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Good set of house shows here.  

I have only seen a few episodes of PNW and they all seemed to have those 2/3 fall matches.  Seeing Steamboat and Gilbert go 45 minutes in this type of match would be something I would remember for a long time.

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I really like what's going on with your tag team division. A lot of intriguing storylines.

HMMMM, I wonder what's going on with Smothers?

The Hart Foundation vs. Muta and Kabuki could turn into an epic feud. 

Orton has been gaining a lot of momentum lately and has his boys focused on taking the titles. 

Looks like Texas Red finally put Tatum down for good. 


Hart Foundation win round one against Kabuki and Muta.

Orton's momentum continues with a good win over Sommers. 

Rose and Haynes retain by DQ but Cabin Fever is coming after them hard.

Absolute classic between Steamboat and Gilbert. They really gave the fans their money's worth and I think we're in for a lot more. 


Thanks to Jake, the Warlords rack up another win. 

Brutus has really hit his stride.

I doubt Smothers tried taking the Freebirds down by himself. I did notice Armstrong took the fall. 

Busick gets some payback on Jake. I know Busick put all his power into that spinebuster. 

British Steel comes up short but are gaining a lot of respect by going toe to toe with the Guerreros. 

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Pacific Wrestling Showcase from the Cow Palace , San Francisco , on ESPN / TSN,  October 16th


Pat Tanaka vs. Rick Steiner


Badd Company and the Dog Pound have been having some intense battles of late that have kept the fans spellbound. This singles match would continue the feud and pit the power and tenacity of Steiner, representing the Dog Pound, against the speed and skill of Tanka from Badd Company. Tanaka did his best to dodge Steiner's power offense, peppering him with quick kicks and shots, slowly chipping away at him. But when Steiner landed, he landed hard, hitting some crushing slams and clothelines. The end came with Steiner attempting a belly to back suplex, but Tanaka flipped over him and landed on his feet. Steiner retaliated by whirling around and levelling him with a huge clothesline that kept Tanaka down for the pinfall. A tough loss for Tanaka, but this tag feud shows no sign of stopping.


The Southern Boys vs. Jimmy Del Ray & Randy Rose


Last week, the Southern Boys' match took a bit of an odd turn, with Tracy Smothers wrestling the whole match and leaving Steve Armstrong completely out of the action. This time out, they seemed to be back on track, tagging in and out and hitting their signature combination moves against the former Tag Team champs. But late in the match, things went bizarre again when Armstrong and Rose were battling in the ring. The ref was in the process of escorting Del Ray out of the ring and Smothers took advantage of the distraction by going up top and blindsiding Rose with a Jawjacker. A confused Armstrong made the cover and got the one two three, but seemed clearly displeased with the smiling Smothers as they left the ring.


Lanny Poffo vs. Norman Smiley


"Leaping" Lanny Poffo has been out for revenge ever since losing the Light Heavyweight Title to Too Cold Scorpio. Looking to prove he is still a contender, the former champ took on Scorpio's partner in the Thundercats, Norman Smiley. But if he thought Smiley was going to be easy pickings, he was in for a rude awakening, as Smiley kept catching him in a variety of wear down holds and submission traps that took all of Poffo's considerable ingenuity to escape. Poffo was able to bust out on an attempt at the Norman Conquest (crossface chicken wing) and take Smiley down with a dropkick before hitting the Skydrop (short range Moonsault) to put an end to things. If there was any doubt before that the Thundercats meant business, this singles match surely put that to rest.


Larry Cameron vs. Buddy Jack Roberts


Speaking of the Thundercats, "Lethal" Larry Cameron has been conspicuously absent of late from the side of his teammates, focusing instead on singles matches. While he has had some impressive matches, he has seemed to be spinning his wheels and with no real forward momentum in his career. Looking to get back on track, he agreed to this match with the wily member of the Freebirds. While Roberts certainly showed no reluctance to dig into his bag of dirty tricks to get any advantage he could, Cameron did prevail, seemingly on sheer willpower, hitting the Harlem Hammer (running double axehandle to the back of the head and neck) to put the Freebird down for the count. Hopefully, his will help get things back on track for the big former football player.


