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  1. Autistic Dragon


    NWA places Ron Bass & Black Bart on the block.
  2. Autistic Dragon


    NWA releases Doug Somers & adds Chic Donavon. NWA sends Tracy Smothers Steve Armstrong to WCPW for Ranger Ross & Rocky Johnson.
  3. Autistic Dragon

    Windy City Pro Wrestling

    WCPW is seriously branching out by heading to St Louis! And you're giving the fans plenty of reasons to turn out with a tournament stacked with talent & a massive main event including hometown hero Harley Race.
  4. Autistic Dragon

    Pacific Coast Wrestling

    Grizzly tries to maul Windham but the former champ escapes with the win. Interesting how with Sabu absent, the Crazy Gang's plan goes off without a hitch. US Steel defeats a Mando who may not be thinking clearly. Neidhart lays out a clear case for his joining the Knights Templar, but Mr Backlund's other students don't appear convinced yet. Though let's not bury the lead, Backlund/Bockwinkel 2 will be 2/3 falls with no time limit! Now we'll certainly find out who's the better man. Grizzly may have been a bit beaten up but he was still there when Rose needed him. The Pride with a defining win over the Hart's & Pillman. Big things are in store for these men.
  5. Autistic Dragon

    AWA Major League Wrestling

    Venomous show promise as a energetic heel duo. BJS gets the win but the issue with Peterson clearly isn't settled. Z-man shows Taylor that what goes around, comes around. Madril doesn't appear to be bothered by things like DQ losses. What a shock! The Bruise Brothers are the new AWA World Tag Team Champions thanks to...Tony Atlas? And why do I get the feeling he knows something about why the Glamour Boys couldn't make it for their match? Dream Machine dodges the bullet. Larry Z cuts to the chase but it doesn't pay off. Steamboat earns himself a title shot. The Universal Heartthrob is back in Memphis & what better way to announce it then screwing Lawler out of the world title? Great way for the people of Memphis to spend their independence day.
  6. Autistic Dragon


