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NWA Lutte Internationale/International Wrestling September 1986


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September 5th, 1986

St. Catharines, ON

-"Pretty Boy" Doug Somers beat Jacques Rougeau after a chairshot behind the referee's back. Postmatch, Doug Somers rummaged under the ring and retrieved a bug-like mascot head and put it on Jacques' head. Somers started stomping on it, telling Jacques that he's gonna keep squashing him like the bug that he is!

NWA National Heavyweight Championship: Arthur W. Crews (w/Rock Riddle) beat Assassin #2 in 16:10 to retain

-Armand Rougeau beat "Nightmare" Danny Davis in 16:46 with a missile dropkick

-Raymond Rougeau beat Satanico in 6:43 with a Savate Kick

Street Fight: The Hart Brothers (Owen & Keith) beat The Flame & Corporal Kirschner when Owen pinned The Flame

-Hot Property beat The Long Riders in 19:52 when Billy Joe Travis pinned Bill Irwin

-The One Man Gang (w/Floyd Creatchman) beat The Iron Sheik in 9:02

-Rick Martel & his mystery partner Dino Bravo beat The Blond Outlaws in 10:06 when Rick Martel pinned Hiro Saito. Martel had started the match alone and fell victim to a beating from the Outlaws when Bravo came through the crowd in street clothes to assist Martel!

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Bittersweet night for the Rougeaus. Ray and Armand pick up nice wins but Jacques suffers a loss and gets embarrassed. LOL, that was pretty creative of Sommers. Crews with another successful title defense as his roll continues. Fun street fight. Even though they came up short, I liked the Flame/Kirchner pairing. Great seeing Hot Property teaming again and they get a huge win over the Long Riders. Awesome seeing Bravo come out from the crowd to help Martel! Dino is home! 

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NWA Lutte Internationale/International Wrestling TV LIVE!

September 6th, 1986

Iroquois, ON



Quick and dirty results:

-At the start of the show, footage of last night's show in St. Catharines is shown when Dino Bravo made his return to Lutte Internationale to team with Rick Martel against the Blond Outlaws in the main event. Paul E. Dangerously interrupts the footage and says Bravo will rue the day he returned to Lutte and interfered in Dangerous Alliance business. Paul E decided to put a bounty on Dino Bravo's head, bounty that he will cancel if Bravo does the smart thing and chooses to return back to New York. Paul E says that he and Prince Alofa Fatu will take care of Dino Friday night in Orangeville, ON. Paul E. is interrupted by Bruno Sammartino who says that while he'll sanction a Dino Bravo vs Fatu match on Friday night, he's gonna make sure that Paul E doesn't get involved. Therefore, Bruno appoints himself as special guest referee for the match! Paul E is livid and wants to retreat backstage but Bruno orders the scheduled tag team title match to start right now between the Samoan SWAT Team and the Hart Brothers!

NWA Canadian International Tag Team Championship: The Samoan SWAT Team beat The Hart Brothers (Owen & Keith) in 18:55 to retain when Kokina pinned Keith Hart. Postmatch, there's another confrontation between Bruce & Keith Hart at the broadcast booth but this time, Owen cheapshots Bruce before leaving with Keith!

-Joe Savoldi beat The Iron Sheik in 8:14

-In a special attraction, Blackjack Mulligan beat Akira Maeda in 10:13 after Maeda passed out from Mulligan's Claw!

-Gino Brito comes out to the broadcast booth to answer the questions about why he had been recently involved with the Dangerous Alliance. Brito says that Italians are known for their tempers and sometimes, their pride takes over. Brito says many are aware that he has some shares of the Lutte territory and he recently encountered financial issues that could've forced him to sell his shares, which could've completely shut down the territory. However, Paul E. Dangerously came to him and says that with the help of his lawyer father, he could settle this situation in exchange for professional courtesy. Brito says that in hindsight, he should've stood up for himself and stay true to his principles but he couldn't allow himself to put wrestlers out of work because of his own doing. But Brito says that now that it is settled, he's back on track and wants nothing to do with Paul E and his crew. Paul E returns again and says that Brito is walking on treacherous water right now and he can take away his offer right now. Brito says that Paul E won't do it because he knows that without the territory, that means no more titles for the Samoan SWAT Team and no more power for him. Paul E says that in this case, they'll settle it right away inside the ring. The Blond Outlaws come out to surround Paul E but then, Richard Charland joins Gino and stands side by side with him. Looks like we're having an impromptu tag match!