Pacific Tag Team Title Match : Buddy Rose & Billy Jack Haynes © vs. Cabin Fever (Manny Fernandez & Grizzly Boone)


Cabin Fever have been gunning hard for the Pacific Tag Team Titles, looking to bring them back to the Crazy Gang. Thus far, Buddy Rose and Billy Jack Haynes have been able to hold back their challenge, but it has increasingly seemed like the Ragin' Bull and the Grizzly have been wearing down the champs. This match had an aura of barely restrained mayhem throughout, always one step away from complete breakdown. That finally happened when Billy Jack caught Fernandez in a big bear hug , and Boone came in to rescue his partner. The ref tried to send him out, but Boone knocked him to the ground, leading to a DQ win for the champs. That didn't stop Boone and Fernandez from double teaming Haynes until Rose came in with a chair to run them off. Can the champions hold off these wild men for much longer?

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Pacific Coast Wrestling show from the Oakland Alameda County Arena, Oakland,  on Pacific Super Cards, October 17th


Badd Company vs. The Dog Pound (Brian Knobs & Rick Steiner)


Pat Tanaka ducked under a clothesline from Steiner and, when Steiner whirled around to retaliate, nailed him in the jaw with a bicycle kick to get the three count.


Bob Orton vs. Leo Burke


A very tightly contested battle that Orton won with a backbreaker


The Thundercats (Too Cold Scorpio & Norman Smiley) vs. Flamboyance (Lanny Poffo & Ron Starr)


Scorpio pinned Starr after a top rope legdrop


Nick Busick vs. Nord The Barbarian


Busick won by countout after hitting the spinebuster slam on the outside


California Title Match : Al Perez © vs. Mr. Hito


An intense struggle where Perez ultimately prevailed with the Ally-Copter


Chavo, Hector & Mando Guerrero vs. British Steel (Steven Regal & Robbie Brookside) & Tom Zenk


Chavo pinned Regal with a German suplex after a fast paced and exciting bout


Pacific Heavyweight Title Match : Ricky Steamboat © vs. Terry Taylor


On the back of his nearly winning the California Title from Al Perez, Taylor managed to parlay that into a shot at the Pacific Title. He proceeded to show that he was worthy of that shot, giving Steamboat one of the toughest challenges of his title run, coming very close on several occasion to pinning the champ's shoulders for the three count. Taylor tried to put Steamboat down for good with a reverse neckbreaker, but Steamboat blocked it and reversed with a backslide that just barely got the one two three. Steamboat offered a handshake to the challenger after the match, which Taylor just barely accepted.

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Very good house shows again.  Enjoying the tag battle with Rose.Billy Jack vs Cabin Fever!  Billy Jack and Manny in a bar room brawl might be fun to see also.

Ricky Steamboat is doing a nice job fending off all-comers

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Pacific Coast Wrestling show from the Selland Arena, Fresno , October 18th


Mike Rotunda vs. Waylon Mercy


Mercy was going for a DDT, but Rotunda blocked it then countered with a Samoan Drop for the pinfall


Tom Zenk vs. Chris Adams


Adams hit the Superkick for the win


Nick Busick & Bam Bam Bigelow vs. The Pacific Warlords (Don Muraco & Jimmy Snuka)


Bigelow pinned Snuka after the Slingshot Splash


The Freebirds vs. The Thundercats (Too Cold Scorpio, Norman Smiley & Larry Cameron)


Gordy scored the victory after a Piledriver on Scorpio


The Great Kabuki & The Great Muta vs. The Hart Foundation


Muta got the pinfall on Neidhart after a Moonsault


Pacific Television Title Match : Texas Red © vs. Bob Orton


Both men went to a 30 minute time limit draw


Pacific Tag Team Title Match : Buddy Rose & Billy Jack Haynes © vs. The Dog Pound (Brian Knobbs & Rick Steiner)


The Dog Pound have really been feeling their oats of late and were certainly determined to make the most of their shot at the Tag Team Titles. They went all out against the champs and clearly did a lot of damage. Buddy Rose did eventually manage to catch Knobbs in the Inside Out Back Breaker to successfully defend the titles, but afterwards, you could definitely tell that the champs had been in a , errrr, dog fight.

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I have really enjoyed your development of the young guys you drafted from last year.  

Also appreciate you putting the members of the tag team members next to their team name as there are so many teams in this game that I get confused.  

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I had been just giving the names of made up tag teams when they were introduced and not afterwards, but from comments I realized that wasn't always clear for people reading later. Now, any time I mention something I made up, either a tag team or stable or finisher, I give clarification in parentheses. 