    (I apologize if the format seems a bit rushed. I moved into a new house on the 30th & the last few days have been busy.) Airing live on Pay-Per-View from the Orange Bowl in Miami Florida, the National Wrestling Alliance is proud to present... (Sweeping shot of the packed stadium full of excited fans. We then cut to Bob Caudle Tony Schiavone in fancy suits at ringside) BC: Wrestling fans, the night you've all been waiting for has finally arrived! I'm Bob Caudle alongside Tony Schiavone welcoming you to the biggest wrestling event of the summer.. The Great American Bash 1987! We've got a monumental card for you this evening. Tony, tell'em all about it. TS: Monumental is right Bob. Fans listen to this stacked card, British wrestling prodigy Norman Smiley will challenge Tom McGee for the NWA World Television Title. Brutha's in Arms defend the United States Tag Team Titles against the Southern Boys. The Celestial Trinity have thrown out an open challenge for the NWA World Six Man Tag Team Titles, we know Brian Adidas had answered but we don't know who his partners will be. Radiance & the S&S Express look to settle their rivalry once & for all in a Texas Tornado match. The Outlaws will challenge the Road Warriors one more time for the NWA World Tag Team Titles but this time in a steel cage! Stan "The Lariat" Hansen faces his toughest test to date as he defends the NWA United States Title against "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes. And in the main event, the rematch the world has been waiting for, Tully Blanchard attempts to regain the Ten Pounds of Gold as he challenges "Nature Boy" Ric Flair in a 60 minute Iron Man match. We're just about to kick things off with the "Land of Opportunity" gauntlet match but before we do, please welcome American Music award winner Mrs Diana Ross to sing our national anthem. "Land of Opportunity" gauntlet match order of elimination. The Minnesota Wrecking Crew eliminated The War Party when Joe Lightfoot immediately attacked Billy Two Eagles the moment the bell rang battering him all around the ring area & busting him open on the ring post before rolling him into the ring then simply walking away as if nothing happened. With a shrug, Ole pinned Two Eagles' bloody carcass for the easy first elimination. The Minnesota Wrecking Crew eliminated Good & Plenty when JJ tripped SBS sending him into an Arn Spinebuster. The Killer Bees eliminated The Minnesota Wrecking Crew when Jim Brunzell shoved Ole into JJ on the ring apron before pulling him into an O'Connor roll. The Killer Bees eliminated The Dirty White Boys when B. Brian Blair avoided a double back bodydrop by pulling Anthony into an inside cradle. Denton tried to pull on his partner's hand to prevent the hold but Brunzell tackled him allowing Blair to complete the cradle. The Killer Bees eliminated Spartanburg Vice with a double dropkick on Lou Winston. Both teams shook hands afterwards. The Killer Bees eliminated The Stud Stable when Blair countered a Jimmy Golden Piledriver attempt into a jacknife pin. The Stud Stable we're furious at the result & assaulted the Bees leading to... British Justice eliminated The Killer Bees when Haystacks flattened a exhausted & beatdown Blair with a belly-to-belly suplex. Winners: British Justice! NWA World Television Title Tom "MegaMan" McGee vs "Black Magic" Norman Smiley w/Ms Linda ended in a 20 minute time limit draw. McGee offered a handshake but at Linda's direction, Smiley left without taking it. No winner. Still NWA World Television Champion: Tom "MegaMan" McGee! NWA World Six Man Tag Team Titles (The champions are already in the ring awaiting Adidas to reveal his partners. The "Lone Star" milks it for a moment before gesturing to the curtain which parts to reveal... THE GRAPPLERS!) "Lone Star" Brian Adidas & The Grapplers defeat The Celestial Trinity (Zodiac, Jason the Terrible & Angel of Death)(c) when Grappler #1 pinned AoD with a running boot to the face. Winners and NEW NWA World Six Man Tag Team Champions: Brian Adidas & The Grapplers! NWA United States Tag Team Titles Brutha's in Arms (Shaska Whatley & Tiger Conway Jr) c w/Slick defeat The Southern Boys (Tracy Smothers & Steve Armstrong) when Slick tried to pass Conway one of the title belts which referee Theodore Long intercepted. This seemed to be part of the plan however as Slick immediately slide his man a chair which he crashed into Armstrong's head. Long turned just as Conway disposed of the chair & while he probably heard the shot he had no proof anything happened so had no choice but to count 1...2...3. Winners & still NWA United States Tag Team Champions: Brutha's in Arms! Texas Tornado match Radiance (Doug Somers & Jimmy Del Ray) w/ "Sensational" Sherri Martel vs The S&S Express (Joe Savoldi Shaun Simpson) An absolutely wild brawl in which you could truly feel the animosity between the four men. Sometime after the 15 minute mark, Martel got on the ring apron holding one of her heels. Somers tried to send Simpson into the awaiting heel but Simpson reversed the whip & Martel struck her own man leaving him vulnerable to the "Express Lane" & pin while Savoldi held Del Ray at bay. After the bell Martel was screaming at the downed Somers, even stomping on him for good measure (thankfully she used the foot without the high heel) before leading Del Ray away leaving Somers to be tended to by NWA staff. Winners: The S&S Express! NWA United States Title Stan "The Lariat" Hansen(c) vs "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes. No mat classic here, just two of the finest brawlers in the game getting it on like two men should. They throw some serious haymakers at each other & to the surprise of approximately nobody both men are bleeding by match end. After over 20 minutes of back-and-forth action it comes down to the two combatents standing in center ring trading blows. Rhodes summons all the energy he has left & nails the "Bionic Elbow" to a huge pop! Hansen staggers backwards & looks like he may fall through the ropes but to the shock of everyone, instead rebounds off them & charges back with a LARIAT FROM NOWHERE! He manages to get an arm across Rhodes which just manages to get him the win. Winner and STILL NWA United States Champion: Stan Hansen! NWA World Tag Team Steel Cage match. The Road Warriors (Hawk & Animal) w/"Precious" Paul Ellering vs The Outlaws (Ron Bass & Black Bart) Four of the toughest men in the NWA going to war over the richest prize in tag team wrestling. Each of them is rammed into & raked across the cage & more than one of them is cut open by the time the finish comes. Said finish comes in a matter similar to how to Road Warriors won the titles in the first place. With Hawk scaling the side of the cage coming off as Animal takes Bass onto his shoulders for a super "Doomsday Device" Winners and STILL NWA World Tag Team Champions: The Road Warriors! (As Ellering enters the cage to celebrate with his clients, an uproar is heard as British Justice storm into the cage, knocking Ellering down before pouncing on the champions. Tired, bloody & taken by surprise, Hawk & Animal find themselves in the rare position of being completely overwhelmed by the combined effort of Street, Haystacks & Smiley. As the beatdown continues Ellering makes his way out the door, grabs a chair, re-enters the cage & starts swinging at anything not wearing face paint. He manages to buy his clients enough time for them to catch their breath & rejoin the fight. Just as the tide begins to turn however, a hooded man emerges from the crowd & enters the cage wielding a baseball bat. Without a hint of hesitation, he drives the bat into Ellering's ribcage before repeatedly nailing both champions with it. As he's embraced by the members of British Justice, the hood is lowered to reveal...BILL DUNDEE! The Superstar is back in the NWA! He & his companions raise their hands as boos rain down.) 60 minute Iron Man match for the NWA World Heavyweight Title. "Nature Boy Ric Flair(c) vs Tully Blanchard w/JJ Dillon Order of falls: Tully Blanchard scores the first fall by countering a Figure Four into an inside cradle with a handful of tights at 17:47 Ric Flair scores the second fall when Blanchard hits him with the title in clear view of the referee earning a disqualification at 38:05 Blanchard scores the third fall by pinning the prone Flair at 38:08 Ric Flair scores the fourth fall with a surprise backslide at 49:53 Ric Flair scores the fifth fall after a series of reversals ends with him on top during a inside cradle at 59:55 Winner with a score of 3-2 and STILL NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Ric Flair!
  7. Autistic Dragon

