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WWF On Tour December 1986


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WWF Presents: Prime Time Wrestling 12/1

Hosted by Gorilla Monsoon & Jesse the Body Ventura

Matches from: Phoenix, AZ – Veterans Memorial Auditorium

PT opens with a lot of footage from SNME this past weekend. We see the Horsemen regain the Tag Titles… Randy Savage retain the IC title… Windham pin his father… and the Hulkster beating Kamala before almost being branded by Terry Funk! We cut to Gorilla and Jesse and tonight is all about the TV Title match. We get a lot of hype for Hennig and Muta and tonight will be a big one. First off we’ve got six-man tag team action as we head to the ring!


Sting & The Rockers vs Honky Tonk, Valentine, & Bravo w/ Jimmy Hart

-This is a pretty even contest with the babyfaces being red hot right now while the heels are getting some good heat. Jimmy Hart gets involved which leads to some issues outside the ring with Sting getting involved with him before Hercules shows up and the numbers game takes control. This leads to a double team on Marty while Shawn comes out of nowhere and tackles both Honky and Bravo over the top to the floor! Marty stumbles and here comes the Hammer with the running shin to the skull and the 3-count! Harts men with the victory and they head to the booth…


Jimmy Hart and company run down Randy Savage and Greg Valentine formally challenges him to an Intercontinental Championship match. He says that Savage knows Valentine is a true champion and someone who doesn’t run from challengers!




We’re back with the Horsemen and the gold belts in toe… all except Barry of course and Gorilla points that out. Windham says he cannot contractually challenge for the IC title until January 1st but will keep his eye on the tv title match tonight. Arn and Tully say that they just did a portion of damage to the Rougeaus… and more will come. Ric Flair says that Andre the Giant may be big in size but he can’t handle the Nature Boy and he’s looking forward to December the 29th at Madison Sq Garden when he defeats him and retains the title!


Mike Rotundo vs The One Man Gang w/ Slick & The Bossman

-Rotundo is outmanned and out-sized here against the Gang. Rotundo gets in some really good offense and he’s able to control a good portion of the pace of the contest but the size of the Gang is too much and then you’ve got the Bossman outside the ring who NAILS Rotundo with the night stick in the kidneys before Gang comes down with the big splash for the 3-count. They attempt to do more damage before Butch Reed comes out and chases them off!


Reed joins Gorilla and Jesse and says that he heard Hacksaw Duggan was attacked by the Bossman and he doesn’t know when or if he’ll be back. He says that those two ugly fools always try to use the numbers game but he knows that a true fight is a true fight and he will face any and all comers when the time is right!




We return to PT with Funk and his cronies Manson and Buck. They are just completely insane… Funk has the branding Iron on fire near the booth… Manson is eating raw meat under the hood and Buck just looks goofy. From all of it we hear that next week Terry Funk takes on Tito Santana and that he’s going to brand him in a spot that everyone will see and no one will forget!




We’re back with our main event and the title is on the line. We have 15-minutes of tv time remaining and here we go with the vacant title on the line!



Curt Hennig vs The Great Muta w/ Mr. Fuji

-These guys have 15-minutes and they use every bit of it. Curt Hennig has become the pro everyone was hoping for… he has got such a fluid style in the ring and to top it off he places a babyface in peril so well. Muta has such a mystery about himself that it causes fans to wonder just what will happen next. In the end we see both men with offense and then countering the others big moves. The first happens when Muta goes for the moonsault but Hennig gets the knees up. The next is when Muta tries to hit the myst and Hennig rolls through and then comes back with a huge dropkick. The final happens when Hennig is going for the Northern Lights Suplex but Muta comes up with a knife edge thrust to the throat and then we see some myst and a roll up for the 3-count! Muta is the NEXT TV Champion and he grabs the belt. Inside the ring Hennig is holding his throat and he’s got the myst all over his face. The referee never saw what happened only that something did. Muta is the TV Champ… what happens now?


