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[1963-04-05-Capitol Wrestling] Bobo Brazil vs Moose Cholak

paul sosnowski

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  • GSR changed the title to [1963-04-05-Capital Wrestling] Bobo Brazil vs Moose Cholak
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  • GSR changed the title to [1963-04-05-Capitol Wrestling] Bobo Brazil vs Moose Cholak
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Great brawling to open and peppered throughout the match. Both guys know how to work a fist fight and make it look believable. Great punches and clubbing. Cholak is still his big bumping selling to the back row self but gives a reserved performance by his standards, maybe trying to get the importance of his title over. Brazil builds to minimal offense effectively and is a competent dance partner but not the most engaging. This turns into a battle of the Coco Butts, which is amusing to hear Cholak talk about in ernest in the post match interview. The build to the first two falls is very good as is the structure of the match in general.

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Yes, this is Fred Kohler Enterprises.

I was shocked this bout started off so fast considering the era. Hoss battle. I loved it. I could not believe how much the ring shook. I felt the first two falls were virtually timeless; they held up very well looking back from 2022, mostly due to Moose, although Bobo held his own. Third fall I had a feeling it was going to a time limit draw when the body scissors were invoked and both men were catching their breathes. Fans thought the double wrenching head scissors was the most revolting thing they ever saw. Was it a rib or comical on purpose? I don't know. They were pissed at the draw, a tradition that continues into the modern era.

Based on this match and Moose Cholak + Mighty Atlas vs The Kangaroos I believe that Moose is a severely overlooked and underrated name. He needs to be mentioned with the likes of Jerry Blackwell, Vader, Bam Bam Bigelow, Gorilla Monsoon, etc.

He never comes up in Wrestlers of the Year discussions from the old mags and newsletters. Not in any Halls of Fame. No major titles. Complete record lost to history on the online databases. I could see him being THE real big man of his era. This man BUMPED and MOVED, got heat.


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