Commercial Break Mr. Wrestling 3 w/Mr. Wrestling 2 vs. Sean Smith Every since Mr. Wrestling 3 bestowed the name and mask upon Jessie Barr, he's been racking up some impressive wins. Tonight is no different as Mr. Wrestling 3 gets the pin after the Million Dollar Kneelift! The fans cheer as they head to the podium. Mr. Wrestling 2: Lance, as you've noticed, Mr. Wrestling 3 has been on a roll of late. I've been mentoring him and we have been patient and I have no doubt in my mind, Mr. Wrestling 3 is ready for a title match. Lance: I would have to agree with Mr. Wrestling 2. Back to the ring. Cocoa Samoa vs. Stu Jersky Now that Cocoa has finally put an end to his feud with Ratamyus and his monsters, he looks refreshed and rejuvenated. Cocoa works Stu over with hip tosses and drop kicks and puts him away with an impressive flying body press from the top rope! Commercial Break AWA Southern Tag Team Title Bout The Fabulous Ones (C) vs. The Blonde Bombers w/Johnny Valiant Everybody is in the ring and exchanging words while the Ref holds up the titles. Valiant tells the Fabs their reign comes to an end tonight. Bombers attack at the bell but the Fabs fight back. Lane and Grey fight in one corner while Keirn and Regal fight in the opposite corner. The Fabs swing the Bombers into each other. Bombers collide and stumble back. The Fabs hit double atomic drops and the Bombers smash into each other. The Ref gets control. The Fabs work over Grey as they tag in and out. Keirn hits a backbreaker and Lane follows with a standing leg drop 1..2..Regal breaks it. Keirn goes after Regal but the Ref guides him back allowing Regal to clip Lane from behind. Grey staggers up, grabs Lane by his hair and rams his head on Regal's boot then tags in Regal. They double slam Lane and Regal follows with a jumping elbow drop 1..2..Lane gets his foot on the rope. Regal chokes Lane on the ropes. Grey holds lane while Regal swings off the ropes and hits Lane with a body guillotine. Regal suplexes Lane and tags in Grey. Grey comes off the top rope with a flying elbow drop 1..2..Keirn breaks it. Grey tags in Regal. They swing Lane to the ropes but miss a double clothesline, Lane swings back and clotheslines the Bombers down then rolls over and tags in Keirn. Keirn goes to town as he hammers away on the Bombers! He back drops Grey and Grey rolls out of the ring. He drop kicks Regal. Valiant hops on the apron and Keirn knocks him off! Keirn picks up Regal and swings him around for a body slam but Regal's boot hits the Ref and the Ref goes down. Keirn slams down Regal then hops on the middle ropes and crashes down with a forearm drop. Keirn covers but the Ref is still down. Grey comes in but Lane fights him into the corner. Valiant is motioning to the back. Goldie Rogers comes out with a loaded towel. Keirn is trying to get the Ref up. Regal staggers up and nails Keirn from behind. Regal holds Keirn up as Rogers goes to the top rope with the loaded towel. Rogers leaps off but Keirn moves and Rogers nails Regal with the towel! Lane hurls Grey out of the ring and drags the Ref over as Keirn covers Regal 1..2..3! Huge Pop! The Fabs get their titles and hold them high. Valiant is having a fit! Lance: (smiling) Some turn of events as Goldie Roger's interference really backfired. The Fabulous Ones remain AWA Southern tag team champions. Well my guests at this time are Tully Blanchard and the Nature Boy Buddy Landel. Gentleman I'm sure you heard the announcement. You boys will face Larry and Curt Hennig, next week. Landel: Wipe that smile off your face Lance before we knock it off! Never in my life have I seen such sore losers well except maybe for the Armstrong's. Look, I've got a AWA world title bout with Ted Dibiase next month and I don't have time to deal with such cry babies like the Hennig's. Man Tully, this is deja vu. I swear they're just like the Armstrong's. Go down to Continental sometime and you wont believe it. I'm telling you. Tully: Buddy, I truly know what you're talking about. First that big ogre Larry Hennig couldn't handle my success so I took care of him. Then he sends his baby boy and we took care of him. It's over. We win! But no! They have Jerry Jarrett in their pockets and of course what the golden boy Henning's want they get. Well guess what? Next week this all ends. Buddy has bigger goals and so do I. Next week, we're going to make sure neither one of you ever sets foot in an AWA ring ever again. Lance: This arena better get ready because that's going to be one heated contest. I've just gotten word that next week we will have a TNT title match as Bill Dundee will defend the title against Cocoa Samoa. Big show indeed. Our TV title main event when we come back. Commercial Break TV Title Bout 'The Universal Heartthrob' Austin Idol (C) vs. The Dream Machine Dream Machine waits in the ring as the boos reign down on him. The fans roar as Joan Jett blasts on the speakers and Austin Idol makes his way out. The fans explode as Jerry Lawler hits the ring and just unloads on The Dream Machine! Lawler is relentless as he just pounds away on Dream Machine. Thundering boos as Bill Dundee hits the ring but Lawler turns around and nails him and proceeds to pound away on him! Dream Machine staggers up and nails Lawler. Lawler fights but 2 on 1 is catching up until Austin Idol has enough and hits the ring as the fans go crazy! WHAM! Idol nails Lawler!!!!!! The fans are shocked as Idol puts the boots to Lawler! Dundee and Dream pause. Idol stops stomping and looks at them. They all smile and hug! Idol picks up Lawler by his hair as Dundee and Dream punch away. Idol slams Lawler down and clamps on the Las Vegas Leglock! Dream Machine goes out and gets a chair. Dream Machine swings down and hits Lawler on his head, busting him open! Dream sets the chair on Lawler's head. Dundee climbs to the top rope and hits a Bombs Away on the chair, crushing Lawler's face! The Fabulous Ones and Cocoa Samoa hit the ring as Dundee, Idol and Dream casually roll out. The fans are still in shock. Lawler's face is a bloody mess as The Fabs and Cocoa call for medics. Lance: Fans, I don't know what to say. That was one of the most gruesome acts I've ever seen. Lawler is getting medical treatment as I speak. I hope to have some answers next week. After the show ends, the Rolling Stones Gimmie Shelter plays Wrestle Storm 84-November 30th-Memphis Coliseum!
  6. spaldoni

