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[2018-10-28-WWE-Evolution] Kairi Sane vs Shayna Baszler


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This match was awesome until the finish. The opening was great as Kairi clearly has the Kirifuda Clutch figured out so Shayna switches it up by going after Kairi's arm. Kairi's selling of her arm was terrific, especially when she made sure to work around it while on offense. The finish did feel like it was pasted on though. I wouldn't have had a problem with it had Shayna won with an armbar or if they worked it from an angle that didn't leave the ref in a bad spot. Still, this was the best match that these two have had and I have no problem with this feud continuing since these two probably have an even better match in them. ****

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My favorite match from the Evolution PPV. I agree with you that Kairi's selling was tremendous during that match. It just helped overall with Shayna' sadistic strategy. As for the finish, I don't know if it's because Evolution was a significant and special PPV for the occasion, but I don't necessarily think it was the best moment to have them debut Marina Shaffir & Jessamyn Duke as Shayna's muscles. To me, would've been better suited for an NXT episode as there was enough story in the Kairi/Shayna match itself (Kairi's win in the 1st Mae Young Classic, Kairi beating Shayna at Takeover: Brooklyn III by countering the Kirifuda Clutch, etc) that you didn't need to have them interfere.

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