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  1. spaldoni

    Championship Wrestling from Florida

    Sincere promo from Texas Red. That feud with Borne and Sawyer really got him over here. It also really got the danger of the heart punch over. Akbar makes the challenge. Kazaharu/Regal one more time...OH YEA! I would buy a ticket for the Islanders/Lightfoot-Cartel match alone. I'm into this feud. Oh my! Glamour Boys want one last match with the Highwaymen inside the steel cage! Add in the losing team disbands and we've got a guaranteed sell out. This has been one of the longest and best feuds in the game. Good job on always keeping it fresh. Well, I knew it was only a matter of time before the Fabs broke up. I'm so glad I got to do my RnR/Fabs dream feud. Looking forward to Keirn's run here. I defiantly see him having a run with the title. Welcome home Steve! That promo by Backlund was, well, priceless. I love how he snaps in a second. I'm actually pulling for him to win the title. A Backlund reign would be off the charts. No doubt about it, Florida is a hot spot.
  2. spaldoni

    Wonder Women Wrestling

    Velvet's on such a role that a world title match might be in her future. Love that Medusa/Mitchell match up. Two hard hitters going at it. All sorts of fun in the main event. Awesome shot at the end with Richter, Dallas and Kat standing tall with the gold.
  3. spaldoni

    AWA Major League Wrestling

    AWA TV @ The Hammond Center 12-3-86 Show kicks off with "Rock Rock Til You Drop" by Def Leppard as all the highlights from SuperClash are shown. Included are Jumbo Tsuruta and Tatsumi Fujinami winning the battle royal and later defeating Priceless for the World Tag Team Titles. Larry Z and Al Perez defeating the Bruise Brothers in the tournament finals to become National Tag Champs. Jimmy Snuka hits the Superfly Splash on Ox Baker. Blackjack Mulligan beating up Paul Jones with the bullrope. Iceman Parsons attacking Mulligan. The Rock n Roll Express defeats the Fabulous Ones to win the best of 7 series. Jerry Lawler defeating Austin Idol for the National title as well as sending Idol out of the AWA. Ricky Steamboat narrowly defeats Carlos Colon to retain the AWA World Title. Comments by Steamboat in the Lockeroom right after his match with Colon. Steamboat: I have to admit, Carlos Colon gave me one of the toughest challenges of my life tonight. He pulled out all his dirty tricks but, in the end, I walked out still AWA world champ. I want to make one thing clear, I will continue to defend this title, night after night against anybody the AWA sends my way. I hold this title with great pride and honor, and I plan on holding it a lot longer. To the program Lance: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of AWA Major League Wrestling. Well, as you saw, SuperClash is in the books and what a historic night that was. We'll be talking quite a bit about SuperClash tonight. We have a great program lined up. You'll see the Olympians take on the Union. Also....wait a second, Carlos Colon is on his way over. Carlos, is there something on your mind? Colon: You saw it! All these people saw it! I should be the AWA world champion! Do you know why I'm not? Because, once again everybody has conspired against me and have protected Ricky Steamboat. Blatant disrespect! BOOOOS come over the crowd. Lance: I don't believe what I'm seeing. Curtis Iaukea is heading over. Hold on gentlemen, just take it easy. Colon clenches his fists and gives Iaukea a death look. Iaukea: Carlos Colon, I come in peace. Just listen to me. If there is one man that deserves respect, it is you! For months, my main objective was to destroy you. I sent in monsters, paid assassins, beasts and blood thirsty animals to take care of you. One by one they all failed. Carlos Colon, you not only survived but you won! I am here to say, you have my upmost respect! I have been watching you very closely. You have taken a step towards the dark side. I can take you the rest of the way. Join with me Carlos Colon and you will get everything you want and most off all you will get the respect you so deserve! I am here for you. Walk with me Carlos Colon. Walk with me. Iaukea walks away. Colon pauses for a few seconds and follows. Lance: (shaking his head in disbelief) I have no idea what just happened, and I can't believe what I just saw. Carlos Colon has followed Curtis Iaukea. I never thought I would ever say that. We'll be back. Commercial Break The Rock n Roll Express vs. Vic Dutro and Wille Lopez The fans can't stop cheering as RnR hit the double dropkick for the win! Resnick: Ricky Morton, Robert