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  1. Autistic Dragon

    Wonder Women Wrestling

    Kai's Killers (feel free to use that) kick us off with a win in a wild 8 women tag. Maybe one title match isn't out of the question. The Combs/Richter rematch is official. Pardue helps her former student earn another match cause she ain't done whooping that ass! Love it! Singh's temper costs her a chance to recapture the tv title as the reign of McIntyre continues. Don't worry about it, earning your PhD is probably more important than fantasy booking wrestling 30 years in the past anyway.
  2. Autistic Dragon

    WWF 1981

    WWF All Star Wrestling Filmed at the Hamburg Field House in Hamburg PA Originally airing 6-14-1981 A montage of WWF action set to"Scheherazade" by Maynard Ferguson opens the show ending on a shot of WWF Heavyweight Champion Bob Backlund celebrating amongst jubilant fans. We cut to Vince McMahon and Gorilla Monsoon. McMahon: Hello everyone and welcome to another exciting episode of WWF All Star Wrestling. We have a big show for you today I'll be interviewing the NEW Intercontinental Champion "The Magnificent" Don Muraco & of course his manager The Grand Wizard. Monsoon: And it all leads to our massive main event as the Brisco Brothers take on the Bushwackers with the winners going on to challenge the Moondogs for the WWF Tag Team Titles on the 20th. McMahon: All that and a number of new arrivalarrivals here in the World Wrestling Federation. Now I understand we had scheduled Hulk Hogan for our opening match but there seems to be something going on in Pure Class. We'll get some answers as it's time for our first match. We cut to the ring where Izzy Toft is warming up amidst some confusion as Freddie Blassie gets into the ring alone and gestures for Joe McHugh to hand him the microphone. Blassie: Mr Hogan has parted ways with Pure Class to chase a financial opportunity elsewhere. But fret not peons because i have acquired the services of a man who is going to take my organization to heights unseen! With that Blassie hands McHugh a card. McHugh: Ladies and gentlemen replacing Hulk Hogan...being accompanied by the Hollywood fashion plate "Classy" Freddie Blassie and representing Pure Class....Making his return to the World Wrestling Federation....Hailing from Tehran Iran....Weighing in at 117 kilograms....Here is the Iron Shiek! Thunderous boos! Match 1 The Iron Shiek w/"Classy" Freddie Blassie defeats Izz Toft with the Camel Clutch. Everything the Shiek did seemed to grate the audience from his posing throughout the match to his adjusting his (admittedly impressive) mustache before synching in the match winning clutch. After McHugh finished announcing him as the winner Shiek snatched the mic. Shiek: Mr Freddie Blazzie he call me and say Shiek you come join Pure Class and I see to it you make more money than Allah and become champion. All you need do is break the backs of some idiot Americans. And this only the beginning. All intelligent American wrestling fan they see Shieky put this nameless fool in the Camel Clutch i break his back and I make him humble. As I make all your heroes humble...The Superman Snuka...David Finally...Bruno Samaritan...Pedro Molasses and especially Bob Backslide. Iran Numbah Vhon...Pure Class Numbah Vhon...America? Patooey! Camera man! Camera man! Zoom in on the Shiek! Shiek does a few muscle