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[1983-07-09-MACW-Charlotte, NC] Harley Race vs Ric Flair

paul sosnowski

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These guys have done it all with each other. So weird seeing Doug Dillenger in his policeman uniform. Always loved Race's Red and Blue robe showing his KC/St. Louis alliance. Man they go big early on with the moves. Flair gains control and works on top with a headlock. Big elbow from Ric. Flair woring the Mid-Atlantic style by grabbing a hold and working spots around it. Race keeps things moving by working underneath . We get a little back and forth that looks like Flair was gaining the advantage until a low blow head but by Race. Harley targeting the ribs a bit, the back, knocking Flair loopy with headbutts. Flair fighting back only to be cut off. Race tosses him outside. Race with a suplex on the floor, and then misses a headbutt. Flair takes it to Harley on the floor. Flair sells the damage to the back. Flair has all the momentum now. Big sleeper by Ric pops the crowd. Turns it into a belly to back. Race eats a vertical. Low blow by Race sees a ref bump. They tease a Starcade 83 finish. Flair hooks on the Figure 4. Crowd is sensing a new World Champ. Cheap finish gets Race disqualified. 3*

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Pete, you were nicer in your review than I am about to be but we end about the same spot. I'd be closer to **1/2 but not far off. 

NWA World Heavyweight Champion Harley Race vs Ric Flair - MACW 7/9/83

We get Picture in Picture of the 5 year old girl fan! I marked out for that. 

They lock up, they barely touch Harley hits a kneelift and then calls for a suplex, but Flair floatovers to avoid. Well if thats not the most Harley thing ever! I just came from Beyond Wrestling's New Year Eve show and every single wrestler has better psychology than Harley Race well except Orange Juice fuck that dude. Seriously, a very good show from Beyond Wrestling top to bottom. Great street fight brawl in the main event between Gage & Briggs and a great traditional style match between Thatcher and Simon Gotch (Im sorry I didnt catch his new name). They got some great heat-seeking heels in Stokes and David Starr. I will definitely go again. This is such a weird match. In the first half, it is like Flair did not get give a shit. He is usually a fired up babyface but he just worked holds and then Race butted him in the midsection. Then he just let Race hits headbutts and stuff. Flair did not even fight back. It was so weird. Race misses the headbutt on the cement. Nice spot! Race wants the chair, but Flair steals it and whacks him right in the skull in the plain view of the ref. Jesus! Ref just pull a cameraman and just look at the fans. There were times when Flair tried to get the crowd into it. Like going into the crowd as he had Race mounted to fire off punches and Wooo before he threw a chop but overall he seemed very subdued. Theres a ref bump as Flair comes off the top. This costs two potential falls off the diving elbow and a really nice back suplex (it was very All Japan-esque). They do the Starrcade 83 finish but Race kicks out. Figure-4! Race escapes and back drops Flair over the top rope to trigger the DQ, but, but, but what about the steel chair. Oddly heatless and very much a Harley Race match spot, spot, spot, instead watch Powerbomb.tv's Beyond Wrestling show from this New Year's Eve, great spotfests, heat seeking heels, great pure technical wrestling and a great bloody street fight in the main event. This is on the other hand is totally skippable. 



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