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  1. spaldoni

    Twin States Wrestling

    AWWWWW Man no Rich's tonight, bummer. Well, they did make some pretty harsh comments. Mr. Pro gets his first lost. No shame that it came at the hands of Bullet Bob. Teams are lining up for the DVE tournament. This is getting better and better. Gulf Coast Clash looks like another wild night in Twin States. Ayala vs. Garvin! Talk about a hard hitting match. Ayala takes advantage of the previous injury and puts Garvin down to advance. HAHAHA! What a week! Fergie shows up on USWA and Morrow makes the trip to visit Fergie and gets introduced to Bad News. Allen grabbing the bottle and chugging the champagne was hilarious! Watching all these guys work together in Texas is going to be so much fun. Hmmmmm, maybe Morrow should acquire Allen's services to take care of George Wells. Taylor advances with a nice win over Dirty White Boy. LOL, RPG trying to stir things up was great. Young Jeff wants to get in the ring. Huge task ahead taking on Barnes. However, he does have Dundee training him. Very interesting. I like how your using the Jarrett's here. I thought about picking up Jeff at one point but had no idea how to work the father/son dynamic. You clearly got this down. Bad News vs. The Exotic One is quite the visual. Bad News advances. Allen, Bullet, Ayala and Taylor. Not a bad final four. Funk better be on high alert because these guys are going through a lot to get to him. There was no way this main event would end without chaos. Great way to keep this feud going. I hope we get all 6 of them in a tag cage match. I love all the storylines you have going on. Each segment means something. Great work Gene!
  2. spaldoni

    Pacific Coast Wrestling

    Burke gets the win and Blackman gets respect. I could see Burke mentoring Blackman. Wild Bulls are on a serious roll while the Thundercats are in a serious slump. Looks like the Gantners have a following. Speaking of mentoring, Burke tries to offer Candido some guidance but gets laughed at. Candido is quickly becoming a very hated man here. Douglas pulls off a huge upset on Young and takes a beating for it. However, he appears to have some new found friends with Burke and his army. Vic Steamboat and Doug Gilbert seem to have some nice chemistry. Tough task ahead when they meet Gary Hart's Hart Foundation. I remember you saying you didn't like to write interviews but when you have Jim Cornette, there's no way out of hearing him talk LOL. I could totally hear every word in his voice. I think Cornette and the Midnight Express are going to have a tremendous run here. Playboy Club might be getting the cheers but they're not afraid to break the rules against other rulebreakers. They're getting the better of the Crazy Gang...for now.
  3. spaldoni