man poses as Blassie cackles in the background. Match 2 David Sammartino w/Bruno Sammartino defeats Lennie Winthrop with a figure four as Bruno beams with pride. Commercial break-Vince McMahon runs down the WWF live events for this coming week. We return to Vince McMahon standing ringside. McMahon: Ladies and gentlemen there was a sizable shakeup in the World Wrestling Federation as last night in Springfield Mass we crowned a new Intercontinental Champion! Here he is alongside his manager The Grand Wizard "The Magnificent" Don Muraco! Muraco & Wizard walk out dressed to the nines to a torrent of boos. McMahon: Well Wizard you set a goal for your men and The Magnificent one deliverd. The Intercontinental Championship is yours. Wizard: Vince McMahon last night will go down as one of the most significant nights in the history of the World Wrestling Federation. The day that The Magnificent one rescued the Intercontinental Championship from that desiccated relic Pedro Morales and returning it to glory. This man will take the Intercontinental Championship to a level of prestige that will eclipse the WWF Heavyweight Championship and indeed even the NWA World championship. And it all begins on the 20th in Philadelphia. Tell'em champ! Muraco: Thank you Wizard. On the 20th of June in Philadelphia airing live on the Spectrum network i end the Morales's hopes of ever again putting his grubby paws on MY TITLE! Morales you need to understand that you and all the other previous holders of this Championship were nothing but placeholders,keeping this title safe and shined up for when I was ready to claim it. And now that time has arrived,the era of Magnificence is upon us and that it shall last FOREVER! HAHAHA Muraco & Wizard leave to boos even louder than when they arrived. Match 3 The British Bulldogs defeat Rich Madison & Elijah Cokes when Smith military pressed Kid and launched him into a diving headbutt on Cokes. Match 4 "The Canadian Freight Train" Jos Leduc defeats Hervey Rowe with a one handed backbreaker. Commercial break-Market specific ad. Vince runs down the card for the Philadelphia show on the 20th WWF Heavyweight Championship steel cage match. Bob Backlund (c) vs Killer Khan w/"Classy" Freddie Blassie WWF Intercontinental Championship rematch "The Magnificent" Don Muraco(c) w/The Grand Wizard vs Pedro Morales WWF Tag Team Championship match The Moondogs(c) w/"Captain" Lou Albano vs the winners of the Brisco Brothers vs the Bushwackers Special attraction Antonio Inoki vs Andre the Giant Rick Martel vs Tony Garea "Belfast Bruiser" David Finley vs George "The Animal" Steele w/"Classy" Freddie Blassie King Kong Mosca w/"Captain" Lou Albano vs "Terrific" Terry Taylor "Philadelphia's favorite son" S.D Jones vs Baron Mike Sicicluna Before we go to our next match footage from the Madison Square Garden event plays showing the shocking betrayal of Tony Garea by Rick Martel. Match 5 Rick Martel defeats Leonzio Sgro with the Boston crab. He holds it a few seconds after the bell then takes the mic from McHugh Martel: Garea the days of you holding me back are done. In Philadelphia i cut lose your dead weight once and for all! Final commercial break-Advertisement for the upcoming event on the USA network on June 27th Main event The Brisco Brothers defeat The Bushwackers w/"Lord" Jonathan Boyd Jerry caught Butch with a inside cradle.
  3. Autistic Dragon

