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  1. Autistic Dragon


    NWA announcannounces the return of Worldwide! When the then Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling returned from a six month hiatus in September of last year, it was announced that the promotion would be discontinuing its second TV show "Worldwide". Now after a corporate restructure & a decision to take the NWA brand as the companies own, the decision has been made to resurrect the discontinued program. Notably "Worldwide" will not be broadcast over the WTBS superstation but, like UWF's "Power Pro" it will be broadcast on syndication throughout the country. Also in an attempt to create a separate atmosphere from the NWA'S main show "Power Hour", each episode of"Worldwide" will be taped from the Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia. This is meant to make the show more cost effective & provide it with a more intimate feel. Furthermore, while each episode of "Power Hour" is taped individually, "Worldwide" will have episodes taped back-to-back.The first episode of "NWA Worldwide" air on Sunday February 19th. Is the NWA looking for a new home? It's no secret that WTBS head honcho Ted Turner is a huge wrestling fan. Over the past few years his superstation has hosted the TV content of four separate territories. Mid-South/UWF, Continental Championship Wrestling, the short lived Western States Wrestling & Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling/NWA. However WTBS, days as the go-to superstation for professional wrestling may be numbered. Ever since the sudden & very public collapse as a governing body late last year, as well as the sudden shutdown of CCW as it was on the verge of a rebrand, there have been reports of ever increasing friction between UWF president "Cowboy" Bill Watts and his successor as President of the NWA Jim Crockett Jr. For his part, Mr Turner is reportedly ordering his employees to treat the two companies as equally as possible, seemingly determined to keep both on his channel. Nevertheless, unsubstantiated rumors abound that the Crockett's have sent out feelers to rival superstations to see if any would be interested to get in on the pro wrestling craze. CBS, WGN, HBO & the USA network have all been brought up as possible destinations but so far NWA officials have refused to even address the rumors. We'll keep an eye on the situation in case anything develops.
  2. Autistic Dragon

    World Wrestling Federation (2.0)

    Superstars does a phenomenal job hyping Wrestlemania. Hogan using experimental science to compete against Bundy shows how much this match means to him. Backlund is so detached from reality I'm not sure it's responsible of WWF to keep him on board. A firey promo from Bruno highlights the final All Star before Mania. Even if Taz goes on to become the monster he did in ECW irl, there will be a segment of the internet that will NEVER let him live down the fact that he lost to Barry Horowitz in his debut match.
  3. Autistic Dragon

    AWA Major League Wrestling

    Gagne & Graham show promise as a team. I would've loved to see Sawyer powerslam Warlord. Lighting Strike building the momentum ahead of their big opportunity. Vin Man & The Rocket screw over Powerhouse. El Kabong strikes again! He may have needed help from a couple of friends but Dream Machine is headed to the pay window baybay! Morgan shows just what a beast he is by hanging Hayes with the chain. I agree with Bloomington, I'm amazed Hayes walked out on his own. Nothing guarantees ending a 80's wrestling show on a high note as a pair of proud Americans beating snobby foreigners.
  4. Autistic Dragon

    Pacific Coast Wrestling

    I don't care that he lost, I'm just glad to see Cactus Jack. Bang Bang! St Clair outbattles the Bull! Steel gets a big win over Chavo Classic. The Gantner Brothers break even as Ed beats the General. Backlund must've been proud watching his "son" go twenty minutes with Hart. Badd Company prove to be even harder than British Steel as they retain the Golden State Titles. A Big Bubba botch gives the Odd Couple a submission win over the Tag Champs. That will be fun.
  5. Autistic Dragon

    AWA Major League Wrestling

    Colon vs Snuka in a Caribbean Death Match! Yes! Gagne & Jarrett are filling out their teams nicely. Liking the contrast of "pure" wrestlers vs power guys. The Syndicate just signed a couple of Studs! Looking forward to Top Dollar Phil's debut at Big Brawl. Rich naming the battle royal after himself is so petty, i love it. Mad Dog vs Wildfire for the World Title! Let's get nuts!
  6. Autistic Dragon