    USWA @ The Louisville Gardens 1-16-86 The Spoiler vs. Vic Dutro Spoiler gets the crowd warmed up by winning the match with the claw! Hard Knocks (Myers and Flowers) vs. Two Local Talents Hard Knocks wins the match with a double rib breaker! Big Man Steel vs. "Mr. Magnificent" Kevin Kelly w/The Vin Man Kelly spends the first few minutes taunting and dodging Steel. Steel finally gets a hold of Kelly and unloads but unfortunately the 10 minutes expired and the match ends in a draw. The fans do get a chance to cheer when Vinnie tries to attack Steel but Steel picks him up and throws him at Kelly, sending them to the ground. Winners get a USWA Tag Team title shot The Technicians vs. High Fly'n Fever Pretty good match as the tide turns several times. At the 20 minute mark, all 4 men are fighting. While the Ref is guiding Roop back to his corner, Rheingans cradles Savoldi but Gagne runs in and reverses it. The Ref turns around and guides Gagne back to his corner, while Roop comes in and reverses that cradle. The Ref turns around and counts 1..2..3! Technicians have earned a title match. Billy Jack Strong vs. TNT w/Curtis Iaukea This feud has been heating up. These guys put on a fun match as TNT brings out his martial arts arsenal while Strong brings the power. TNT is in control and clamps on the cobra clutch but Strong quickly runs backwards and slams TNT into the turnbuckles. Iaukea gets on the apron and Strong goes after him, TNT tries to nail Strong from behind but Strong moves and TNT hits Iaukea. Strong grabs TNT and hits a bridging back suplex for the pin! Central States Tag Team Title Bout The Bruise Brothers (C) vs, The Devil's Duo w/Paul Jones Very hard hitting and rough match. Both teams really take it to each other and Jones gets in his fair share of interference. During a wild pier six brawl, Paul Jones gets a chair and is going to throw it to his team. The fans go nuts when Spoiler comes to ringside and yanks the chair from Jones, then hits him with it! Devil's Duo sees this and start to head out, but Cash and Snowman stop them. Snowman clotheslines Vines over the top rope. Cash nails Sword with a jumping headbutt. Snowman scoops up Sword and delivers a running powerslam for the win! Bruise Brothers retain! Carlos Colon vs. Kamala w/Curtis Iaukea Nothing fancy here, just a wild fight. After taking a vicious beating, Colon finally gets control and takes it to Kamala. The fans roar as Colon body slams Kamala. Colon goes to the top rope but Iaukea runs over and pushes him off. The Ref sees it and signals for the DQ. A pissed off Kamala gets up and starts choking the life out of Colon. The bell keeps ringing but Kamala keeps choking. Billy Jack Strong runs down the aisle but he's nailed from behind by TNT. TNT is all over Strong. In the ring, Kamala is still choking Colon. Colon is lifeless. Officials and security swarm the ring and try to get Kamala off but nothing doing. Finally Iaukea gets Kamala off but whispers something to him. Officials help Colon up but Kamala puts him down with a kick to the head. Iaukea leads Kamala and TNT to the back as the fans are in riot mode. Mid America Title Bout "Unpredictable" Dick Slater (C) vs. "The Real Thing" Rip Morgan The second half of this card certainly has a brawl theme and this match is no different. These guys pound each other with fists. They fight to the outside and Rip gets control by slamming Slater on the concrete. Rip slams Slater's head on the apron and hurls him back in the ring. Rip continues his onslaught and even busts Slater open. The fans realize Slater is in serious danger of losing his title. Rip swings Slater to the corner and charges in with a big boot to the face but Slater moves and Rip winds up stuck in the corner. Slater is angry now and pumps his fists, then goes in and completely unloads on Rip. Rip sinks down from the turnbuckles. Slater swings off the ropes and baseball slides Rip out of the ring. Slater goes to the apron on the outside. Morgan staggers up and Slater nails him with a diving clothesline. Slater picks up Rip and delivers a swinging neckbreaker on the concrete. Slater rolls Rip back into the ring. Slater follows and covers 1..2..Rip kicks out! Unbelievable! Slater is even caught off guard. Slater picks up Rip and hits another swinging neckbreaker 1..2..3! Very tough match but Slater retains. Winner gets the USWA World title shot at the DVE Memorial Tag Team Tournament "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes vs. "The Tennessee Stud" Ron Fuller While Dusty and Fuller are in the ring, the announcer makes a special announcement "Ladies and Gentlemen, the USWA World Champion Terry Funk will be observing this match from ringside" Terry Funk storms into the ring with his world title and grabs the mic "I want both of you to listen real good. I don't care which one of you win this match, the fact remains the same, I'll beat either one of you in Texas. Fuller! I would be more than happy to give you another whipp'n and as for you Pig Rhodes, I would love to beat you down yet again. Good luck, you both will need it!" Funk throws the mic down and takes a seat at ringside. Dusty and Fuller both want the title shot bad and have their working boots on tonight. Fuller spent a lot of time working Dusty's leg and at the 30 minute mark he clamps on the figure four. Fuller wrenches away as the fans fire Dusty up. Dusty is bouncing up and down fighting it and finally reaches the ropes. Fuller wrenches a bit more before releasing. Fuller gets frustrated and chokes Dusty on the bottom rope, then drops several knees on him. Fuller lifts Dusty up, rakes his face across the top rope, chokes him on the rope and snaps him back. Fuller picks up Dusty and hits a backbreaker 1..2..Kick Out. Fuller picks up Dusty and body slams him down, then swings off the ropes and goes for an elbow drop but Dusty moves! The fans go wild as Dusty rises and starts to do a little shuffle to help clear the cobwebs. Fuller gets up and swings at Dusty but Dusty blocks it and unloads with several punches, spins his hands and puts Fuller down with a double thrust shot. Dusty picks up Fuller, swings him to the ropes and puts him down with a back elbow smash 1..2..Kick Out. Dusty swings Fuller to the corner and follows with a running clothesline, clamps on a headlock and hits a running bulldog 1..2..Kick Out. Dusty swings Fuller to the corner and charges in but Fuller nails him with a boot to the face! Dusty is down and Fuller is resting against the turnbuckles. Fuller stomps on Dusty's leg, then goes to clamp on another figure four but Dusty reaches up and cradles Fuller 1..2..3!!! Huge eruption! Fuller can't believe it and hits the mat in frustration. Fuller gives Dusty a cold stare before leaving. Dusty is announced the winner and soaks in the fans cheers. WHAM!!! Terry Funk nails him from behind with his title belt! The fans are throwing trash in the ring while Funk spits down on Dusty. Funk sets the title down, then picks up an unconscious Dusty. Funk hoists him up and piledrives him down on the title! Nuclear heat as Funk puts his boot on Dusty's chest and holds up his title.
  4. spaldoni

    Twin States Wrestling

    Fans in Mississippi get a fun show tonight. Kev is right, when Street and Boyd kick off the event, you know it's going to be a great night of wrestling. You know I'm a big fan of Mr. Pro and these open challenges are really getting him over. LOL, like that exciting team of Morton and Gibson. Could we be seeing a fun gimmick in the future? Dundee and Barnes are still going at it but Barnes may now have his sights set on young Jarrett. The newly formed team of Bullet and Taylor get a big win as Taylor pins Mr. Money. I'm sure Bad News wasn't happy with Fergie. LOL, loved how the Rich's just left with their titles as the Moondogs and Nightmares brawl. The 3 Olympias are certainly getting the better of the Platinum Club. Even more satisfying as Johnny V takes the pin.
  5. spaldoni