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Pacific Wrestling Showcase from the Olympic Auditorium , Los Angeles , on ESPN / TSN, October 23rd


Doug Somers vs. Waylon Mercy


After a fashion, Somers is partly responsible for Mercy's reign of terror in PCW, as it was the taunting of the Playboy Club that led to the man then known as Dan Spivey to turn to his Mercy persona. Whether Mercy was looking for revenge in this match or just acting out his own sadistic nature, he certainly seemed to be enjoying himself as he had a sly grin on his face as he took Somers apart. The Pretty Boy did his best but just couldn't make a dent in the huge madman. Mercy planted him to the mat with a DDT and put his foot on Somers' chest for the cover. A decisive victory that Mercy clearly relished.


Brutus Beefcake vs. Bob Orton


Although Orton may have recently lost the California Title, he has not let that slow down his ambitions, and he has let it be known that he is aiming for the Pacific Television Title, currently held by Texas Red. Looking to stake his claim at a title shot, he clearly sought to make short work of Brutus Beefcake. But Beefcake was no pushover, bouncing back after Orton's initial flurry of offense and retaliating with his high impact power offense. Things swung back and forth until Orton unleashed a huge lariat that was finally able to put Beefcake down for good. A hard fought win that cemented the Cowboy's position as a top contender.


Nick Busick vs. Jake Roberts


The man from Powerhouse Hill has been growing increasingly more angry with the Snake and his crew after several sneak attacks. He clearly was working out a lot of his pent up aggression as he finally had Jake Roberts in his sights. Although the Snake did his best to stall and avoid grappling Busick for as long as possible, Busick would not be denied and once he got his hands on Roberts, he unleashed a crushing series of slams and drops on him. Determined to make him pay for everything he had done to him, Busick locked Roberts in the Busick Bender (stump puller) , but before the Snake gave up, his allies Waylon Mercy and Nord The Barbarian charged out and attacked Busick, leading to a DQ win for him. The three didn't get a chance to do much damage as Leo Burke and Bam Bam Bigelow swiftly came to rescue Busick, but he was clearly furious, and I doubt we have seen the last of this feud.


Street Fight : Billy Jack Haynes vs. Manny Fernandez


Cabin Fever have been presenting a considerable challenge to the Pacific Tag Team Champs Billy Jack Haynes and Buddy Rose, leading to this Street Fight. The other members of the Crazy Gang were banned from ringside for this match, as were Buddy Rose and the rest of the Playboy Club, leading to a hard hitting one-on-one showdown with no rules and no holding back. Both men tore into each other and were a bloody mess by the end of the match, having thrown pretty much everything in their respective arsenals at each other. Billy Jack was ultimately able to catch Fernandez in a powerslam off the ropes to score the three count, but the Ragin' Bull had left his mark on him, and Cabin Fever remain a considerable threat to the Pacific Tag Team Champions.


Ricky Steamboat & Eddie Gilbert vs. The Hart Foundation


These two teams squared off a few weeks ago, with Jim Neidhart being hampered by a shoulder injury. This time, with Neidhart back to full strength, the Harts were determined to avenge their earlier loss. The result was a very intense tag battle, with the Hart Foundation unleashing their array of double team moves and sneak attacks against Steamboat and Gilbert, who fought back with their own blend of skill and resilience. The Hart Foundation came close on several occasions to taking the win, but Steamboat was eventually able to reverse a cross body by Hart with a rollover to get the three count. A hard fought win, but one that everything Hot Stuff and the Heavyweight Champ had to pull off.


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Pacific Coast Wrestling show from the LA Sports Arena, Los Angeles, on ESPN / TSN Pacific Super Cards, October 24th


Badd Company vs. The Dog Pound (Brian Knobbs & Rick Steiner)


Another wild, knock down, drag out fight between these two teams where Knobbs was going for a power slam on Tanaka, but Diamond dropkicked them over with Tanaka on top to get the win for Badd Company


Brutus Beefcake, The Great Muta & The Great Kabuki vs. Chris Adams & The Hart Foundation


Adams hit a sneak attack Superkick to the back of Kabuki's head to score the pinfall for his team


"Crusher" Jerry Blackwell vs. Randy Rose


Blackwell won with a powerslam


Texas Red & The Southern Boys vs. The Crazy Gang (Bob Orton, Manny Fernandez & Grizzly Boone)