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WWF Presents: Prime Time Wrestling 12/8

Hosted by Gorilla Monsoon & Jesse the Body Ventura

Matches from: Denver, CO - McNichols Arena


Randy Savage cuts a promo putting over the Hart Family as true contenders but he says he will take them one a time… DIG IT! He says next up is Greg Valentine and the date is December the 29th from MSG and the title will be on the line!


Davey Boy & The Hart Foundation vs Valentine, Dino, & Hercules w/ Jimmy Hart

Good contest with the Hart Foundation and Davey Boy really showing off their skills as a team. We see Valentine get the pinfall on Davey Boy when he runs and nails him with the shin guard on his skull! It is a 3-count victory but when Honky comes to lay in some shots Savage comes to even the odds and they back off.


Curt Hennig cuts a prom on Muta and says that he wants to take him on for the title one more time. He says he will put anything on the line to make it happen and is waiting to hear from Fuji!


Horsemen cut a promo on the company and how the gold is just the beginning but the world is for the taking... Andre and Rougeaus interrupt to call out for next week… the Horsemen are forced to accept when Andre grabs Heenan by the lapell!


SD Jones vs One Man Gang w/ Slick & Boss Man

Gang looks awesome here and just destroys SD Jones.


Butch Reed comes out cut a promo on the Gang, Bossman, and Slick! He says that he is out here to face their challenge without question and he will bring any fight they want anywhere… anytime!


Tito Santana vs Terry Funk

A great contest and these two go for about 14-minutes with the fan solidly behind Tito. We see both men hammering away at one another but the finish is pretty awesome when Tito hits the flying forearm and Funk goes out of the ring to the floor! Here comes Manson and Bunkhouse… the referee holds them back and Funk grabs the branding iron and NAILS Tito! He picks him up and PILEDRIVER outside the ring on the floor! Funk rolls him back in the ring and gets the three count. Tito is laid out and bloody… this is pure chaos!


Jesse says next week he has an announcement that will shock the world of wrestling to its very core!


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WWF Presents: Prime Time Wrestling 12/15

Hosted by Gorilla Monsoon & Jesse the Body Ventura

Matches from: Poughkeepsie, NY – Mid- Hudson Civic Center


Gorilla and Jesse make a special announcement that next week will be special 90-minute episode… they will announce the card later on. Jesse says his big surprise is coming soon!


Terry Funk, Jack Manson, and Bunkhouse Buck come out and cut a scathing promo on Hogan. They put over how he has been running and hiding but in two weeks at MSG he will have to face Funk in a Texas Death Match and it will be Hogan laying like the yellow dog he is covered in red from head to toe!


The Rockers vs Don Muraco & The Great Muta w/ Mr. Fuji

-A great tag team contest with both teams bringing their A-Game. The highlight is Shawn and Muta who but forth some quick and fun work. In the end it is Jannetty who gets nailed with the green myst and then Muraco grabs him for a tombstone!


Randy Savage comes out to cut a promo on Valentine. He says that the Hart Family may have the numbers but he’s got the title and with the title comes a little extra support. He knows that Valentine won’t be alone and if it comes down to pushing and shoving he’ll drop an elbow right through all of the Harts to keep the title!


Terry Taylor vs Bad News Brown

-Bad News Brown is back and he and Terry Taylor put forth a fun lil 8-minute contest. Both men are really bringing it but in the end it is Taylor who gets the DQ victory when Brown loads up his hand with the black glove and nails him. The referee admonishes Bad News who puts the boots to TT.


Slick promo with Gang, Russians, and Bossman on Butch Reed. They talk about how Reed is going to learn the hard way that you don’t mess with the doctor of style. They say that Reed better find himself some friends dumb enough to step in that ring because if he don’t… he mind end up on skid row!