    National Wrestling Alliance

    Really like the magazine format. Creative, fresh and different. Nice work Kev. Harley gets the best of Foley and Bravo. Looks like Foley and Bravo are moving on to Steamboat. LOL, looks like Foley has replaced Cornette as the number one nuisance to Watts. I wonder who's next for Harley? I love how you've booked Harley. Enjoying the Garvin/Precious/Idol/Adams feud. What a sight that must of been with Idol and Garvin brawling while Precious and Adams are going at it in a cat fight. Fun feud going on here. Speaking of feuds, Wahoo and Baby Bull are really going at it with Sullivan and his monsters. A 6 man bull rope match! Yea, I would pay to see that. I would of loved to been there live for that Magnum/Masked Superstar match. Tough challenge but Magnum prevails. Magnum is red hot right now. Lawler is really pushing Reed and Ladd's buttons. I'm torn LOL, Lawler is King of USWA but I'm enjoying Reed's run so much. I'm keeping an eye on Ladd and Reed's relationship. Looking forward to watching all this play out. Hayes is really going the extra mile as a face here. Even steps in to help Morton defend the tag titles. Still watching him LOL. Dr. Dream Machine is so much fun to write for. He's moving up quick in the NWA. Like the addition of the Masked Southern Gentlemen. Very intriguing storyline here. You're bringing a lot of credibility to the Jr. Division. Lot's of exciting contenders. With everything going on, Jake the Snake is coming in! I can't wait. Ok, the HUGE angle of the week. The Russians have arrived!!! Kirchner is the victim but he's just found some larger than life allies in Magnum, Dibiase and Williams! You're right, in the 80s, this was a sure fire way for hated heels to quickly become top baby faces. Good grief, this is going to be a money making feud! Everybody is involved in something. Great job Kev!
  6. spaldoni

    Texas All Star Wrestling

    That was a long 3 weeks but the wait was worth it, as Texas All-Star returns to the world famous Sportatorium. Things kick off with a bang as the popular Adias retains his TV title against the Outlaw. Well, I guess Deaton will try his luck elsewhere. Adias is a great choice to hold the TV title. He was always popular in Texas. Dusek does a great job of filling in the details for the upcoming DVE Memorial Tournament. I'm really pumped up for this. Gaylord has another impressive TV appearance but oh man the celebration is short lived. El Jefe comes out to remind everybody who the top heel is. Santana and Fidel are in the tournament. His comment about keeping the trophy and making sure the check clears cracked me up. Then he even calls out Johnny Mantell. Things go from comical to extremely violent when they break Gaylord's arm. Man that was cold. El Jefe is one bad dude and is even more dangerous with his cartel. White Lightning makes his debut. He's a guy that can do really well here. Luscious??? I can only imagine. Mantell is looking solid. He has some fired up words for El Jefe. I'm all for a program between those two. However, Mantell might want to find some back up. YES!!!! The Fiesta Garden is back! I really missed this segment. What a way to re debut by having himself as the first guest. He goes off on Gagne and Jarrett and even takes shots at their sons. He gets even more heat by taking a crack at the champ Casey. Him saying Dusek might be skimming from the house was the line of the night LOL. Welcome back Al. A TV main event doesn't get any better than a Texas title match inside a steel cage. This was a fun match and both guys even bleed. Casey gets the big win. This really solidifies Casey as a true champion. I wonder how Dory will rebound? Casey has become a true star in this game. Texas All-Star just set the tone for 1986. It's going to be a great year!
  7. spaldoni