Gibson, first off congratulations on your big win at SuperClash. You defeated the Fabulous Ones in a thrilling best of 7 series (Huge Pop) and now you will be rewarded with an AWA world tag team title shot against the new champs Jumbo Tsuruta and Tatsumi Fujinami. Robert: Hey, we went toe to toe with the Fabs and won. Now it's time to win some gold. Ricky: Rock n Roll will never die! We showed the world that RnR is better than ever. We're riding high and we're going to continue this momentum by winning the world tag titles. Nothing but respect to Jumbo and Tatsumi. We're looking forward to an outstanding match up. Commercial Break TV Champ "The Great" Gagne w/Johnny Valiant vs. Neil Jordan Gagne is at his arrogant best and wins the match with the sleeper. Valiant snatches the mic from Resnick Valiant: (Singing) He's the great great Gagne, he's the champ. He's the great great Gagne, he's the best! Gagne: (smiling) Thank you Johnny, that was beautiful. Resnick, I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so! I told you so! I told you so! When the pressure is on, the great Gagne comes through. Right now, I'm the greatest champion in the AWA, bar none! Nobody can beat me for this TV title! And I mean nobody! Because I'm the Great Gagne! Commercial Break Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka vs. Todd Rooney Snuka is pumped up tonight and wins the match with the Superfly Splash! Resnick: Jimmy Snuka, your Superfly Splash has become a highlight reel in the AWA. What's next for the Superfly? Snuka: Well brutha, no matter what obstacle gets in my way, the Superfly always overcomes it. I'm ready for any challenge that comes my way and I'm ready to go after any title here in the AWA. Commercial Break Iceman Parsons vs. Melvin Jones Thundering boos during the entire match. Iceman hits the booty bump, then hoists Jones up and delivers a front face suplex for the win. Resnick: Iceman Parsons! I think you owe all these fans an explanation. Just what was your deal with Blackjack Mulligan? Iceman: First off, I don't owe these idiots a damn thing! However, if it's an explanation you want, why don't I let this man give it to you. Introducing my new manager, Roger Kirby. Resnick: What in the world? Roger Kirby walks out with Kerry Brown. Kirby: SuperClash was a big night for me. I want you to remember, that was the night where it all began. I went out and bought the contract of the Pitbull Kerry Brown. Then I watched in pure joy as the Pitbull slammed Jerry Fatwell down on the concrete. Next up, I saw something that changed my life forever. I saw Iceman Parsons get in the ring with the baddest SOB in the AWA, Blackjack Mulligan. Parsons beat that man bloody! I had talked earlier with Parsons but wasn't sold just yet. After watching that beatdown on Mulligan, I can say without a shadow of a doubt Iceman Parsons belongs with us. You all saw him as a fun loving dancing puppet. I see him for the man he is, and that man is a very dangerous individual. Also, I've made arrangements with Paul Jones and with a smile on my face, I can announce that the Dream Machine will be joining us as well. Think about it Resnick. Kerry Brown, Iceman Parsons and the Dream Machine! We'll rule this place! Who's going to stop us? Iceman: Have mercy! Commercial Break Footage from SuperClash is shown as El Canek defeats Giant Haystacks Resnick: What a match that was. I understand El Canek is back on a tour of Mexico but will be back in the AWA soon. On that note, the AWA is truly a global force as we have international stars from Japan, Mexico, Canada and debuting in the ring tonight, a team from the United Kingdom. Let's get to the ring. The British Bombers (Dave Taylor and Johnny Smith) vs. Carl Kellerman and William Hillman Smith is wearing blue wrestling pants with the Union Jack Flag on the back. His hair is pulled back in a ponytail. Taylor is wearing blue trunks with the Union Jack flag on the back. Bombers are aggressive and ruthless. Taylor swings Hillman to the ropes and puts him down with a spinning forearm blast. Taylor tags in Smith. Smith hoists Hillman on his shoulder and hits a running powerslam for the win! Commercial Break The camera zooms in on the pink neon "Beauty Shop" sign, then pans down to Brenda Britton. Britton: Hi everybody! Did you miss the Beauty Shop? (BOOOOOS) Yea, I didn't miss you! I don't care what anybody says, SuperClash wasn't all that. My guys Priceless were totally robbed. The worst part is George Wells has left the AWA and Gerry Morrow is missing. (Cheers) That's enough! Don't worry, I'll find Gerry. Well, there was something good that came out of SuperClash. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome out the new AWA National Tag team champs, Larry Zbyszko and Al Perez! Boos as Larry and Al walk out smiling. They each kiss Brenda's hand. Britton: Let me be the first to say congratulations guys. I'm so glad you won and not those Bruise Brothers. I mean, you guys are solid. A true tag team. Perez: Coming from you Brenda, that's a true compliment. Larry: You know, it's nice to finally talk to somebody with class, unlike that spudhead Resnick. Britton: Jeez, that guy's such a nerd. Now, I've been told that you guys will be defending the National titles against that dirty and grimy team Cabin Fever. My opinion is, they don't stand a chance against such a superior team like you. Larry: Very true and to the point. Cabin Fever are nothing but barroom brawlers. Al and I are a cohesive wrestling unit. We're going to carry these titles into 1987 and way beyond. Together we're a glorious team and Cabin Fever will be nothing but a blip on the radar. Britton: Spoken like true champions. What a delight this was. Until next week, toooodles! Commercial Break Gama Singh vs. Troy Rogers Gama simply outwrestles his opponent and finishes things off with the camel clutch. Resnick: Tremendous win for Gama Singh. I have to ask, where is your partner Makhan Singh? Gama: Makhan has left the AWA because of unfair treatment. That is why Karachi Vice was absent from SuperClash. Karachi Vice was the longest reigning USWA tag team champions. When we arrived in the AWA we received no opportunities whatsoever! I do not blame Makhan for leaving. Now, I heard Jimmy Snuka out here talking about taking down obstacles and wanting title matches. Snuka, I am an obstacle in your way and if anybody will get a title shot, it will be me! Commercial Break Resnick: Fans, with me right now is Nick Bockwinkle. Nick, you had a hard fought victory over Ron Garvin at SuperClash. Bock: It was hard fought and my respect to Ron Garvin. I believe that should be enough for a world title shot. That's been my goal and now it's time to accomplish it. Boos as Curt Hennig comes out. Hennig: Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold the phone. You're not the only one who got a big win at SuperClash. If anyone deserves a world title shot, it's me and not this old timer. Bock: To be young and dumb. I strongly suggest you watch your mouth young man. Just as Hennig walks forward, Jerry Jarrett comes out. Jarrett: Gentlemen, just relax. I've come up with something, I'm sure you both will like. Next week at the Jackson Coliseum, you two will have a match and the winner will wrestle Ricky Steamboat for the AWA world title, on New Year's Eve at the Mid South Coliseum. Good luck to both of you. Hennig: When your flawless like me, you don't need luck. Your time's up old man. Bock: I guess I have to prove myself one more time. Mr. Hennig, I promise you a defeat. Commercial Break The Diamond Aces (Art Crews and Timothy Flowers) w The Vin Man vs. Sam Smith and Frank Thompson The Diamond Aces come out wearing black vests. Crews has an Ace card on the back of his while Flowers has a diamond card on the back of his. Vin Man is wearing a Hawaiian shirt. The Diamond Aces hit a double rib breaker for the win! Vin Man cuts a promo and says his team should be the number one contenders to the world titles. Vin Man...Yea! Commercial Break The Olympians vs. The Union These teams had quite a brawl during the SuperClash battle royal as their rivalry continues. Solid seesaw battle as both teams look pretty good. Tempers flare and we get an all out brawl that leads to a double c.o. The bell rings but the teams keep fighting. Commercial Break Resnick: Fans, I'm not sure anything will ever get resolved between those teams. Switching gears, please welcome out the NEW AWA National Champ, Jerry "The King" Lawler! Massive cheers as Lawler (Bandaged head) comes out and holds up the National title. Resnick: Jerry, SuperClash was an epic night for you. You sent Austin Idol out of the AWA and you win the National title. I'm sure you're feeling pretty good right now. Look out! WHAM! Lawler is hit on the back by a chair from TOMMY RICH!!!! Tommy puts the boots to Lawler, then slams him on the concrete! Rich grabs the mic. Rich: Come on Lawler! Come on Lawler! Rich picks up Lawler and double arm DDTs him on the concrete! Lawler's head just thuds on the ground as the fans gasp. Resnick: We need help out here! Now! The show ends with a bloody and unconscious Jerry Lawler laying on the ground as officials and Security run out to help. Rich is laughing the entire time.
  4. spaldoni