    Special Attraction Booking Sheet

    WWF requests to book Andre the Giant for June 20th please.
  4. Autistic Dragon

    AWA 1981

    Things got crazy in Omaha with that 6 man elimination match. Big win for Captain Redneck as he puts down the Superstar. Jones may be letting his men's success go to his head. Big time main event victory for the Wild Samoans. Not a bad couple of days for the AWA.
  5. Autistic Dragon

    MACW 1981

    The first round of the six-man tournament goes bout how i expected giving way to a very exciting semifinals. The masked man returns but tries to take Flair out this time! Who could it be?! Some primo title defenses in Raleigh. Kabuki finally takes the TV Title in Columbia meaning all Gary Hart's men are champions! That title vs title match is money anywhere. Always good to see Barry teaming with his dad. An eventful loop for MACW.
  6. Autistic Dragon

    Pacific Coast Wrestling

    The Pacific Coluseam. Teaming officially for one match and Jarrett & Severn already have a tandem finish. Good sign. The Thunderbirds/Iron & Steel feud picks up steam. Badd Company can fly under my radar at times but showings like tonight make me sit up and pay attention. The American Ninja picks up a solid win. Windham wins what must have been a slugfest against the Polish Prince. Muta screws Gilbert out off the PCW Heavyweight Championship! Again! Ohhh Gilbert must be soooo pissed. To the Memorial Arena! "Mean" Mike reassert his position with a win over "The Lethal Weapon," Buisck scores another impressive victory. Oh poor Vic having to get in there with a pissed off Hansen. The strengthened Playboy Club wastes no time making the brits lives miserable. Mr Hollywood & The Big V get the duke over the Japanese Snowbirds. It seems the Outlaw had himself a gator problem. A rough night for the Snowbirds as Owen & Pillman fail to regain the Golden State tag titles. British Columbia sees two great nights of PCW action.
  7. Autistic Dragon

    Georgia Championship Wrestling 1981

    The thought of "Maniac" Matt & Sullivan teaming up makes me uneasy ad it should the entire GCW roster. Like Ole's chest pounding speech. Georgia and MACW are going to war! There's something inherently funny about Jimmy Hart running his mouth a mile a minute with that squeaky voice of his while Bundy & Studd stand there menacingly. The Freebirds vs DiBiase & Hanson? For titles? I'm there! Masked Superstar justifies his jumping ship by becoming the new NWA Georgia champion! I think you're onto something here.
  8. Autistic Dragon

    MACW 1981

    Crockett announces a huge main event for next week and rewarded by Ole telling to take his job and shove it! Honestly seems like a very Ole move from what I've read about him. Wahoo,Steamboat & Youngblood have their eyes on just about all the gold in MACW. I like it. Bret scores back to back wins over the Assassains. Love JJ & crew taking credit for running everybody off. Nice win for the Soul Man. Solid promo by Akbar & co. Hart's men aren't satisfied with just the MACW tag titles. As they shouldn't be. Freebirds kinda get a gimme with a jobber on the opposing team but the rest of the tournament is stacked.
  9. Autistic Dragon

    AWA Major League Wrestling

    Hope Vin Man had a good seat as the Golden Boys showed off why he should probably stop messing with them. Colon puts down Goulet but a monster awaits at Wrestlerock. Gagne & Myers take advantage of Crusher's absence to reclaim the advantage in the rivalry with Rheneigans. I am shocked that the Cartel vs the Superflys couldn't reach a clean finish. Shocked i say! Paul Jones leads the Baron to victory in the battle of the claws with the help of a chairshot. Cabin Fever score a big psychological win with a pin on one of the champs. Sir Tony "Simply the best" St Clair dispatches Steve O on route to his date with destiny. I legitimately would buy a ticket for that main event alone. Soul man may have actually shut Idol up temporarily. Louisville sees another great night of wrestling.
  10. Autistic Dragon

    Pacific Coast Wrestling

    Mega Man keeps the Brigade's momentum going with a win over Gary Hart's assassain Mr Hito. I've been low-key waiting for a proper feud between the Thunderbirds and Iron & Steel. Might it finally be here. Severn finally gives i and agrees to walk alone with double j. PCW finally has it's odd couple. If Miller can't shape up the Crazy Gang may be looking for a new (or old) leader. Great win for Simmons. Love how Finley turns down Rose's offer of the high life but agrees after Rose tells him he'll get to beat up more people. But not before getting Rose's true intentions out of him. The interaction between Rose & the Dog Pound got a chuckle out of me. Bubba gets another one over Burke but the real story is after the match. Interesting how the masked man helps Burke but doesn't seem interested in the rest of the army. A worthy followup to Seattle Showdown.
  11. Autistic Dragon