    USWA TV @ The Knoxville Civic Center 1-15-86 Footage from the Dunn Center is shown of Dusty Rhodes winning the battle royal. Lance Russell: Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of USWA wrestling here on the USA network. Tonight, Tony St. Clair defends the TV title against Mike George. Rocky Johnson will take on Mark Lewin. As you heard last week, Gerry Morrow will be on the Beauty Shop. That and a whole lot more. Well, last week at the Dunn Center, Dusty Rhodes won the battle royal and has earned a USWA World title match against Terry Funk at the David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament. So please welcome out the American Dream Dusty Rhodes. Huge pop as Dusty walks to the podium. Dusty: Lance, once again it's great to be standing right here in the USWA! The American Dream is riding high and ready for my USWA title match at the grand spectacle to honor the late and great David Von Erich. Now the champ Terry Funk and myself have a long, colorful and very violent history. It looks like another chapter in our endless rivalry will continue... Boos as Ron Fuller walks out. Fuller: Hold on just one second Dusty. I'm not taking away your accomplishment but you and I both know if I was in the battle royal, I would of walked out the winner. The corrupt powers that be in the USWA knew I had previous booking commitments and could not be at the Dunn Center. It strikes me funny that all this was announced after I beat the so called King right here on national TV. It sounds to me like Jerry Jarrett didn't like what I did to his meal ticket, so he has conspired against me. Regardless, Jerry Lawler is a former AWA world champ and a two time former USWA world champ and I beat him. So in all fairness I deserve the title shot and not you. Now Dusty, I know you're a fair man so why don't you and I have a match tomorrow night at the Louisville Gardens, with your title shot on the line? You know it's the right thing to do Dusty. Dusty: Ron Fuller, you and I go way back and I do see your point. You know that I never back down from a fight or a challenge. You want a match? You want me to put my title shot on the line? Consider it done baby! But after it's all said and done and the American Dream is standing tall, I'm going into my title match with a clear conscience. You got that! Fuller: Fair enough. I'll see you in Louisville. Fuller walks out. Dusty: I told all you hard working people that the American Dream is going to take the USWA by storm and that's exactly what I'm going to do. Tomorrow night it's Ron Fuller and then Terry Funk is next! Lance: Wow! That's a great way to start off the show. Fans in Louisville better get tickets while you can. Let's get to the ring. Powerage (Bassarab and Doring) vs. Gary Williams and Todd Rooney Doring puts Rooney down with a running shoulder block then tags in Bassarab. Bassarab hits a snap suplex then tags in Doring. Doring swings Rooney to the ropes and hits a powerslam then tags in Bassarab. Bassarab goes to the top rope then crashes down with a flying leg drop for the pin! Lance: That young team certainly has a bright future in front of them. I understand, next week they will take on Hard Knocks and the winners will be invited to the DVE Memorial Tag Tournament. Once again that tournament will take place on Feb. 12th, 13th and 14th. Commercial Break Lance Von Erich vs. James Larson Lance excites the fans with his high octane offense. Lance slams Larson, then goes to the top rope and finishes things off with a flying elbow drop! Lance: Another fantastic win for Lance Von Erich. I understand... Boos as the USWA tag champs Karachi Vice comes out. Makhan: Before you say anything Lance, we're the tag team champions and we have the right to come out here whenever we want. Especially when we have something important to say. Gama: Makhan is exactly right. We have been champions for months and yet all we hear is how this team almost won the titles or Karachi Vice was lucky to walk away with the titles. Nobody has come close to taking these titles and luck has nothing to do with it. We are a cohesive unit and dominant champions. Now, everybody is talking about this upcoming tournament. We have decided that we will refer to this tournament as the Karachi Vice invitational. All the best teams in the world competing in a tournament named after us. We will win it of course and prove what we've already proven time and time again, that we are the greatest team in the wrestling world! Makhan: After the Karachi Vice Invitational, we're going to bring that trophy right here on TV and stuff you in it Lance. Lance: Why would you do that? Gama: Because you're one of the non believers! Commercial Break Highlights are shown of Nord the Barbarian destroying several opponents- Nord debuts next week! Kamala w/Curtis Iaukea vs. Sam Smith Kamala just destroys his opponent as Curtis yells for more punishment. Kamala body slams Smith, swings off the ropes and hits a big splash for the easy pin. Kamala starts choking Smith then picks him up and drops him with a choke slam! Kamala swings off the ropes and hits another splash! Curtis is satisfied and leads Kamala to the podium. Curtis talks as Kamala paces back and forth slapping his stomach. Curtis: Carlos Colon! Tomorrow night at the Louisville Gardens, you will go one on one with the monster known as Kamala! He is the Ugandan headhunter and he is coming for your head! As for you Rocky Johnson. You should have never gotten involved. You meet your demise tonight at the hands of Maniac Mark Lewin! There is nobody that can stop us! Commercial Break George Wells vs. Ray Glader Wells swings Glader to the ropes and puts him down with a sphere! Wells backs up and gets in stance. Glader staggers up and Wells puts him down with a running shoulder tackle for the win! Wells is joined by Rocky Johnson at the podium. Lance: Great win George. I know you have something to say to Gerry Morrow. Wells: Morrow, I said we had unfinished business and that remains undone. You have another fight coming and it's coming soon! Lance: Ok, Rocky, you heard the words of Curtis Iaukea, You meet Mark Lewin in just a little bit. Rocky: First off, it's great to be standing here with my old friend George. Many people might not know this but the boots I'm wearing today were given to me by George. And these here boots are going to stomp all over you tonight Mark Lewin! And if Iaukea wants to get involved, well these boots would love to give him a stomp'n too! Commercial Break Lance: I'm standing here with Chick Donovan. Well Chick it's been awhile. What brings you back? Chick has a sad face. Chick: I was told to meet somebody out here. Boos as the Vin Man and Kevin Kelly stroll out. Vinnie shakes Chick's hand as Kelly smiles and pats Chick on the back. Vin: Hey Chicky! I called for this meeting. Damn it's great to see you. I have to tell you, I was heartbroken when I saw the Fabulous Blonds break up. I know that must of hurt you both physically and mentally. Chick: (sad and nodding) It hurt me really bad. Vin: Well, Vinnie's crew is a family and we would never do that to you. Chick, I want you in the family and I want you to be a part of Bodacious. This gets better because here's who your partner will be. Pretty Boy Doug Sommers, come on down! Sommers comes out, shakes hands with Kevin, hugs Vinnie, then shakes Chick's hand and pulls him in for a hug. Vin: Chick, I know you have wrestling talent. I know you have charisma and I know you're a cool guy. You and Doug are Bodacious. You and Doug are going to the DVE memorial tag tournament. Chick Donovan, we want you in the family! Come on everybody and sing along. We are family, Kevy, Dougy, Chicky and Vin-ny. Come on Chick, sing along Chick smiles and bobs his head. Everybody: We are family, Kevy, Dougy. Chicky and Vin-nny! Oh yea! They all have a group hug and exit. Lance: (stares for a moment and shakes his head) We'll be back Commercial Break The Devil's Duo w/Paul Jones vs. Arnold Goldstein and Tim Patton Duo come to the ring wearing jeans, black boots and black vests. They attack at the bell. They hurl Patton out of the ring. Vines executes a backbreaker and holds him while Sword comes off the top rope with a knee to the chest for the pin! Jones leads them to the podium. Jones: Tomorrow night in Louisville, the Devil's Duo are going to put the clown brothers down and take the Central States tag titles! Lance: Paul, last week the Spoiler turned down your offer and then pushed you down. At the Dunn Center you felt the wrath of his claw.. Jones: You shut your mouth Lance! If the Spoiler thinks he got the last laugh, well he's another idiotic clown! Spoiler! I have a big surprise coming and he's coming for you! I am going to relish the moment when this man beats you down. And then I'm going to embarrass you just like you did to me! Commercial Break The camera zooms in on the pink 'Beauty Shop' sign then pans down to Brenda Britton. Brenda: Hi everybody and welcome to the highest rated segment in wrestling, the Beauty Shop. I can tell you right now, tonight's guest is a true gentleman. Please welcome out the Billionaire's Champion