    Continental Championship Wrestling

    The Rich's/Sawyers feud will never get old. This is going to get crazy! Grappler gets his revenge on Scorpio. After the loss, Bass says goodbye and I'm sure he's taking Miss Betsy with him. Taylor does his job well as Furnas gets his biggest win to date over Billy Joe. Speaking of big wins, Adonis has been on a roll since his rebirth and now takes Bullet's sleeper away from him. In other words, goodnight Irene. I know Dundee took great pleasure in whipping Dirty Dutch. LOL, that visual of Fuller and Golden carrying Slick out of there cracked me up. Slick got THUMPED! First Thatcher gives Landel some bad news. Then, Cooley gets some bad news tonight as Allen returns! This is also bad news for Continental! The fans never know what's going to happen on the house shows, which will keep them coming.
  5. spaldoni


    Huge news indeed! Congratulations Kobayashi!
  6. spaldoni

    Pacific Coast Wrestling

    Atlas has a strong showing against Eaton. After that big win over Hansen, it's going to take a lot to stop the momentum of Simmons. OMG has drawn a lot of attention from Gary Hart. Well, after seeing Hase taken out on a stretcher, I'm sure Hart was impressed. Say it aint so! After one heck of a run, Gilbert and Missy say goodbye. I have to say, you built Gilbert into a superstar. Poor Rotundo, first OMG and then he's got to go up against Bubba. The newly crowned champions get in their first title defenses as British Steel and Barry Windham retain. Who is that guy heckling Rose? LOL, Rose is going to snap. Leduc is a good fit in Pacific. Especially if he goes with his lumberjack gimmick. I think Pillman and Muta probably stole the show. Hollywood Jack continues to rack up wins. Once again, the new champs retain after some stiff challenges.
  7. spaldoni


    AWA releases Giant Haystacks AWA picks up Johnny (Dynamite) Smith and Yoshiaki Yatsu
  8. spaldoni

    Continental Championship Wrestling

    Continental gets its turn and takes some serious shots at Watts. Crazy to think that just a few weeks ago the entire NWA put together the historic world title tournament. My oh my have things changed. I'm very interested in who Continental will be doing business with in 1987. Bullet gets in one last verbal shot at Wildfire but now has a new enemy in Adrian Adonis. I think Bullet should have given Adonis his blessing for the sleeper. I mean, he did ask nicely. Goliath gets in a good squash, is Bugsy next? Bruno is feeling good until he's informed Taylor will be in the corner of Furnas. Very interesting. LOL, leave it to Slick to calm things down. He's sure confident of this new guy coming in. Slick's the man with a plan. HMMMMM, not like JYD and Olympia to play the silent role. What's going on? Landel's on a roll as he gets his shots in at Watts and calls out all the champions. I know Jerry Jarrett still watches this show. I think he might have to check Ricky Steamboat's schedule. Street's having a wonderful time gloating and messing with Cheeky. Things get real when Madril comes out and leaves Street a bloody mess. I knew this feud wasn't over. More money to be made. Digging the masked Scorpio. Dundee attacks Dutch and Taylor is pissed. Good thing Furnas calmed things down. Christmas Clash is going to end 86 on a high note. Dusty/Brody chain match and a Skywalkers match! Awesome!
  9. spaldoni