Andre the Giant & The Rougeau Brothers vs Barry Windham, Arn Anderson, & Tully Blanchard

-Huge main event. We see Windham stepping in for Flair who is said to be out of the building. This one goes 13-minutes with everyone involved. The Amazing French Connection of Andre and the Rougeaus appear to be working well and Gorilla points out how they are speaking french to help each other. Windham seems to be a step off and when we see the chaos break out and Windham go to break rules we see Blackjack Mulligan come out and he is staring his son down. On the other side of the ring we have Anderson and Blanchard who are fighting with the Rougeaus outside the ring. Andre grabs Barry from behind and nails a couple of big headbutts before turning him around for a huge POWERSLAM for the 3-count!


The Horsemen retreat as the babyfaces walk up the aisle celebrating. The big moment happens here when Andre turns and out of the back comes Ric Flair with some kind of a lead pipe andhe nails Andre in the knee! Andre goes crashing down to the ground! Oh My!


Gorilla and Jesse pump up next week on Prime Time… The Hart Foundation challenge the Horsemen for the Tag Titles… Davey Boy Smith challenges the Great Muta for the TV Title… Sting takes on Terry Funk… Randy Savage & Brutus Beefcake take on Valentine & Bravo… Hulk Hogan returns to Prime Time next week! Then we see Jesse say he has arrived… wait just a second...walking up to the podium… omg… that… that’s…



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WWF Presents: Prime Time Wrestling 12/22

Hosted by Gorilla Monsoon & Jesse the Body Ventura

Matches from: The Forum - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Special 90-Minute Episode!


Prime Time opens with Gorilla and Jesse hyping up the debut of Jerry Lawler who says he has come to the WWF to take no prisoners and show why he is the best in the world. He says that the WWF will be his Kingdom and he will rule with an Iron Fist!


Terry Funk defeated Sting in a hard fought 14-minute contest. Funk made Sting look like a million dollars and put him onto another level. In the end we saw Manson and Buck come out and they attempted to beat on Sting but then Hulk Hogan came out to an ENORMOUS pop! He fended them off and posed with Sting…




PT returned with Hulk Hogan standing with Mean Gene and Sting. They put over the feud with Funk and how Hogan plans to put him down in MSG next week!



Davey Boy Smith vs The Great Muta © w/ Mr. Fuji

-Curt Hennig comes out for commentary and we get to see a pretty great side of Davey Boy who puts on his working boots. This one go about 13-minutes again. We see Fuji trying to get involved but that brings down Curt Hennig who pulls him down but this draws the referee away enough for Muta to MIST Davey Boy and roll him up for the 3-count!




Randy Savage & Brutus Beefcake defeated Greg Valentine & Dino Bravo w/ Jimmy Hart in a nice 12-minute tag team contest. These guys all brought it and the highlight was Savage and Valentine. Jimmy Hart tried to get involved but nothing doing and we ended up see Randy Savage nail Dino Bravo with a double axe-handle smash and roll up for the 3-count!




The Horsemen come out and cut big promos on Andre, Hogan, Mulligan, the Rougeaus, and the Harts. They are running down everyone while saying that the gold is back where it belongs with the Horsemen and it will STAY with the Horsemen.


Andre the Giant them comes out to a huge pop. He stands up to the Horsemen who all try to circle him but Andre picks up Flair by the throat and tells him that he will take everything he’s got next week!





Hart Foundation vs The Horsemen ©

-This one has a 30-minute time limit and these two teams go almost all of it. They are going back and forth with a lot of tags and double teams on both ends. In the final moments we see that the Harts are gaining control and momentum and out of nowhere… just as they go for the Hart Attack… DEMOLITION SHOWS UP! We’re in Canada and they come out of nowhere and just put an absolute beatdown of the Harts.


Officials and agents come down to break things up but Fuji has Demolition on a whole new level. These guys are just monsters and exploiting the rule… when can the Harts get a break and get their hands on them? We’ll see you next week for the special duel broadcast from MSG for the End of the Year Special!