Orton executed a Superplex on Armstrong, followed by a running splash by Boone for the victory. Smothers remained on the ring apron for the entire match


Pacific Tag Team Title Match : Billy Jack Haynes & Buddy Rose © vs. The Pacific Warlords (Don Muraco & Jimmy Snuka)


Snuka had Rose lined up for the Superfly Splash, but Rose got his knees up and Snuka landed hard. Rose was then able to execute the Inside Out Backbreaker to successfully defend their titles


Pacific Heavyweight Title Match : Ricky Steamboat © vs. Eddie Gilbert


Although these two men are good friends, that has not diminished the intensity of their matches for the Pacific Heavyweight Title. This started out with an exchange of holds and matwork, but little by little, both men got more aggressive, with Gilbert determined he was a worthy contender to the title and Steamboat equally determined to maintain his grip on the title. The fans were spellbound as the two had an epic battle for the belt, with it seeming at many points like the title could change hands. Gilbert tried to put Steamboat away with a figure four leglock, but Steamboat countered with an inside cradle. Gilbert reversed it with his own inside cradle but only got a two count, and right after that the ring bell sounded, signaling a 60 minute time limit draw. Both men were exhausted but helped each other up and shook hands as the fans gave them and the match a standing ovation.

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Pacific Coast Wrestling Show from the UCSB Event Center, Santa Barbara, October 25th


Leo Burke vs. Terry Taylor


Taylor won with the Fivearm


The Thundercats (Too Cold Scorpio & Norman Smiley) vs. Flamboyance (Lanny Poffo & Ron Starr)


Smiley pinned Starr after a rollup out of the corner


Nick Busick & Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Waylon Mercy & Nord The Barbarian


This was a wild match with all four men in the ring at a number of occasions. During one such instances, Busick was about to come off the ropes, but Jake Roberts pulled down the top rope, sending Busick tumbling to the outside. Mercy and Nord double teamed Bigelow, but when Bam Bam broke free and went for a tag, Busick was not in the corner, and Nord blindsided the Beast From The East with a boot to the head. Nord followed up with a running kneedrop for the pinfall. After the match, Bigelow was clearly upset with Busick


Larry Cameron vs. Jimmy Del Ray


Cameron took down Del Ray with a leaping clothesline for the victory


Golden State Tag Team Title Match : Chavo & Hector Guerrero © vs. British Steel (Steven Regal & Robbie Brookside)


British Steel went all out in their attempts to finally take the Golden State Tag Team Titles , and came close on several occasions to pull out the win, but Hector was eventually able catch Regal in the Guerrero Clutch and score the pinfall


The Brigade (Mike Rotunda, Al Perez & Tom Zenk) vs. The Freebirds


In what some consider a major upset, Rotunda surprised Hayes with a Samoan Drop and get the one two three. After the match, the Brigade were jubilant at their win over the men from Badstreet, USA, as were the fans.


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After a busy week at work combined with the draft, I'm finally able to get caught up. 

I liked how Steiner got the pin on Tanaka but at the following house show, Tanaka was ready for it and this time he got the pin. Great storytelling.

I wonder what's going on with Smothers? 

I would say Cameron is back on track after that impressive win over Buddy Jack.

Haynes and Rose are walking out with the titles but Cabin Fever isn't making it easy.

Orton is making a serious comeback since his title loss. After a big title loss it's sometimes hard to keep the guy's heat but you have mastered this. Orton and Gordy are perfect examples. 

Move of the night has to be Busick hitting the spinebuster on Nord, outside the ring! 

Perez gets a big clean win over Hito. These have been some good competitive matches for the CA title. 

Steamboat had some tough challenges this week. Taylor gives him a fight and then he battles Gilbert to a classic 60 min draw. Your LA cards always gives us an epic Pacific Title bout. 

Busick and Bigelow were really in sync this week until that sneaky Jake caused Bigelow to think Busick left him hanging. I hope Bigelow finds out what really happened. 

Waylon looked pretty devastating with that win over Sommers. 

Adams has been picking up a lot of wins with his superkick. 

YES! My guys the Pacific Warlords finally got their title shot! Rose and Haynes retain but I was happy to see the Warlords get a shot LOL. 

Heel Guerreros continue to be one of my favorite trios. 

Yea, I would call the Brigade's win over the Freebirds a bit of an upset. I think the Brigade is going to have to walk down Bad Street again. 