Champagne Gerry Morrow. Boos as Morrow (wearing a suit, sunglasses and fedora hat) comes out with a bottle of champagne and 3 glasses. He smiles and kisses Brenda's hand. Morrow: It diz my upmost pleasure to be out here on your show Brenda. I know you're not a square like that Lance Russell and you will join me in a toast. Brenda; Lance has no class. Of course I'll join you. I have to ask, you have 3 glasses? Morrow: HAHAHA yes I do. I must address one thing first before our festivities begin. George Wells has become a nuisance to me and I must put him on the shelve. That will happen soon enough but tonight is a night to celebrate. Brenda all de talk is on de tag team tournament in Texas. I hear de winning team will get a vast amount of money. Brenda, you know I like money. Brenda: You sure do. Isn't money great? Morrow: HAHAHA it is indeed. Well Brenda, there is a man in Twin States who appreciates money just as much as myself. He calls himself Mr. Money and like myself, he is a champion. We have gotten together and the man is a walking treasure. A true gentleman. And guess what? He and I will team up and win dis tournament. Would you like to meet him? Brenda: Would I! Please! Morrow: Then let me introduce my friend and partner Mr. Money, Carl Fergie. Big time boos as Fergie walks out in a suit with his Gulf Coast title on his shoulder. He shakes Morrow's hand and kisses Brenda's. Fergie: Gerald, I never thought anything or anybody could bring any kind of class to Knoxville but you my friend have accomplished the impossible. Brenda, it is my pleasure to be standing out here on the highest rated segment in wrestling. Over in Twin States we get a update with Joe Pedicino. Good grief it's rough over there. Brenda you're a vision of loveliness. Brenda: This has to be my best show ever, Fergie: Now, Gerald and I are going to... I hate to even say it...Texas. However, it will be worth it because we are walking out richer, if that's even possible. Morrow: (laughs) I love this man! Brenda, you're looking at the winners and it's not even debatable. Now, let us all indulge in a toast. Brenda and Carl take a glass as Morrow pours everybody some champagne. Morrow: A toast, to us, to the finer things in life, to the Beauty Shop and to winning de tag team tournament. They all touch glasses and drink the champagne. Brenda: Wow that's good stuff. This has been a slice of heaven. Until next week tooooodles. Commercial Break "Soul Man" Rocky Johnson vs. "Maniac" Mark Lewin w/Curtis Iaukea Before the match starts, Lewin charges Johnson and fists are flying. Curtis runs over but Johnson puts him down with a big right punch. Johnson fires away on Lewin, then picks up Iaukea and knocks their heads together. Iaukea goes through the ropes. Lewin rakes Johnson's eyes as the Ref signals to start the match. Lewin starts pounding away on Johnson but Johnson starts firing back. Both men fight through the ropes and fight all around the ring battling to a double c.o. Lewin kicks Johnson low, then grabs a cable and starts choking Johnson. Lewin's eyes are rolled up as he chokes away. Iaukea joins in and starts kicking Johnson. George Wells and several prelim wrestlers run out to stop this as the commercial hits. Commercial Break An advertisement plays- Friday April 2nd, Market Square Arena, the USWA presents "The Happening" live on closed circuit television Lance: Things have escalated between Johnson and Lewin. I'm sure this is far from over. Right now I want to bring out the Mid America Champ, Dick Slater. Dick, you will be defending that title against Rip Morgan tomorrow night in Louisville. The man has been on quite a terror here. Slater: Oh yea he's a real monster but nobody is tougher than Dick Slater and if he thinks foe one moment I'm.... Rip Morgan stomps out huffing! Slater puts up his fists but I think after what just happened in the previous match, security was on high alert because they swarm the scene quick. Rip is yelling and huffing at Slater while Slater is yelling "Come on!" Lance: My goodness, we'll be right back. The Rock n Roll RPMS vs. Clinton Stitch and Royce Graber RPMs make quick work of their opponents and finish them off with the Spandex Splits! RPMs cut a promo and say they're focused and ready to rock in the DVE tag team tournament! Footage from last week is shown of Rob Fuller and Jimmy Golden attacking the Fabulous Ones! Pre recorded promo Stan Lane: Fuller! Golden! You boys got us real good but let me tell you something, all you did was get us mad. Steve Keirn: That's right! If you wanted a fight, all you had to do was ask. Next week, live on TV, it's a done deal. Lane: We're coming for you boys and we're coming to fight! Commercial Break Lance: Ok, next week it will be the Fabulous Ones taking on Rob Fuller and Jimmy Golden. What an outstanding main event that will be. Also on that show, Powerage will wrestle Hard Knocks and the winners will get a spot in the David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament. Fans, before we get to the TV title bout, I've been ask to show this special video. The Elvis version of 'Also Sprach Zarathustra' plays A man wearing a King's crown and cape has his back turned to the camera. "The real King of professional wrestling is coming soon" Lance: Ok, I really don't think that's Jerry Lawler. I guess we'll find out soon enough. TV title match when we come back. Commercial Break TV Title Bout Tony "Simply the Best" St. Clair (C) w/Les Thornton vs. "Bulldog" Mike George Boos as Les waves the Union Jack flag while Tony smiles and holds up his TV title. Les has some words for Mike before he exits. Tony holds the belt up in front of Mike's face and asks "is this what you want? All you have to do is beat me" The Ref takes the title and holds it up. Mike remains calm and unintimidated. Solid chain wrestling for the first couple minutes. They lock up and Tony hip tosses Mike over, claps his hands and admires his work. They lock up again and Mike hip tosses Tony over and then claps his hands and admires his work. An irate Tony charges but Mike hip tosses him over. Tony gets up but Mike drop kicks him to the corner. Mike clamps on a headlock then hits a running bulldog 1..Les jumps on the apron and yells at the Ref. The Ref gets up and warns Les. Mike runs over and drops Les with a forearm blast. Tony staggers up and pushes Mike through the ropes. Tony regroups as Mike gets on the apron. Tony blasts Mike with a European uppercut, grabs him and suplexes him back in the ring 1..2..Kick Out. Tony picks up Mike and nails him with a European uppercut, then sets his head on the top rope. Tony swings off the ropes, grabs Mike's head, jumps over the ropes and snaps Mike's head on the top rope. Mike fly's back and down. Tony climbs to the top rope, arrogantly holds his arms out and smiles then crashes down with an elbow drop but Mike moves! Both men are lying there. They begin to rise. Tony throws a punch but Mike blocks it and unloads with forearm blasts. Mike swings Tony to the ropes and back drops him. Tony staggers up and Mike puts him down with a clothesline and follows with a standing leg drop 1..2..Les reaches in and puts Tony's foot on the rope. Mike gets up and rolls out of the ring and chases Les. He grabs Les by his shirt, hoists him up and atomic drops him. The fans are cheering. Mike hops on the apron but as he comes through the ropes, Tony kicks him. Tony grabs the top rope and drops a couple knees on Mike. Tony swings Mike into the corner and charges in but Mike lifts his boots and Tony runs right into them. Mike grabs Tony's waist, spins around and executes a back suplex 1..2..Tony barley gets his shoulder up. Mike picks up Tony but Tony rakes the eyes. Tony takes a big swing but Mike ducks, hoists Tony up and atomic drops him into the turnbuckles. Mike grabs Tony and goes for the Russian Leg Sweep but Tony grabs the top rope and Mike crashes hard on the canvas. Tony picks up Mike and hits his floating butterfly suplex 1..2..3! Tony rolls out of the ring and helps Les up. Tony grabs his TV title and holds it up while Les waves the Union Jack flag all the way to the back. Lance: Well there you have it. Tremendous effort by Mike George as he had to contend with two men. In the end Tony St. Clair has retained the TV title. Wait a minute! Jesse Barr is in the ring. Come on Jesse! There's no need for this! Barr picks up Mike and clotheslines him down! Barr stomps away then picks up Mike and hurls him to the outside. Barr goes out, grabs Mike and swings him into the steel post. Barr picks up Mike, slams his head on the apron and then slams his head into the steel post. Mike George is a bloody mess as the show ends. Tomorrow Night Louisville Gardens Dusty Rhodes vs. Ron Fuller- For the USWA World title shot at the DVE Memorial Tag Team Tournament Mid America Title Bout Dick Slater (C) vs. Rip Morgan Carlos Colon vs. Kamala w/Curtis Iaukea Central States Tag team Title Bout Bruise Brothers (C) vs. Devil's Duo w/Paul Jones Big Man Steel vs. "Mr. Magnificent" Kevin Kelly w/Vin Man Winners get a USWA Tag Team Title Shot Technicians vs. High Fly'n Fever Plus many more exciting bouts
  8. spaldoni