    World Wrestling Federation (2.0)

    I'll be there!
  8. Autistic Dragon

    AWA Major League Wrestling

    First Hammond. Rich starts the night off with one last cheap shot to the King ahead of their big title rematch. Powerhous may be in for the fight of his life at the Mecca. The Cripplers look ready to go. I got a feeling Allen won't be feeling "alright" when Bad News gets ahold of him. Solid squash by Strong leads to a fun brawl with Peterson. The Great Gama has some Venomous new allies. Dream Machine is primed & ready for Armstrong in the Mid-South Coliseum. Polynesian Power looking strong going into the Mecca. The Natural returns to the AWA & The Technicians are back together. A squash by the World Champs was always gonna get a pop. Austing completely ignoring Resnick's question made me laugh but i hope he takes Polynesian Power more seriously come belltime. Lots of talent in that closing six man tag. You just know Taylor is gonna be crowing over pinning Zenk. On to the Mecca. BNB makes a statement in his first match. Cripplers win round 1 but there's much more to come. Putski just couldn't overpower The Beast. Kirchner & Boone couldn't be bothered to wait for the bell. Iaukea & his two remaining killers return & do some serious damage to Polynesian Power. Busick overcomes the numbers game to mount another successful defense. Frenchy's men are taking the National Tag titles back to Quebec! Canek send the crowd home happy with a hard fought win.
  9. Autistic Dragon


    My word what drama! What Intrigue! What the hell is Ernie Ladd up to & how is Ted Turner involved? I don't know but i can't wait to find out! And as for the new Mid-South, You can't get much more heat than by crowning the "Russian Nightmare" your first champion.
  10. Autistic Dragon


    NWA Live at the Lakeland Civic Center in Lakeland FL 7/1/87 The New Breed (Chris Champion & Sean Royal) defeat two local talents with "Future Shock" Non title. Tom "MegaMan" McGee defeats "Dandy" Don Bass with a slingshot legdrop. Norman Smiley & Ms Linda were seen observing from the aisle. "Super Rookie" Hiroshi Hase defeats Assassin #2 with the "Scorpion Death Lock" "Black Magic" Norman Smiley w/Ms Linda defeats "The Polynesian Prince" Siva Afi with the "Norman Conquest". McGee was seen observing from the aisle. Good Plenty (Ray Candy & Sweet Brown Sugar) defeat Radiance (Doug Somers & Jimmy Del Ray) w/"Sensational" Sherri Martel by DQ when Martel slid her men a pair of chairs which they used without hesitation. Martel ordered her men to keep up the attack after the bell but the S&S Express ran down & a wild brawl ensued despite multiple attempts by security to break the teams apart & the four men eventually fought their way to the back. Iceman Parsons w/Slick defeats Brickhouse Brown with a Piledriver. Bruiser Brody defeats Ole Anderson w/JJ Dillon with the "King Kong Knee Drop"
  11. Autistic Dragon


    NWA Live at the Memorial Auditorium in Greenville SC 6/28/87 El Santo Negro defeats a local talent with a La Magistral cradle. George South defeats "Tough" Tony Falk with a backslide. B.Brian Blair defeats Len Denton with Missile dropkick. Jimmy Golden defeats Billy Two Eagles with a Piledriver. Spartanburg Vice (Jerry Bryant & Lou Winston) vs The New Breed (Chris Champion & Sean Royal) ends in a 15 minute time limit draw. "Adorable" Adrian Adonis w Sensational" Sherri Martel defeats "Shooting Star" Keiichi Yamada when Yamada passed out to "Goodnight Irene" The Outlaws (Ron Bass, Black Bart & Joel Deaton) defeat NWA World Tag Team Champions The Road Warriors (Hawk & Animal) & "Precious" Paul Ellering when Bart pinned Ellering with the "Texas Trash Compactor". The Road Warriors had to help their manager to the back.
  12. Autistic Dragon