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I don't know if it comes off in my writing, but Badd Company vs. The Dog Pound has become one of my favorite tag feuds I have going. It started off as a sort of random, "What do I do net with these guys?" pairing, but they wound up having great chemistry in my head, and I really look forward to any chance I can get for them to square off.

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The lineup has been released for PCW's upcoming super show San Diego Battleground, taking place on Thanksgiving, November 26th, at the San Diego Sports Arena


The Final Battle – No Time Limit Match for the Pacific Heavyweight Title : Ricky Steamboat © vs. Eddie Gilbert


Pacific Tag Team Title Match : Billy Jack Haynes & Buddy Rose © vs. Cabin Fever (Manny Fernandez & Grizzly Boone)


Pacific Heavyweight Title Match : Texas Red © vs. Bob Orton


Submission Match for the California Title : Al Perez © vs. Mr. Hito


Golden State Tag Team Title Match : Chavo & Hector Guerrero © vs. British Steel (Steven Regal & Robbie Brookside)


Tag Team Street Fight : Badd Company vs. The Dog Pound (Brian Knobbs & Rick Steiner)


Brutus Beefcake & The Southern Boys vs. The Freebirds


The Thundercats (Too Cold Scorpio & Norman Smiley) vs. Flamboyance (Lanny Poffo & Ron Starr)


Mike Rotunda & Tom Zenk  vs. Waylon Mercy & Nord The Barbarian


Ed Wiskowski & Doug Somers vs. The Hollywood Vice Squad (Jimmy Del Ray & Randy Rose)


The Great Kabuki & The Great Muta vs. The Hart Foundation

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Thanksgiving is going to be one awesome night of Supercards! Pacific has just added in a stacked one. 

Steamboat and Gilbert have put on some classics so it's only fitting they go out with a no time limit match.

Texas Red has had a firm grip on the TV title. Will Cowboy Bob finally be the one to dethrone him? 

Badd Co. and The Dog Pound have been going at it on the undercards and a street fight on a supercard shows me that the bookers have been impressed. 

I'll be watching Smothers in that 6 man tag. 

Like Kev said, the Hart Foundation vs. Kabuki/Muta is the type of match that could steal the show. 

The fans in San Diego are in for a wild night of action! 


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Pacific Wrestling Showcase from the Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, on ESPN / TSN, October 30th 


The Southern Boys vs. Flamboyance (Lanny Poffo & Ron Starr)


The Southern Boys really don't seem to be on the same page lately. Tracy Smothers has either been completely monopolizing their matches or standing idle on the ring apron and leaving Steve Armstrong to fend for himself. In this match with Flamboyance, it seemed to be much of the former, with Smothers continually shaking off attempted tags and telling Armstrong that he had the match well in hand. Eventually, Armstrong got so fed up with Smothers that he got in his face and started shouting at each him. Smothers responded with a shrug and tagged into the match, and from there on, they seemed to be their normal selves, tagging in and out and hitting their trademark combination moves. That is, until the end, when Armstrong was facing off with Poffo and, out of nowhere, Smothers came off the top with the Jawjacker on Lanny Poffo. A confused Armstrong still made the cover for the win, but even though Smothers was all smiles after the match, Armstrong was clearly livid with his partner.


Tom Zenk vs. Jake Roberts


The Snake and his crew have been waging a war on two fronts these days. On one side, they have been battling Bam Bam Bigelow and Nick Busick, to the extent of stirring up friction between the two partners. On the other side, they have fought with the young men of the Brigade. A dangerous game, but one they have been successful at so far, using subterfuge to keep both factions in confusion, never knowing what is coming next.  Zenk was taking no chances,  bringing out his Brigade brothers Mike Rotunda and Al Perez to counter Waylon Mercy and Nord The Barbarian. Roberts seemed quite annoyed at this, and looked determined to punish Zenk for daring to bring out backup, opening  up with an eye gouge and working in plentiful cheap shots from there. But Zenk quickly recovered and seemed to be one step ahead of the Snake , able to shut down his offense with dropkicks and bouncing him all over the ring. He managed to trap Roberts in a Sleeper Hold, but Nord and Mercy charged into the ring to break it up, leading to a DQ win for Zenk. Perez and Rotunda swiftly leapt into the fray and ran the Snakepit off, but Roberts left swearing that he was going to make Zenk pay.