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WWF Presents: Prime Time Wrestling 12/29

Hosted by Gorilla Monsoon & Jesse the Body Ventura

Matches from: Hershey, PA – Hersheypark Arena

Special New Years Celebration with 90 minutes here and 90 minutes on MSG Network for the rest of the event!


Sting & Davey Boy vs The Nasty Boys

-This feud was put to the backburner for sometime but they reignite it here with a fun little tag team contest. The highlight is Sting who is greener than grass but really coming into his own. He has got a lot of spark and with Davey Boy… they put it all together. The big finish sees the Nasty Boys try to double team Davey Boy who ducks a double clothesline and Knobbs goes over the top to the floor. Saggs runs for another clothesline but Davey ducks and Sting comes flying off the top rope for a crossbody and a 3-count! The fans pop for a big win here!


Terry Taylor vs Kamala w/ Fuji

-Poor Terry Taylor gets dealt a tough hand here tonight. He comes in and plays a great babyface to Kamala but just can’t seem to get things going. The finish sees him go for a flying crossbody but Kamala grabs him and slams him and then comes for another knee drop right to the throat for the 3-count!


The Hart Foundation vs Honky Tonk & Hercules w/ Jimmy Hart

-This is really a glorified showcase for the Harts. Hercules and Honky are all over the place with their timing. They have some heat with Jimmy but together they are nowhere near the caliber of the Harts. The finish is a good one with the power of the Anvil on display when he nails Hercules with a flying shoulder block with help from the Hitman and then gets the 3-count after a big dropkick on Honky from Bret!


Mike Rotundo vs Jerry Lawler

-The one we’ve all been waiting for. He came out a week ago and proclaimed to the WWF that he was here and he had no time for the peasants. We see Lawler and Rotundo put on a good one and we get to see just how low Jerry Lawler will go in his quest for supremacy in the WWF. The finish see’s Lawler grab something out of his tights and then just WHALE Rotundo in the throat before grabbing him for a piledriver and the 3-count!


We cut to Gorilla and Jesse who sign us off of the broadcast for Prime Time and tell you to tune into your local networking for the MSG Network to see the rest of the show here from the Garden!


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WWF Live 12/29
New York City, NY – Madison Square Garden
Hosted by Gene Okerlund & Lord Alfred Hayes


The Rockers vs The One Man Gang & The Big Bossman w/ Slick

-A hot opener with the Rockers coming out firing on all cylinders. Perhaps not the same match that would happen in two years but we still have a lot of energy for the opener and the crowd is into it. He finish sees Shawn Michaels get his head taken off by Gang with a clothesline. Marty leaps off the top for a crossbody but Bossman catches him for a powerslam and then a 747 from Gang for the finish and the 3-count. These two have got a bright future in 87!


Brutus Beefcake vs Dino Bravo w/ Jimmy Hart

-A lot of strutting but not a lot of cutting for these two. Jimmy Hart plays foil outside the ring and it ends up costing Beefcake in the long run when he tries to attack Jimmy but Bravo with a big knee and then he sends Beefer into the ring post and he cracks his shoulder. Bravo with the back suplex and the finish for the 3-count. Beefcake looks hurt and Bravo look strong.


Butch Reed vs Nikolai Volkoff w/ Boris & Slick

-The loudest pop so far goes to Butch Reed who comes in and he has got the fans solidly behind him. He fights all the odds and the two and even three on one attempts before capitalizing on a double head bump with the Russians leading to Reed coming off the top rope with a flying shoulder block for the finish!



Blackjack Mulligan vs Barry Windham w/ Bobby Heenan

-This is an odd match with a lot of ends needing to be tied up. These guys go about 14-minutes and it ends up with some juice on both men. It is a blood feud as Jesse says and that pun is intended. The finish sees Mulligan lock in the claw on his bloodied son to the point that he is going down in the middle of the ring and then he looks down at him and let’s go. He has got blood, sweat, and tears in his eyes. Heenan is barking at the referee and gets his attention before Windham with a LOW BLOW on Mulligan and he goes down. Windham covers him for the 3-count and the crowd is going absolutely insane. They are throwing debris into the ring so much that Fink gets on the microphone to tell them to stop! Windham and Heenan are escorted back… this is NUTS!