    Western States Wrestling

    Western States Wrestling Sports Arena Amarillo Texas Bell time 3pm The Devil's Duo w/Slick defeat U.S Steel & Rufus "Freight Train" Jones when Slick seemed to try to sell Jones a watch allowing Sword to catch him in a schoolboy with a handful of overalls. Sunny War Cloud defeats "Wild Tiger" Kim Duk when Tojo hits Duk with the Japanese flag by mistake! Scott "Hog" Irwin defeats "Black Bullet" Shaska Whatley w/Slick by hitting Whatley with a bulldog while he was distracted by Rufus Jones chasing Slick around ringside. The Moondogs w/"Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan defeat the Fort Bragg Brotherhood when Spot tried to hit Kirchner with a bone Bobby Pico snatched it but while Pico was getting out of the ring Sullivan passed Spot the Golden Spike which found its way into Kirchner's skull. Jimmy Jack Funk defeats "The Great" Gamma Singh w/"General" Skandar Akbar after banging his and Akbar's heads together then hitting a piledriver. "Dirty" Dutch Mantell and "Killer" Tim Brooks w/"General" Skandar Akbar ends in a double DQ when they both grabbed chairs and started dueling with each other. Double Victory match Fall 1 Chicky Starr pins Dory Funk Jr with a backslide with his feet on the ropes. Fall 2 Dory Funk Jr pins Chicky Starr after reversing a inside cradle. Fall 3 Chicky Starr submits Dory Funk Jr when Starr produces a piece of ropes from his tights which he uses in a sleeperhold until Funk passes out. Winner: Chicky Starr Terry Funk & "The Pride of Montague County" Johnny Mantell defeat Zaibatsu (WSW Heavyweight Champion Jumbo Tsuruta & Mr Pogo) w/Tojo Yamamoto when Mantell pinned Pogo with the floatover Russian leg sweep! After the bell Mantell posed with the WSW Heavyweight Championship belt.
  12. Autistic Dragon

    AWA Major League Wrestling

    The Soul Man gets the crowd going with a lightning quick win then swears that the Universal Heartthrob that lightning doesn't strike twice. Looking forward to this one. Vin man better unnastan when the Highwaymen say no they mean no! It's gonna be all out WAAAAARRRRR between Kamala & Colon at Wrestlerock and I can't wait! Rock n Roll gets another w over Priceless with a little assist from the Bruise Brothers. Priceless is gonna want those Billionaires Tag Titles back. The Superstar is riding high heading into the Memphis streetfight against the King. The battle of the Billy Jacks is on for Wrestlerock. There can be only one! I gotta feeling Southern Justice just bit off more than they can chew. Wahoo gets ready to educate Bock. But I'm sure Bock has a few lessons in mind for Wahoo as well. Moretti shows how far his ruthless streak goes as he wraps the chain around Sunshine! Casey is gonna be seeing red when he gets back. Damn Henning & Adias are annoying. Go Rock n Roll! Cabin Fever remind everyone they know how to play dirty. Reinforce the ring before these animals get in there. I should have seen it coming. Jose kept coming around so eventually Haystacks puts him down! There's gonna be a international incident at Wrestlerock! Shockingly the Superflys vs the Maniac & the Crippler ends in chaos. They can't get in that cage fast enough. Steamboat evens the score against Sir Tony "Simply the best" Sinclair. Real chess game building here. The AWA is picking up steam heading into Wrestlerock.
  13. Autistic Dragon