The Great Muta vs. Bret Hart


These two squared off a few weeks ago in a match that ended in DQ caused by the return of Jim Neidhart. This time out, Muta was backed up by his father , the Great Muta, as well as Missy Hyatt, while Hart was accompanied by Neidhart and his manager, Gary Hart. Kabuki clearly had his eye on Neidhart throughout the match, determined to shut down any attempt at interference before it happened . This came to a head when Neidhart tried to climb into the ring, but was pulled out by Kabuki. As the two slugged it out, Missy Hyatt and Gary Hart let their feelings be known from the sidelines. As the ref went over to try to break that up, Bret Hart tried to take advantage of the distraction by attacking Muta with a set of brass knuckles that Gary Hart had handed him earlier, but was met with a face full of the green mist from Muta. Muta then hit the blinded Hart with a spin kick and got the one two three. Missy seemed shocked at the tactics Muta used to get the victory, but Kabuki was stoic as he led his son from the ring.


Pacific Television Title Match : Texas Red © vs. Grizzly Boone


Before the match, PCW Commissioner Dutch Savage announced that, due to the excessive interference in the previous two matches, any other members of the Crazy Gang were banned from ringside for this match. While Boone might not have had Bob Orton or Manny Fernandez in his corner, the big mountain man was not intimidated by the champ, and managed to do a lot of damage to the popular Texan. While Red has been a very dominant champion in his long reign, he was facing someone much too big and powerful for a lot of his power offense. Things spilled to the outside and Boone attempted an avalanche on Red in the corner, but Texas Red was able to dodge out of the way and Boone went hard into the ringpost. Red was able to make it back into the ring and win by countout. He had successfully defended his title, but seemed much the worse for wear from the effort.


Ricky Steamboat & Eddie Gilbert vs. Chris Adams & Terry Taylor


While Steamboat and Gilbert are scheduled for a big showdown for the Pacific Heavyweight Title at San Diego Battleground , they were still firm friends and allies as they took on Adams and Taylor. Steamboat knew he was going to be facing Adams in an upcoming title match, and Gilbert was someone he could trust to watch his back. Adams was extremely aggressive in this match, taking Steamboat down with some high impact throws and suplexes as well as coming close on a number of occasions to landing the dreaded Superkick. But Steamboat was right to trust Gilbert, who broke up a number of possible double teams and eagerly jumped into the fray any chance he could. It ultimately came down to Taylor attempting the Fivearm on Steamboat, which Steamboat cut off with a running cross body that just barely got the three count. They had pulled out the victory, but Adams clearly had his eye on Steamboat.

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Pacific Coast Wrestling show from the Victoria Memorial Arena, Victoria, on Pacific Super Cards, October 31st  


The Great Kabuki & The Great Muta vs. The Hart Foundation


Kabuki and Muta took down Neidhart with a double thrust kick to the jaw


Brutus Beefcake vs. Waylon Mercy


Mercy pinned Beefcake after a DDT


The Thundercats (Too Cold Scorpio & Norman Smiley) vs. Flamboyance (Lanny Poffo & Ron Starr)


Smiley made Poffo surrender to the Norman Conquest (Cross Face Chicken Wing)


Larry Cameron vs. Terry Taylor


Cameron won with the Harlem Hammer (running double axehandle to the back of the head and neck)


Billy Jack Haynes, Buddy Rose & Texas Red vs. The Crazy Gang (Bob Orton, Grizzly Boone & Manny Fernandez)


A chaotic bout that started with the Crazy Gang ambushing Texas Red and Grizzly Boone crushing him with a running splash on the concrete. It was quite a while before Texas Red was able to make his way back into the match and, even then, he was in a lot of pain throughout. The Crazy Gang pressed their advantage until Orton caught Rose in a huge lariat to get the pinfall.


Pacific Heavyweight Title Match : Ricky Steamboat © vs. Chris Adams


Adams was coming in hot from the previous night's tag match and went in hard on Steamboat. He might have been living off his reputation for dirty tricks for the past while, but Adams is and incredibly skilled wrestler, and he and Steamboat had one for the ages. Steamboat found himself in a number of dangerous predicaments at a number of points in the match, but always figured a way out, and Adams was never able to fully land the Superkick before the bell rang signaling a 30 minute time limit draw. Adams kept bumping chests after the match with Steamboat, daring him to keep the match going, but the PCW officials eventually separated the two.