Curt Hennig vs The Great Muta © w/ Mr. Fuji

-15-minute time limit for these two one more time but this time we see Hennig counteract Fuji when he delivers a exy dropkick that sends Fuji flying. Muta goes for the Myst but Hennig ducks and then dropkicks him right in the jaw before setting up the Northern Lights for the 3-count right at the end of the match. We have a NEW TV Champion and the crowd is starting to come back around and cheer.



Andre the Giant vs Ric Flair © w/ Bobby Heenan

-60-minute time limit but this one doesn’t go that long. These guys come out for an enjoyable 15-minutes with Andre pretty gassed at the end. It is a cat and mouse game with both men trying to work their style. Once Andre does get his hands on him it is a great spectacle and Flair bumps like no one else for the big man. Flair is able to get the upper-hand and try to work the knees to break Andre down. In a funny spot he attempts to go for the figure-four but Andre kicks him through and sends Flair flying out of the ring. We see Windham come back out and Andre headbutts him to a pop from the crowd! Heenan comes to get involved and he gets nailed with a headbutt! Andre grabs Windham and Hennan and here comes Flair off the apron with a wooden chair and it shatters into a million pieces The referee calls for a DQ and Andre is the winner but Flair still keeps the title. The Horsemen retreat and here comes Andre for more!


Tito Santana  vs Don Muraco w/ Mr. Fuji

Tito comes out to cool down the crowd for a big and wins a fun little 11-minute match. Muraco looks okay but his time on top is over and this may be his role for the foreseeable future.  



The Rougeau Brothers vs Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard © w/ Bobby Heenan

-These four come out and churn out another great 18-minute contest. We get a lot of double team moves from each team. The Horsemen look to be on their last leg and the Rougeaus come close but it is a nasty knee to the skull from Tully that sends up Raymond for a spike piledriver and 3-count as Heenan grabbed the leg of Jacques!



Randy Savage © w/ Elizabeth vs Greg Valentine w/ Jimmy Hart

-The loudest pop of the night goes to Randy Savage who is without question rising up the ranks in the world and in the WWF. A pretty good formulaic 15-minute match with Valentine getting some great heat on Savage before he comes back with a loud ovation from the crowd. The finish sees Valentine counter the big double axe-handle smash and go for the Figure-Four but Savage rolls him through for the 3-count!



Hulk Hogan vs Terry Funk

-Savage did have the biggest pop… then Hulk Hogan came out. This one is a 12-minute bloodbath with Funk and Hogan. We see chairs and even the branding iron come into effect. Manson and Buck come out but Hogan has got Sting to back him up and we see the big Stinger Splash over the top rope onto both of them. We get back to the one on one and Funk nails the piledriver on a chair and at the 9-count Hogan gets up and Hulks up in a big way as the crowd is going nuts. Hogan with his series and Funk isn’t moving but then an AXE-BOMBER and Funk goes flying out of the ring. Funk slowly gets up and grabs the steel ringsteps...and he throws them into the ring. We get a couple more shots and then Hogan nails him with the big boot and Funk goes down to a knee… Hogan picks up the ringsteps and runs as Funk turns and Hogan NAILS HIM WITH THE STAIRS! Funk goes down for the 10-count. Hogan poses. Hulkamania is back on top!


As you can see the momentum of this game has all but ceased. I have plans up to Mania but I don’t know who is still reading or if anyone is still reading. Please let me know if you are and I will perhaps put up my quick results to Mania III and how things would play out. Thanks for all the support over the last 3 years. I helped take this game from an idea to something special, I only wish we could have kept that going for longer!


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