    Lutte Internationale

    Quite a feud going between Sheik, Adnan and Larry Z. Things are going to get crazy! One thing I could never do was pull the trigger on a heel vs. heel feud. So I'm excited to watch all this unfold. Larry Z might be a dead man walking after what he did to Abby. Tony Garea as TV champ is a good choice here. It's always cool seeing a veteran wrestler get some love at the end of his career. It wouldn't be Lutte without mainstays like Brito and Charland. You're off to a great start!
  9. spaldoni

    World Wrestling Federation (2.0)

    Looking forward to Rick Martel coming in. I figured Shultz's brutal attack would keep Bruno from their MSG rematch. An open challenge title bout in MSG! This is going to be very interesting. Jessie's sit down with Piper was intriguing. Whatever Piper's motives are, he's going to make a huge splash here. Sting scores a major upset over Dynamite! I know the Heenan family will be in an uproar. Tito and Tama give us another solid All-Star main event. Always like Tito's IC title runs and he's doing a great job here. To the Garden, The Tito/Patera feud has really escalated! Their lumberjack match next month is going to be crazy. WOW! I guess Piper was right about causing waves because he just slapped the 8th wonder of the world!! I miss heel Piper and it looks like we're going to get just that. Watch out WWF! Speaking of escalating feuds, Orndorff and Rude tear the house down and go the distance. The saga continues. Samoans continue to have an iron grip on the tag titles. History made tonight! HulkaMania answers the challenge and runs wild on Shultz!!!! A debut doesn't get any better than that. Shultz had become the biggest and most hated heel in the WWF. After what he did to Bruno, the fans needed somebody to step up and stop his evil reign. Hogan does that and gives Shultz a beating before getting the 1..2..3. Big time moment! Andre, Piper, Ventura and Hogan. 1986 is going to be nothing but money for the WWF.
  10. spaldoni