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Pacific Coast Wrestling show from the Kelowna Memorial Arena, Kelowna, November 1st


British Steel (Steven Regal & Robbie Brookside) vs. Flamboyance (Lanny Poffo & Ron Starr)


Regal caught Starr in the Regal Suplex (modified cradle suplex) to give the win to British Steel


Bob Orton vs. Doug Somers


Orton won with a Superplex


Mike Rotunda & Tom Zenk vs. The Dog Pound (Brian Knobbs & Rick Steiner)


These two teams went at it, fist and fire, and the Dog Pound proved hard to put down, but in the end, Rotunda scored the victory for the Brigade after catching Steiner with a Samoan Drop


Bam Bam Bigelow & Nick Busick vs. Jimmy Del Ray & Randy Rose


Although relations between Bigelow and Busick seemed a bit frosty, they still prevailed over the Hollywood Vice Squad after Bigelow hit the Slingshot Splash on Rose


Golden State Tag Team Title Match : Chavo & Hector Guerrero © vs. The Thundercats (Too Cold Scorpio & Norman Smiley)


The Thundercats really gave the champs a run for their money, but Chavo was ultimately able to take down Smiley with a German Suplex and hold onto the titles


Pacific Tag Team Title Match : Billy Jack Haynes & Buddy Rose © vs. The Pacific Warlords (Don Muraco & Jimmy Snuka)


The champions had really been put through the wringer the night before, and the Warlords sought to take advantage of that. For a while, it looked like they might pull it off, but the champs held on with grit and determination, and Haynes caught Snuka coming off the ropes with a powerslam that was just barely able to hold him down for the three count.


Pacific Television Title Match : Texas Red © vs. Manny Fernandez


Also feeling the effects of the previous night was Texas Red, and Manny Fernandez was certainly not about to go easy on him. Both men were busted open during this match, but a weary Texas Red put him down with a desperation chokeslam to score the one two three

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Wow... Pacific just keeps cranking out show!

The ESPN show woudl have had me glued from beginning to end.  The Bret Hart-Muta match was awesome!

Grizzily Boone taking it to Texas Red was great.  Lucky for Red that Boone missed the Big Squash.

Interesting to see Steamboat and Garvin still working together... I bet something will give soon.

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I wonder what's gotten into Smothers? I know Armstrong has had about enough. 

Zenk better be on high alert with Jake promising to make him pay.

Hart's brass knuckles were no match for the green mist. Gary Hart knows all about that. I bet Gary is a little worried. 

Has Texas Red finally met his match with Grizzly Boone? 

I'm liking the Steamboat/Gilbert storyline. Good allies but also fierce competitors. We'll see how things go down in their upcoming title match.

Muta and Kabuki have things going their way against the Hart Foundation. Gary better come up with a plan. 

Cameron looked strong with that win over Taylor. 

Speaking of strong wins, Crazy Gang got one on Rose/Haynes and Red. 

Good showing for Adams as he takes Steamboat to the limit. Steamboat has a lot of challengers gunning for him. 

Things are tense with Busick and Bigelow but they manage to pull off the win. 

Guerreros continue to have a firm grip on the Golden State titles. I've enjoyed their run here.

My guys the Pacific Warlords get another crack at the titles but Rose and Haynes pull it out. This unlikely duo has shown some great chemistry. 

Texas Red had a tough week but ended it strong with a win over Manny. 

I really like all the factions and intertwining storylines going. Makes for an exciting read. 

So much happening as Pacific heads into Thanksgiving with a ton of momentum. 


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Pacific Wrestling Showcase Battleground Countdown Show from the Portland Sports Arena, November 20th


The Southern Boys vs. Michael Hayes & Buddy Jack Roberts


Tracy Smothers and Steve Armstrong have had a lot of difficulty seeing eye to eye of late. Smothers has been to blame for much of it, but Armstrong's increasing sense of frustration with his partner has certainly not been helping things. In this match with the Freebirds, they seemed to keep it together for the most part, tagging in and out and hitting some impressive double teams. But things seemed to fall apart at the end, when all four men started slugging it out. Armstrong had caught Hayes in a rollup, but Hayes reversed it with a fistful of trunks. Smothers had just dumped Buddy Jack to the outside, but when he saw Hayes pinning Armstrong, he just shrugged and did nothing to break up the pinfall. The Freebirds got the win and Smothers simply strolled away from the ring. Not a good omen of things to come.