-The Blond Outlaws (w/Paul E. Dangerously) beat Gino Brito & Richard "Le Magnifique" Charland in 17:48 after a Backdrop Driver by Tatsutoshi Goto on Richard Charland

-Chris Candido beat "Nightmare" Danny Davis (w/Floyd Creatchman) in 12:47 with a Diving Headbutt. After the match, Floyd berated Danny Davis and walked out on him!

-The Flame beat Satanico in 7:01

-Scott Irwin beat Sunny War Cloud in 15:17. During the match, Floyd Creatchman was spotted in the entranceway observing Scott Irwin in action...

NWA Canadian International Heavyweight Championship: "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin (w/Precious & Doug Somers) beat Armand Rougeau in 11:54 to retain after a piledriver. Postmatch, Doug Somers tries to pull the same stunt he pulled on Jacques Rougeau last night in St. Catharines with the bug head but instead, Jacques Rougeau charges the ring and attacks Somers! Rougeau puts the bug head on Somers and with the assistance of brother Armand, Jacques hits La Bombe Rougeau on Somers while Jimmy Garvin observes the scene with Precious from ringside! The show ends with Jacques staring daggers at Jimmy Garvin!




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September 7th, 1986

Penticton, BC

-NWA Canadian International Heavyweight Champion Jimmy Garvin (w/Precious) & Owen Hart beat Los Infernales in 13:44

-Satanico beat Brian Adias in 6:20

-Bruce Hart beat Joe Savoldi in 6:37

-Tatsutoshi Goto (w/Paul E Dangerously) beat Billy Joe Travis in 11:59 with the Backdrop Driver

-Doug Somers beat Bill Irwin in 14:27

-The One Man Gang (w/Floyd Creatchman) beat The Iron Sheik in 10:53. After the match, Kokina Maximus & Hiro Saito run in to attack One Man Gang but Saito accidentally hits Kokina with Kokina's title belt. Kokina and Saito enter in a shoving match, with eventually ending up in Kokina hitting Saito. Bruno Sammartino comes out and orders a match between both members of the Dangerous Alliance under Falls Count Anywhere rules!

Falls Count Anywhere: NWA Canadian International Tag Team Champion Kokina Maximus beat Hiro Saito in 18:28

-Dino Bravo beat Armand Rougeau in 25:33 with a backbreaker

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Bravo is right back in the thick of things. Him going against the Dangerous Alliance should be a lot of fun. Liked that SST/Harts match. The sibling Hart rivalry continues to build. Nobody gets up from the Mulligan claw. Good explanation from Brito. Cool seeing Charland backing him up. I would love to see them team up more. LOL, this time Sommers gets the bug head. Good to see Jacques fired up. Garvin should be concerned. 

Nice pairing of Garvin and Owen and looks like they worked well together. Nice set up between Kokina and Saito as there miscue segues into a falls count anywhere match. Solid main event as Bravo defeats Armand in a hard fought match up. 

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September 12th, 1986

Orangeville, ON

Guest Referee - Bruno Sammartino: NWA Canadian International Tag Team Champion Prince Alofa Fatu beat Dino Bravo in 20:19

-Antonio Inoki beat Gino Brito in 6:08

NWA Canadian International Heavyweight Champion: "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin (w/Precious) beat Hiro Saito in 8:42

-Brian Adias & Gilles "The Fish" Poisson beat Mr. Wrestling II & Sunny War Cloud in 6:05

-One Man Gang (w/Floyd Creatchman) beat Pirata Morgan in 13:03

-Raymond Rougeau beat Jacques Rougeau in 6:32. Both brothers shook hands and hugged after the match.

-"Nightmare" Danny Davis (w/Floyd Creatchman) beat Wild Bill Irwin in 24:20

-Rick Martel beat Abdullah the Butcher in 14:31

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Fatu with a big win over Bravo. Always nice seeing an Inoki match. Garvin continues to roll as champion. Good to see Adias and Sunny opposing each other again. I really like that feud. Nice match between the Rougeau brothers. Ray gets the win but good sportsmanship follows. Awesome main event as Martel seems to be back to his winning ways. A win over Abdullah solidifies that. 

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