    Windy City Pro Wrestling

    Rotundo may have just tamed Wild Bill. The Jayhawks take advantage of Johnson & Ross' lack of chemistry to claim victory. Abby looks dominant while Casey's gone full "i don't give a f**k". Love it. Babber & OMG beat the shit outta each other! A memorable finish leads to a new champ. Akbar is gonna be so pissed. Glad to see the Youngblood's finding their footing. The Nasties win in a chaotic strap match. Garvin wins round 1 but Roberts is determined to fight on! The reign of the Rockers is over! Orton & Slater are ruling the roosts now. Spivey brings victory home in the Blackjack Brawl. Looking forward to seeing Mulligan & Kamala go 1-1. Adams does the right thing but it costs him the match. It's hard to be a Gentlemen in wrestling. The greatest rivalry in WCPW's history (so far) comes to a suitably dramatic conclusion. Budro tries to help his pal Idol one last time but not only does it fail miserably he gets HIMSELF booted out the door as well! Looking forward to the bis announcement next week.
  13. Autistic Dragon

    World Wrestling Federation (2.0)

    First Boston. Link vs Taz is a fun visual, especially since i'm picturing the latter in his tazmaniac gear. Even Jimmy Hart's megaphone can't keep the Stinger down for too long. Albano & Blassie's crews collide in what i'm sure was an entertaining six man tag. Kev finds out the hard way it's called "high-risk" for a reason. Andre & Studd always have such fun brawls. Fuji's Headhunters catch a pair of Young Stallions. Tito k.o's Muraco & humiliates Hart. Good times all around. Big card shaping up for the 25th. The Bulldogs retain over the two powerhouses. The Hulkster overcomes Shieky baby to retain the title. On to Lowell. Nice to see SD & Taz pick up wins. Another successful defense for the Bulldogs. I like the finish to the Sting/Patera match. Kendall bounces Blassie's Bouncer. Rude retains against the wildman. Sting & Sarge are quite the powerful face pairing.
  14. Autistic Dragon

    Wonder Women Wrestling

    Richter wisely decides to conserve energy in the first of her 3 matches. Mitchell claims victory with some Divine intervention but she still feels the wrath of Maxine. Morgan wins a spirited encounter. Singh & Bennett continue their Monstrous reign as Tag champs. Richter gets a win on the board but it may just cost her in the main event. Peterson claims the win in a solid breather match. After two earlier matches, Richter just doesn't have enough left to topple the World champ.
  15. Autistic Dragon


    Taped at the Winthrop Coliseum before WCW. Originally airing 6/26/87 With your host "The Dean of professional wrestling" Gordon Solie. "Lone Star" Brian Adidas defeats Dusty Wolfe with the "Oriental Spike" Non title. Brutha's in Arms (Shaska Whatley & Tiger Conway Jr) w/Slick defeat The Interns (1&2) with a double DDT on Intern#1. "The Polynesian Prince" Siva Afi vs Executioner ends in a no contest as Stan Hansen storms the ring & lays out both men with a Lariat. He then stares down the camera & shouts "This is what's coming for you Rhodes!" Winner challenges for the NWA World Television Title at the Great American Bash. "Black Magic" Norman Smiley w/Ms Linda defeats "Shooting Star" Keiichi Yamada when Ms Linda nails s Yamada with her purse allowing Smiley to lock it the "Norman Conquest" In other news... Both The Outlaws & The Road Warriors send in promos threatening to tear the other team limb from limb! Solie speculates they may just tear Miami down in the process. Solie announces that at the Bash there will be a "Land of Opportunity" tag team gauntlet match with winning team earning a shot at either the United States or World Tag Team Titles. Teams entered include.... The Minnesota Wrecking Crew Spartanburg Vice The Dirty White Boys Good & Plenty British Justice The War Party The Stud Stable and finally... The Killer Bees After his victory, Brian Adidas reveals he's answering the open challenge for the Six Man Tag Titles & he's bringing "Two of the baddest dudes from Texas" as backup. Solie Informs the audience that in order to ensure everyone is prepared for the Great American Bash, there will be no NWA TV next week.