Pacific Light Heavyweight Title Match : Too Cold Scorpio © vs. Lanny Poffo


The Thundercats and Flamboyance are scheduled for a tag team match at San Diego Battleground, but tonight Lanny Poffo gets a rematch to try to win back the Light Heavyweight Title. He certainly went all out, with an exciting and fast paced match that had the fans going throughout. Poffo finally slipped up when he went for a dropkick, but Scorpio caught himself on the ropes and Leaping Lanny hit nothing but air before crashing to the mat. Scorpio capitalized with a running elbow drop and followed up with a top rope legdrop that got the one two three. Scorpio has proved to be a more than capable champion and will now move on to new challengers.


Buddy Rose vs. Grizzly Boone


Grizzly Boone has ben waging a campaign of terror through PCW and, right before he and Manny Fernandez challenge for the Pacific Tag Belts, he and "Playboy" Buddy Rose would square off in a singles match. The Playboy certainly new better than to try and face the big mountain man head on, trying to dodge and weave while tiring out Boone. For the most part, his tactics were successful, keeping him mostly out of reach of Boone's offense. But when the big Grizzly did land, he made it count, unleashing some harsh punishment on Rose. Things eventually spilled outside, with the two slugging it out until the bell rang for a double countout. Rose made it through this one, but he and Haynes will have to face both members of Cabin Fever at San Diego Battleground.


Pacific Television Title Match : Texas Red © vs. Jimmy Del Ray


While Texas Red has been mostly focused on his upcoming TV Title defense against "Cowboy" Bob Orton, the Hollywood Vice Squad have been seeking vengeance on him after he sent "Hollywood" John Tatum out of PCW with a Heart Punch. Randy Rose was in Del Ray's corner for this match, but Texas Red paid him no mind. That said, Red was looking a bit slower from some punishing matches with various members of the Crazy Gang. Jimmy Del Ray exploited this and was able to get some good shots in on the champ and get him in some pinning predicaments. Texas Red rallied , though , and started nailing his trademark big moves on Del Ray. This prompted Randy Rose to enter the fray, but Red caught him by the throat, and for a moment, he had both members of the Hollywood Vice Squad at his mercy, of which he has none. Then, out of nowhere, somebody charged into the ring and viciously clipped his knee from behind, taking him down. He and the Vice Squad then started savagely attacking his knee while the ref called for the DQ. It was "Gorgeous" Gary Young!!! He was making his PCW debut by joining the Hollywood Vice Squad. The three men kept on ganging up on the downed champion until the members of British Steel rushed to the ring, causing them to scatter. Steven Regal and Robbie Brookside helped Texas Red from the ring, but he was visibly limping as he headed back to the locker room. Things aren't looking good for the champ going into San Diego Battleground.


Pacific Heavyweight Title Match : Ricky Steamboat © vs. Don Muraco


Steamboat is heading into the biggest match of his time in Pacific Coast Wrestling, but tonight he must first survive the challenge of one of his biggest rivals, "The Magnificent One" himself, Don Muraco. The big Hawaiian was determined to grab the title for himself, and put the champ through the wringer with his crushing power offense. Steamboat maintained his poise and was soon firing back, taking Muraco over with some armdrags and doing everything he could to shut him down. This was an epic struggle, with Muraco doing everything he could to beat the champ. In the end, Steamboat was able to get to the top rope and his a flying cross body press to score the pinfall. Steamboat has a lot of momentum going into San Diego Battleground, but will it be enough to finally put down the challenge of "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert?

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Can't wait to see where you go with Tracy Smothers.  Not caring about the pin on Armstrong is a bad sign.

Fun brawl during the Texas Red match.

Nice use of the monster Grizzly Boone... he is your KKB or One Man Gang.  Just good enough to scare people.

Looking forward to the big card in San DIego

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Lot's of intrigue heading into Battleground.

Things are boiling between Armstrong and Smothers. 

Will Battleground be the night Cabin Fever takes home the gold?

WOW! Gary Young comes in with a bang as the Vice Squad to a number on Texas Red. I'm sure Orton will take full advantage of this at Battleground. 

Steamboat puts down his old rival Muraco and has some serious momentum going in against Gilbert.

Can't wait for Thanksgiving! 

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