    Rosters and Transactions 2.0

    TNT releases George Steele and Bob Dellaserra. TNT would like to pick up Ted and Jerry Oates
  7. spaldoni

    AWA Pacific Wrestling

    The Freebirds have gone rogue in the AWA! Nobody is safe! Oh man Flowers doesn't want to get on Jake's bad side. He better start getting some wins LOL. Yamada would be an awesome contender to the LHW title. The Polish Prince looks ready for a shot at Piper. Hogan sends Nord packing! Larry Z is in serious trouble. Flowers bad luck continues as Chavo beats him. Billy Jack gets the fall on Slater as him and Texas Red get some redemption. I like that Taylor/Vachon finish. Clever. Guerreros retain against the Royal Family. Polish Prince gets the fall in a big 6 man tag. This sets Wiskowski up as a serious threat to Piper and the title.
  8. spaldoni

    AWA Great Lakes Championship Wrestling

    What a surprise and treat for the fans as Andre shows up and wins a battle royal! Rich turns back the challenge of Rogers. Super Destroyers are rock'n the titles! Great feuds going with Slaughter/Koloff and Duggan/Sawyer. Scott Hall gets an impressive win over Stevens. Miller and Oliver beat RnR for the titles! Oh wait, RnR get them back the next night! We've got a true fight for the titles going on. Dibiase has a long list of challengers here. I would love to see Wildfire Rich go for it.
  9. spaldoni

    AWA World Wrestling Federation

    Looking forward to Johnson/Patterson! Great job in making this a heat filled feud. Very good promos. Andre is the king of battle royals and chalks up another one. Backlund seems even more dangerous since losing the title. His rematch with Magnum will be money! I would of paid a lot of money to watch a Road Warriors/Samoans match in 1984. Like the direction your going here.
  10. spaldoni

    Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling

    LOL, Mucho Macho was just to much fun. Loved it! Also, great pay off as Gino uses this to his advantage on Savage. Very cool to see Valentine moving back up in the main event scene. Mike Davis is on the roll of a lifetime. House of Humperdink has a strong threat and his name is Tony Atlas.
  11. spaldoni

    1985 Rookie/Georgia Draft

    TNT will pick up Carlos Colon and Baby Doll. I will now withdraw from the draft.
  12. spaldoni

    1985 Rookie/Georgia Draft

    TNT also picks up the Doctor of Desire Tom Prichard.
  13. spaldoni

    1985 Rookie/Georgia Draft

    TNT selects Jerry Blackwell.
  14. spaldoni

    1985 Rookie/Georgia Draft

    Oh man sorry for the looooooonnnnng delay. OK TNT will pick Rick Martel
  15. spaldoni


    Good seeing old Moose Morowski show up. Looking forward to one last run. Bulldogs lay the challenge down to the Assassins. Masks vs. contracts! So much on the line. Morgan vs. Gama will be a classic but watch out for Foley. Bad News gets the win but he might of made a huge mistake taking Hansen's cowboy hat. WOW! Orndorff beats Flair for the title! Icing on the cake as Orndorff gets to beat down on Heenan for 5 minutes. Orndorff will be a great champ. Wild 8 man tag as the faces get the big win. Good grief! That upcoming card at the Corral is stacked!