    Pacific Coast Wrestling

    Wild Bulls are running over the competition. British Steel continue to give the Hart Foundation some tough challenges. Bigelow and Busick vs. Waylon and Hansen is the type of feud that's going to take a lot out of everybody involved. Talk about hard hitting. Windham and Rotunda were a good team IRL. Maybe we'll see them make a run for the titles in this game. Duggan has certainly been a game changer for the Playboy Club. Crazy Gang better come up with a plan. It looks like Gary Hart's mission is to destroy Gilbert and take his title away. I cant wait for Gilbert and Muta to go at it. Ron Simmons will develop well here. Doug Gilbert scores a big win over the Anvil. Blackman is welcomed to Pacific with a superkick by Adams. Thundercats woes continue as former partner Cameron scores the decisive pin. I'll be rooting for Iron and Steel. Badd Co. and The Midnight Express would of given the fans their money's worth tonight. Loving Perez's run as Ca. Champ. A lot of good challengers he can work well with. Young is one of them. Snowbirds are hot on the Guerreros trail. The bookers may have to extend the time on their matches. Good loop.
  11. spaldoni

    Twin States Wrestling

    Cooley and Armstrong want some serious revenge on the Rich's but I'm worried about Cooley's injury. Garvin advances with a DQ win over Khan but the big story is the return of Mulligan! WOW! Mulligan vs. Khan in a Bunkhouse match! I'm sold. Downtown Bruno isn't wasting any time making his presence known. He has acquired HERCULES AYALA! Ayala starts with a bang by putting Dundee down. It's great seeing Ayala in monster mode. LOL nobody cuts a promo like the Funker. He doesn't seem to be worried about challengers these days but he might be in for a big surprise because whoever wins this tournament is going to give him a fight. A young Jeff Jarrett has arrived and will pay his dues in a ref's shirt. I like this. Taylor beats Barnes to advance. Was it a fast count? I can tell this is going somewhere. Well Taylor couldn't of asked for a better tag partner than Bullet Bob. The teams are lining up for the DVE tournament. I said nobody cuts a promo like Funk but Landel is giving him a run. Landel absolutely went off tonight LOL. He calls Platt an angry drunk, Tully a Landel wannabe and says Norvell steals stereos. Oh man I couldn't stop laughing. I hope Landel is champ forever. Not a very happy homecoming for Steve Armstrong as Bad News takes him out of the tournament. Bullet Bob is going to want blood! Tonight's promos defiantly belonged to the heels. Rich's are getting so much heat! The Skinny Von Erich/Wendell Cooley Memorial tournament...Damn. Street advances over Boyd. I would love to see Street and Funk go at it. Good thing Mr. Money has a lot of money because Bad News is all business and wants to get paid. This storyline of Bad News saying he'll win the USWA title and sell it to Fergie is brilliant. Cant wait to watch all this unfold. Bad News is on track as he advances over Iceman. However, Bullet Bob may spoil all his plans. Huge TV moment as The Rich's win the Twin States tag titles!!!! A Rich title run is going to be awesome! They manage to get even more heat imitating the claw and singing Yellow Rose of Texas. I can't imagine the nuclear heat they're going to get in Texas. Another great week. I'm torn on who I want to win the tournament and face Funk. Bad News or Street. Landel, the Rich's, Bad News, the heels are running rampant in Twin States. Then you have fighting babyfaces like the Armstrongs and Mulligan. All hell is breaking loose in Twin States!
  12. spaldoni