    From the Cumberland County Memorial Auditorium in Fayetteville NC it's... NWA POWER HOUR! Previously Recorded/Airing 1/21/87 On Commentary: Bob Caudle & Tony Schiavone Ring Announcer: David Crockett (The NWA opening video slams on screen with quick clips of the top stars set to "Rock Warrior" by The Rods. We close on a shot of NWA World Heavyweight Champion Tully Blanchard before cutting to Caudle & Schiavone at ringside) BC:Wrestling fans welcome to another episode of NWA Power Hour, professional wrestling's most exciting hour. I'm Bob Caudle alongside Tony Schiavone and Tony we've got quite the episode in store. TS:That we do Bob. Fans the NWA is dedicated to bringing in all the best talent from around the country in 1987 & tonights episode is full of new faces especially in our main event where we'll see the much anticipated debut of the one they call "Megaman" Tom Magee! BC:Not only that fans but later this broadcast we'll announce the venue for "St Valentines Day Massacre" where we'll crown new NWA World Six Man Tag Team Champions! But enough about the future, let's send it to the ring for our opening contest. Match #1 "Shooting Star" Keiichi Yamada defeats Scorpion with a crowd stunning move Schiavone informed the people at home was called the "Shooting Star Press" Commercial-Bob Caudle runs down the NWA house shows for the coming week. Match #2 The debuting S&S Express (Joe Savoldi & Shaun Simpson) defeat Cruel Connection (1&2) when Savoldi performed a Gordbuster on Simpson dropping him on top of CC#2 for the win. (A video plays hyping "St Valentines Day Massacre" placing emphasis on the upcoming tournament. However the part that most stands out is that the closing graphic reads that the event will be broadcast from the Von Braun Civic Center in Huntsville, Alabama! Caudle & Schiavone hype the announcement before sending us to the next match) Match #3 Big Daddy Ritter defeats Bob Aken with a powerslam. Shaska Whatley joins Commentary for the match and declares that with Ritter on their side, Brutha's in Arms are guaranteed to be the new Six Man Tag Champs. Commercial break (Caudle & Schiavone discuss the series of draws Steve Wright & Mark Fleming have had on the house show loop. They announce that NWA officials have decreed the two will meet one more time at "St Valentines Day Massacre" but this time with NO TIME LIMIT! Caudle & Schiavone hype the fact that come Huntsville, there'll be no question who the superior wrestler truly is) Match #4 The debuting Brickhouse Brown defeats Executioner by countering a backdrop attempt into a spinning neckbreaker. Commercial break (We see yet more footage of Stan Hansen just beating the dogshit out of people set to low ominous music. As usual the video ends with a Lariat montage with a graphic reading "Stan Hansen arrives...next week!" Caudle & Schiavone nervously hype the impending arrival which they say spells trouble for the entire locker room. Switching gears they announce its time for the hotly anticipated debut of "Megaman"!) Main event The debuting Tom "Megaman" Magee defeats "Gorgeous" Gary Royal with a slingshot legdrop.
  7. Autistic Dragon

    Pacific Coast Wrestling

    Black Tiger definitely has a claim on a title match after the opener. Between Konnan's lucha libre & Sabu being Sabu, I think they could have had a crazy match. Victory's new "Venomous" streak pays off. It takes more than a few impressive karate moves to defeat the lord of the wasteland! Texas Red returns with a new look, some new moves & a seemingly better (if not necessarily friendlier) disposition and it carries his team to victory. TNT may have blown this chance at the title but I got a feeling he'll have another opportunity sooner or later.
  8. Autistic Dragon

    Windy City Pro Wrestling

    WCPW arrives with a bang. Nice twist on the one night tournament formula. Budro & Idol together sounds like heel magic and will Idol as the champ they're going to be just gloriously obnoxious. Glad to see the Moondogs will be presented as the dangerous duo they were. I was excited to see Spivey & Kabuki go at. After what happened in that parking lot, Spivey must've loved this win. Nasty Boys vs Rockers will be a fun feud to get your tag division going.
  9. Autistic Dragon


    I've always loved these dirt sheets you do. It's a great way to advance your storylines without having to write 6 shows. I chuckled when everyone was distracted by Missy's "assets" Watts has Brody arrested for trespassing! Suddenly Ladd's "he works for me not you" idea doesn't seem so smart. Freebirds being Freebirds. The clash with RnR will crush it. Roberts achieves his first objective in his war with the Shiek's army with a victory over Ayala. Whoever "He" is, if Sullivan's using him to scare VADER, it's safest for everyone if Vader starts meeting Sullivans expectations. Brad's reign as tv champ continues. Demolition vs MVC is the kind of tag team slobberknocker I'd love to see. Cox may be biting off more than he can chew messing with Herc. Lawler looks to get back on track by beating Reed for another title but Reed reminds him he didn't do it on his own last time. Also, couldn't help but notice UWF took a trip to Alabama. Maybe the NWA should take a trip of its own.
  10. Autistic Dragon


    NWA releases Ben Bassarab & signs Joe Savoldi.
  11. Autistic Dragon


    NWA puts Gary Royal on the block.
  12. Autistic Dragon


    NWA sends Jeff Gaylord & Paul Roma to Florida for Brickhouse Brown & Shaun Simpson.
  13. Autistic Dragon

    Pacific Coast Wrestling

    Tenta impresses in his debut. Maxx is really bringing the Payne with that armbar. I've long thought that a suplex/crossbody would make a great doubleteam move but nobody ever seems to use it. The Rainbow Warriors pull it off nicely. I'm calling it now, Rose payed off Grizzly. The big man will make an effective roadblock if nothing else. It's a time of rebirth for the Brigade as Brown, Hall, McGee & Rotundo all seek new challenges elsewhere while Konnan & Henning arrive to inject new life. Burke taps out Hito in a battle of PCW's elder statesmen. I like the emphasis your putting on submissions. Dingo Warrior squashes another goober & has another manager with their eye on him. Backlund gives young Blackman some shine but the nobody escapes the Chickenwing.
  14. Autistic Dragon

    Wonder Women Wrestling

    Singh may not have recaptured the TV Title but at least she & Bennett are the reasons Richter is a thriple champion! There's a heated tag feud on the horizon. I wonder if Morgan noticed that Simmes said SHE'LL be a tag champ & not THEY'LL be tag champs.
  15. Autistic Dragon

    WWF Team League

    What a fun twist on the rumble! Didn't expect the Rockers to win it but I'm proud of them. That's quite the top four. Anyone of them could take it all!