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[2018-11-08-NOAH-Global League] Go Shiozaki vs Kazusada Higuchi


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I'm actually really shocked how exciting this match was. Higuchi has always been a beast, but damn did he feel more like a monster in this NOAH match than he usually does in DDT. Not only that, but he brought out the best of Shiozaki which is a difficult thing to do. The chops in this match were fucking gnarly with each sounding like a gun shot. There was instant chemistry, and it's easy to say this was the match of the tournament up to this point, ****1/2.

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A strong counterpoint to my thoughts on Omega-Fenix.  This featured a fraction of the high spots and bumps as that match and was rather worked around incredibly vicious chops & strikes.  Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't.  It worked here because every single strike sounded brutal in Korakuen Hall.  Sure, they each did a brief Kobashi tribute with rapid fire corner chops, but just about every other strike was sold or featured that brief, subtle pause so that the impact would resonate and convey the damage that both were absorbing.  Just a terrifically simple and effective match.  One of the early Global League highlights along with Sugiura vs. Shizoaki from 10/30.


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Shiozaki is such a criminally underrated great wrestler, sells his ass off, made Higuchi look like a monster, which he needs, and throws easily the best chop in wrestling. I mean, that first chop when he walks up to Higuchi in the corner was nuts. Higuchi can throw them right back but the speed and the way Shiozaki flicks his wrist at the end - bravo. Simple structure laid out and executed so well. Higuchi in NOAH seems like a great fit. 

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