    USWA @ The Dunn Center 1-9-86 Tonight's card is a bit different. There will be a USWA tag team title match. Four 6-man tag matches and the battle royal will be the main event. Central States Tag Team Champs The Bruise Brothers and Lance Von Erich vs. The Devils Duo w/Paul Jones and "The Lone Wolf Jessie Barr During a pier six brawl, Barr nails Lance from behind with a high knee, then rolls him up for the win. After the match, Jones is yelling that the Bruise Brothers owe the Duo a title shot. The Rock n Roll RPMS and George Wells vs. "Champagne" Gerry Morrow/"Mr. Magnificent" Kevin Kelly and "The Vin Man" Vinnie Valentino Fast paced match that ends when the RPMS execute the Spandex Splits on Vin Man for the win. Morrow runs in afterwards but Wells puts him down with a flying shoulder block. TV Champ Tony "Simply the Best" St. Clair w/Les Thornton and High Fly'n Fever (Gagne/Savoldi) vs. "Bulldog" Mike George and The Technicians (Roop/Rheingans) These teams give the fans a good wrestling showcase. At the 25 minute mark, Jessie Barr runs to the ring and yanks Mike George off the apron and starts to unload. Roop hops off the apron to go after Barr. In the ring, Rheingans starts to head out and help his partners but Gagne and Savoldi double dropkick him from behind. St. Clair follows this up with a floating butterfly suplex to get the win. Carlos Colon/"Soul Man" Rocky Johnson and Billy Jack Strong vs. Kamala/TNT and "Maniac" Mark Lewin w/Curtis Iaukea Colon's ribs are bandaged from that attack by Kamala. This one is out of control and ends in a DOUBLE DQ. Both teams keep fighting another few minutes after the match. USWA Tag Team Title Bout Karachi Vice (C) vs. Powerage (Bassarab and Doring) The champs might of underestimated this young power house team. It's all Powerage for the first few minutes as they throw Karachi Vice totally off guard. Karachi Vice gets control but it doesn't last long. Doring sends Makhan stumbling back to the corner with a running forearm blast. Bassarab leaps off the top rope and crashes down on Gama with a flying leg drop! Bassarab has him covered but the Ref is guiding Doring back to the corner. Makhan runs over and drops a leg on Bassarab's head, then rolls Gama on top. The Ref runs over and counts 1..2..3! Champs retain but Powerage gained the fan's respect. 20-man Battle Royal- Winner will get a USWA World Title shot at the David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament Participants- Dick Slater, Tony St. Clair, Kamala, Carlos Colon, Dusty Rhodes, Gerry Morrow, Rocky Johnson, TNT, Billy Jack Strong, Mike George, Jessie Barr, Lance Von Erich, The Spoiler, Kevin Kelly, Big Man Steel, Mark Lewin, George Wells, Rip Morgan, Greg Gagne, Makhan Singh Dusty Rhodes eliminates Greg Gagne Big Man Steel eliminates Kevin Kelly Gerry Morrow eliminates George Wells Dick Slater eliminates Makhan Singh Kamala eliminates Big Man Steel Mike George eliminates Jessie Barr Tony St. Clair hits George, then Rip Morgan sends George over the top with a big boot Dusty Rhodes eliminates Tony St. Clair Dick Slater eliminates Rip Morgan. Morgan wont leave and he gets up and yanks Slater's arm while Gerry Morrow comes from behind and sends Slater over the top. Slater and Morgan brawl around the ring. Carlos Colon and Rocky Johnson eliminate Kamala Mark Lewin and TNT eliminate Carlos Colon and Rocky Johnson Billy Jack Strong and TNT are fighting on the ropes. Spoiler pushes both of them over the top. Gerry Morrow eliminates The Spoiler. As Spoiler is leaving, Paul Jones comes out to rub it in his face. The fans go wild when Spoiler puts the claw on Jones! Devils Duo runs out but the Bruise Brothers are right behind them. Security swarms them. Back to the Battle Royal It's down to Dusty Rhodes, Gerry Morrow and Lance Von Erich! Morrow lowblows Lance and hurls him over the top rope. Morrow turns around and Dusty puts him down with a clothesline. Dusty reaches down to pick him up, but Morrow rakes his eyes and follows with a hangman's neckbreaker. Morrow staggers up, smiles and holds up his arms in victory. Morrow slowly picks Dusty up but Dusty pushes him off and unloads with several bionic elbows. Dusty grabs Morrow, runs with him and hurls him over the top rope! The fans erupt as Dusty showboats around the ring. Dusty Rhodes will face Terry Funk for the USWA World Title at the David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament!
  13. spaldoni

    Pacific Coast Wrestling

    The Guerreros are having a tough time with the Snowbirds. Can the Snowbirds carry this momentum when the titles are on the line? I like Candido's character here. So fitting. Oh man will anybody be able to stop the Wild Bulls? Morton gets the stretcher and this might only be the beginning of the Bulls path of destruction. Cameron and Atlas as a team? YES! I love this pairing! These two powerhouses are going to make waves in Pacific. Hollywood Knights score a big upset over the Thundercats. Thundercats might need to take some time and regroup. Playboy Club hit the jackpot with Duggan. Duggan proves his worth with a devastating win over Manny.
  14. spaldoni

    National Wrestling Alliance

    Nice update on what's going on across the NWA. If anybody can walk into a territory and demand a title shot, it's the Masked Superstar. Magnum better be on his A game, then again he usually is. Dr. Dream Machine has arrived! I loved writing for him and I know you'll have a lot of fun with him as well. He wastes no time and goes after Morton. Yep, Dream has solidified himself as a heel here LOL. Big surprise as Michael Hayes comes to Morton's rescue. Hmmm, still keeping my eye on Hayes. Foley better be careful messing with Harley. Although he does have Bravo backing him up. Dibiase and Williams are the last of the Diamond Club but they're going to continue to dominate. Lawler might be in serious trouble. Dealing with Reed is tough enough but he's also going to be dealing with Ladd and company. Ladd saying Lawler might be "The Dead" was bone chilling. One thing I could never do was capture Lawler's one liners. You've mastered this. Foley has made some serious enemies. First Harley, now Steamboat. I think Dynamite is in trouble. The Idol/Garvin feud will draw a lot of money. It always helps having ladies involved. Kirchner is getting a lot of buzz. I wonder how long before Foley starts messing with him. Look at that list of Jr. title contenders! This division is really taking off. Barbarian/Haku vs. Wahoo and Baby Bull is going to be a hard hitting big man feud. They better watch out for that evil Sullivan. Tully and Baby Doll are MIA. So many great feuds and storylines. NWA is rock'n!
  15. spaldoni

    New Japan Pro-Wrestling

    Exciting show! In the 80s, I was only able to read about Japanese wrestling in the magazines so it's cool to see shows in this game and learn more about it.. I was looking forward to Tiger Mask vs. Cobra and they delivered. I agree with Bleh, I think Fleming could have a nice run in Japan. A Fujinami vs. Inoki main event is huge! The torch is passed but I'm sure Inoki will still be in the main event scene. Good stuff!