    Championship Wrestling from Florida

    Gordon is a very smart man and the Cartel is right. Good things happen to people that obey. Tatum seems to have a problem with Bob Zink LOL. Tempers flare and just like that another match is signed. With a Gordon eye roll, Is there anybody in the game more obnoxious than Tatum? Spoiler and Red better be ready for WAR. Highwaymen get an early advantage over the Glamour Boys. Luscious gives another weirder than weird promo but what creeped me out the most was him calling Duggan, the guy with the big wood. WOW. I could just see Gordon reacting to all this. To the Sports Arena, Estrada isn't satisfied with his win over Lightfoot and wants to burn him again! Thank goodness for the Islanders. He might be obnoxious but Tatum scores the win over Zenk. Cartel/Islanders feud turns up a notch as the Cartel help give the Blondes another title shot. Finally, somebody dodges the mist! Regal gets a crowd pleasing win over Kazaharu. Highwaymen and Glamour Boys whip the hell out of each other! Highwaymen win this round but the Boys seem to want another battle. YES! Love that finish as Backlund puts Luscious away. DAMN! The fans witnessed one of the craziest brawls ever! I thought Spoiler's elimination was brutal but Red might of killed Borne. This was insane! Props to you on this feud. Herc and Duggan really go at it in a pure hard hitting slugfest. Herc solidifies himself as champ with that tough win over Duggan. Now Herc must go from this to Backlund. Talk about devising a whole new game plan. Tremendous week Bleh!
  10. spaldoni


    This has been one hot topic! It's been great getting Watts, Crockett and Thatcher's sides of the story. No doubt about it, 1987 is going to be an exciting year for the game. The NWA is in very good hands. Keep up the outstanding work.
  11. spaldoni


    AWA releases Ox Baker, Don Kernodle and George Wells.
  12. spaldoni

    Pacific Coast Wrestling

    A lot of stories ended at Battleground and new ones begin tonight. Tony and Hector kick things off with a classic. St. Clair is doing quite well here. I'm very interested in seeing what's next for Cornette and Beautiful Bobby. After a couple of amazing runs in Pacific, Bigelow and Busick say goodbye. Doesn't get any classier than that. 1987 looks very bright for Black Tiger. After weeks of frustration Hollywood Jack and the Bomb Squad kick Smothers out, the hard way. Oh my! The Sheepherders have aligned with the Playboy Club. This is a game changer for Pacific.
  13. spaldoni


    Wow, the NWA is crumbling before our eyes. Defiantly the dawning of a new era. UWF is born and Watts goes off on Thatcher and the Crocketts. The Million Dollar Man is going to get massive heat here. However, he's got some heat coming after him named Dr. Death. I know Dibiase has back up but so does Williams. Good grief, Vader and Sullivan are going to wreak havoc on the UWF! I enjoyed the entire transformation of Leon. Pacific did him well. The RPMs are just begging for a beating. They better be careful because right now RnR are riding high. YES! I knew Ladd would be back! Watts better get ready. Only a matter of time before Gordy destroys Hayes. LOL! I wanted it and you gave me the "It's not my fault" line. Gotta love Jimmy Jam and Precious. So happy Reed is world champ again. Good call Watts. Reed will have a tremendous run. Looking forward to the UWF. A lot of exciting stuff going down.
  14. spaldoni

    World Wrestling Federation (2.0)

    Piper says Virgil will teach that punk Houston a lesson but Houston vows to prove him wrong. IDK, after that performance by Virgil, Houston might be in trouble. Nice touch giving Martel a hot match with Piper in Montreal. HulkaMania is running wild on the road to Mania! Cool seeing Orndorff and Rude going at it again, only this time it's for the IC title.
  15. spaldoni


    AWA places Giant Haystacks, Dream Machine, Ranger Ross, Porkchop Cash and with great sadness Gerry Morrow on the block.