    Western States Wrestling

    Western States Wrestling Episode 7 June 12 1986 From the KFDA-TV Studio in Amarillo Texas Airing live at 9:35am on WTBS Channel 17 Instead of the usual opening montage we open on Commissioner Frank Dusek sitting behind a desk. Dusek: Hello ladies and gentlemen. As I'm sure our repeat viewers recall two weeks ago I announced WSW would be hosting it's first supershow called Independent Together. I'm sure you've all also heard the adage "Man plans,God laughs" One of the paramount truths of the wrestling business and indeed life in general is plans change sometimes in the blink of a eye. Therefore as commissioner of Western States Wrestling it is my duty to report that Independent Together will not go ahead as planned. I truly apologize to everyone who was looking forward to attending Independent Together or watching live on television at home. However i can also report that you're plans to spend Independence day weekend watching great wrestling does not have to be canceled,merely altered. See folks i earlier spoke of plans changing but the thing is they sometimes change for the better. As such I can report to you that instead of the wrestlers & fans of WSW coming together with each other for one day of wrestling,We will come together with our sister promotions in the National Wrestling Alliance for a 3 day celebration collectively known as the Great American Bash! For those of you looking forward to the crowning of our first WSW Television Champion,Kendall Windham & Alexis Smirnoff bludgeoning each other in a Russian chain match or the Tribal Nation & The Moondogs tearing each other apart inside a steel cage rest assured those will still take place as. WSW holds night 1 of the Great American Bash on July 3rd. However the WSW Heavyweight Championship match of Jumbo Tsuruta defending against Johnny Mantell shall be moved to June 19th at Sports Arena in Amarillo. This is so whoever wins can adequately train for their next challenge. For you see not only shall the winner of that match be the WSW Heavyweight Champion but they'll have earned the right to go to night 1 and challenge Magnum T.A for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Speaking of World Championships, the NWA World Tag Team Championships have been mired in controversy for over a month now and after tense negotiations between all relevant parties i can finally report a solution has been reached, on July 3rd all 3 teams at the heart of this issue Mr Pogo & Kendo Nagasaki of Zaibatsu,The Funk brothers & the recognized champions of Ted DiBiase & Steve Williams shall compete in a 1 night round robin tournament the winners of which will be acknowledged by all companies in the NWA as the undisputed champions. And if all this sounds to big for the Sports Arena then we're in agreement because my final announcement today is that night 1 of the Great American Bash shall iminate from the McNicholas Sports Arena in Denver Colorado! More announcements may be made in the coming weeks but for now I can finally send it to Steve Stack and another exciting episode of Western States Wrestling! Have a great rest of your day. The scene fades to black as then reopens to a overwhelmed looking Steve Stack standing in front of a joint WSW and NWA banner as the studio audience lose their collective minds. Stack: Well ladies and gentlemen i think you'll agree there's nothing left to say except let's get to the ring for our first match! Match 1 Kendall Windham defeats Constantino Melendez with a lariat Commercial break-Steve Stack runs down the Western States live events for this coming week Match 2 "Wild Tiger" Kim Duk defeats "Pistol" Praise Gladwin with a double arm suplex. Stack explains that Tojo isn't at ringside because he & Jumbo are getting ready for the contract signing later in the episode. Match 3 "Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan defeats Catahecassa ( a native American jobber) with a double stomp from the second rope. Commercial break Advertisement for the Great American Bash Match 4 The Devil's Duo w/Slick defeat Eldon Disney & Garfield Lamar when they hit Disney with the neckbreaker/back suplex combo Slick,who was on commentary, dubbed the Devil's bargain. Before the main event Steve Stack runs down the card for the Sports Arena later today. The Devil's Duo w/Slick vs U.S Steel & Rufus "Freight Train" Jones Sunny War Cloud vs "Wild Tiger" Kim Duk w/Tojo Yamamoto "Black Bullet" Shaska Whatley w/Slick vs Scott "Hog" Irwin The Moondogs w/"Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan vs The Fort Bragg Brotherhood Jimmy Jack Funk vs "The Great" Gamma Singh w/"General" Skandar Akbar "Dirty" Dutch Mantell vs "Killer" Tim Brooks w/"General" Skandar Akbar Double Victory match (must score a pin and a submission on your opponent to win. Dory Funk Jr vs Chicky Starr Terry Funk & "The Pride of Montague County" Johnny Mantell vs Zaibatsu (WSW Heavyweight Champion Jumbo Tsuruta & Mr Pogo) w/Tojo Yamamoto Main event television title tournament match "The Latin Heartthrob" Al Perez defeats "Pretty Boy" Doug Somers when Somers attempted a Brainbuster but Perez landed on his feet behind Somers and hit a bridging German suplex! As Perez leaves to the cheers of the crowd we cut to Steve Stack, Johnny Mantell, Tojo Yamamoto & Jumbo Tsuruta at the interview area. Mantell is wearing a embroidered western style shirt,blue jeans and a cowboy hat & boots. Tojo & Jumbo are wearing formal kimonos. Jumbo has the WSW Heavyweight title over his shoulder. Stack: Gentlemen, next week at the Sports Arena you 2 will complete not just for WSW Heavyweight Championship but for a opportunity to go to night 1 of the Great American Bash and challenge for most prestigious prize in professional wrestling history, the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. The contract has been reviewed by both your legal representatives and approved by both sides. Mr Tsuruta as reigning champion you may go first. *Jumbo calmly signs his name using Japanese Kanji.And if you have anything to add. Instead of either Tojo or Jumbo taking the mic Jumbo reaches into his kimono and retrieves a letter which he he hands to Stack. Stack: Opens the letter and gives it a quick read before clearing his throat. To Mr Mantell. I wrote this letter to you because while I of course trust the honorable Tojo Yamamoto to translate the spirit of what I would say, I am aware that he can get creative with his wording. I'll be honest Mantell-san I didn't think you would survive the gauntlet last week. I believed you could defeat one perhaps even two of my comrades but the idea of any American having the fortitude to outlast them all didn't even accur to me. And yet that is precisely what you have done! Such a display of of resilience and fighting spirit has convinced me you must have Japanese blood in you somewhere. Alas that scarce trace of our noble heritage shall not be enough to bring you victory as noone raised in the moral degenaracy and lack of any values prevalent in this country shall ever defeat a born warrior such as myself. Nevertheless you h earned a modicum of my respect may that comfort you in the aftermath of my inevitable victory. May you fight well and accept your failure with dignity. Sincerely yours. Your destined conqueror Jumbo Tsuruta. With that Jumbo stands,gives Mantell a slight bow then turns to leave. Tojo does the same and begins to follow but stops halfway before returning to address Mantell. Tojo:Mantell-san I want you to know that no matter what anyone say after Jumbo defeats you next week in Papa-sans eyes *Tojo puts his hand on Mantell's shoulder in a comforting gesture* You will always be mentally retarded. With that Tojo rejoins Jumbo who has been waiting at the entrance. Before they can exit through the curtain however Mantell's voice gets their attention. Mantell: Jumbo! I don't know how much of this you can actually understand so I'll just say this *Mantell signs his name* Next week that title's coming home to America boy!
  14. Autistic Dragon

    WWF 1981

    WWF live events 6/11/81 South Weston high school gym, Hanover PA The debuting David Sammartino w/Bruno Sammartino defeats a local talent with a backbreaker. "Terrific" Terry Taylor defeats Baron Mike Sicicluna with the Fivearm. Curt Henning defeats "The Unpredictable" Johnny Rodz with a sunsetflip. "Lord" Jonathan Boyd and "Mr USA" Tony Atlas brawled to a double c.o. The Brisco Brothers defeat The Bushwackers w/"Lord" Jonathan Boyd by dq when Boyd hit Jerry with the New Zealand flag. WWF Heavyweight Championship match Bob Backlund(c) defeats Killer Khan w/"Classy" Freddie Blassie after avoiding a knee drop and performing a Oklahoma roll. 6/12/81 Winston CT "Doctor of Desire" Tom Prichard and "The Duke of Dorchester" Pete Doherty wrestled to a 10 minute time limit draw. The debuting "Canadian Freight Train" Jos Leduc defeats "Leaping" Lanny Poffo with a bearhug. WWF Tag Team Championship match The Brisco Brothers defeat The Moondogs(c) w/"Captain" Lou Albano by c.o when Albano grew frustrated and led the Moondogs away from the ring. WWF Heavyweight Championship match Bob Backlund (c) defeats "The Magnificent" Don Muraco w/The Grand Wizard by dq when Wizard hits Backlund with an axehandle as he had Muraco in the crossface chickenwing. Backlund was unfazed and,to the joy of the crowd,locked Wizard in the crossface chickenwing! Muraco grabbed Wizard's foot and managed to pull him under the bottom rope and retreat up the aisle leaving the champ standing tall. 6/13/81 Civic Center, Springfield Mass Curt Henning and "The Unpredictable" Johnny Rodz wrestled to a 10 minute time limit draw. "Leaping" Lanny Poffo defeats Baron Mike Sicicluna with a moonsault. The Debuting King Kong Mosca w/"Captain" Lou Albano defeats "Philadelphia's favorite son" S.D Jones with a Full Nelson. WWF Tag Team Championship match The Brisco Brothers defeat The Moondogs(c) w/"Captain" Lou Albano by dq when Rex hit Jack with a bone. WWF Intercontinental Championship match "The Magnificent" Don Muraco w/The Grand Wizard defeats Pedro Morales (c) by capitalizing on a distraction by Wizard to lock on the Asiatic Spike until Morales passed out. NEW CHAMPION!!!! WWF Heavyweight Championship match Bob Backlund(c) defeats "The Nororious" Ox Baker by dq when Baker wouldn't stop choking Backlund. Baker hit Backlund with the Heart Punch after the bell then walked up the aisle passed a grinning Antonio Inoki.
  15. Autistic Dragon

    Western States Wrestling

    WSW House Shows June-6-1986 Fair Park Coluseam Lubbock TX June-7-1986 The Coluseam El Paso TX June-8-1986 Civic Auditorium Albuquerque NM June-9-1986 Denver Auditorium Denver CO June-10-1986 Civic Center Tulsa OK June-11-1986 The Myriad Oklahoma city OK Rufus "Freight Train" Jones defeats Tojo Yamamoto with the Freight Train. Black Diamond Talent Agency ("Black Bullet" Shaska Whatley & The Devil's Duo) w/Slick defeat U.S Steel & The Fort Bragg Brotherhood when Slick passed Sword on of his shoes which he cracked Steel with as he had Vines in position for a powerslam causing Vines to land on top of him. Alex Perez who was trying to break up a fight between Whatley & Kirchner turned around when he heard Steel hit the mat and made the count. Abdullah the Butcher w/"Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan defeats Sunny War Cloud w/Cocoa Samoa with the Sudanese Meat Cleaver. "Wild" Bill Irwin w/Scott "Hog" Irwin defeats "The Great" Gamma Singh w/"General" Skandar Akbar with a Bicycle kick. Akbar tried to interfere midway through the match but was chased to the back by Scott. Chicky Starr defeats Kendall Windham. Alexis Smirnoff came out near the end of the match carrying a large chain. Dutch Mantell intercepted Smirnoff in the aisle but while Bobby Pico was directing security to break them up Starr punted Windham in the nuts then pulled him into a small package (pun not intended) Makahn Singh and "Dirty" Dutch Mantell ended in a no contest their respective faction mates poured out the back resulting in a pier-sixer that took the entire security team to break up. Bullrope match Cocoa Samoa defeats "Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan in a bloody war of attrition that ended when Samoa came off the second rope and crowned Sullivan with the cowbell. Zaibatsu (WSW Heavyweight Champion Jumbo Tsuruta,Mr Pogo,Kendo Nagasaki & "Wild Tiger" Kim Duk) w/ Tojo Yamamoto defeated "The Pride of Montague County" Johnny Mantell & The Funk family when Tojo cracked Jimmy Jack in the head with a Kendo stick when the ref wasn't looking allowing Jumbo to hit a Tiger suplex for the win. At some point in the match Terry & Pogo brawled into the crowd and didn't make it back before the match ended. As the faces retreat up the aisle Mantell has a brief staredown with Jumbo as he held up the title.