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Pacifc Wrestling Showcase from the Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, on ESPN / TSN , January 7th

 The Rock & Roll Express vs. Mr. Hito & Gama Singh

 In front a boisterous and excited crowd, the debut broadcast of Pacific Wrestling Showcase kicks off with a hot tag team battle. The Rock & Roll Express, an impressive young duo out of Memphis consisting of Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson, got a strong reaction from the crowd, especially the young ladies. Their opponents, no strangers to followers of Canadian wrestling,  seemed to care much less for the approval of the fans, ambushing the Express before the opening bell and double teaming them throughout the match. The Express fought back and used their speed and athleticism to pull themselves out of several precarious situations. The crowd cheered their every move, with Ricky Morton especially able to rally the fans to their cause. They were able to get the upper hand and ultimately take down Singh with a Double Dropkick to get the win in a very eye catching West Coast debut.

"Playboy" Buddy Rose vs. Brian Adias

 Pacific Northwest mainstay Rose came to the ring accompanied by Rip Oliver and Al Madril, who was carrying a fancy black wooden box. The Playboy didn't seem to take young Adias very seriously during this match, taking lots of time to preen and showboat. Adias put in a game effort against Rose but in the end was not able to overcome the cunning of the veteran, who lured him into the Inside Out Backbreaker to score the pinfall. After the match, Madril and Oliver were loudly praising the Playboy, who acted like he had pulled off a spectacular win, completely ignoring the jeers of the fans.

Baron Von Raschke vs. The Spoiler

 The fans were solidly behind the German legend in this bout, cheering on his antics as he squared off with the masked man. Spoiler, for his part, was not at all fazed by anything the Baron did to taunt him and just went at him full bore. Both men were clearly attempting to catch the other in the Iron Claw, which led to a battle near the ropes that resulted in them spilling outside the ring. Both men kept chopping and punching each other until they were counted out. They kept at it, even after the final bell. Clearly we have not seen the last of this pairing.

Larry Zbyszko vs. Steve O

 Larry Z manage to take offense at pretty much everything Steve O did in this match, putting off locking up with him for as long as possible and bitterly complaining to the ref any time Steve got the advantage in the match. For the most part, the technical wrestling standout maintained his poise in the face of Larry's bellyaching, but wound up being drawn into a low blow that Zbyszko snuck in out of the ref's line of sight. Quick as a cat, Larry followed up with an over the shoulder neckbreaker and the one two three. Larry Z may be annoying, but he is always dangerous.

Ron Starr vs. Cobra

 "Rotten" Ron Starr has a well deserved reputation as vicious brawler with a wealth of dirty tricks up his sleeve. He is also, however, a multiple time Junior Heavyweight champion with the technical skills to back it up. He seemed quite determined to show off the latter abilities as he faced off with the masked Japanese superstar, and more than held his own in what turned out to be a real nail biter of a match. The pendulum of momentum rocked back throughout match, and both men looked like they might pull off the victory at several points in the match. The end came when Starr whipped Cobra into the corner, but Cobra swiftly ascended to the top rope and came back with a flying back body press that got the pinfall. The fans gave both men a round of applause as they shook hands and bowed in respect after the match.

Leo Burke vs. "Diamond" Timothy Flowers

 The rather eccentric Flowers came to the ring accompanied by Goldie Rogers, and the two immediately drew the ire of the fans with their primping and fussing over their looks before the match.  The Canadian legend Burke clearly had no time or tolerance for the shenanigans of Flowers or Rogers, going right after Flowers and not letting up. Flowers kept backpedaling through much of the ring and kept calling out to Rogers, but Burke kept shutting down Rogers attempts to interfere in the match. Things took a strange turn, however, when Buddy Rose, with Rip Oliver, Al Madril, and black box in tow, showed up at ringside. As Rose and his men cheered on Flowers, Burke did his best to shut out the distractions, but it wound up being just too much. After the match, Rose and his men entered the ring and opened the box, which wound up having 4 large and gaudy gold rings inside. Rose took out one of the rings and ostentatiously presented it to Flowers, who put it on his finger and held it over his head . As Flowers paraded about the ring, Rose's crew along with Rogers were loudly crowing "The King of Canada!" as the fans responded with loud boos as the show ended.

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Great start to AWA Pacific.  I really enjoy your storytelling style where we get so much information in a quick and east to read format.  The Rick n Roll Express has just arrived and they seem ready to be one of the top teams in Pacific.  The Playboy is set for bigger and better things as he has his henchmen, Madril and Oliver there to protect him from any messy situations.  The showdown of the claws will be a fun midcard feud to keep our eyes in.  I admit that was not as familiar with the guys in your last two matches but it got very interesting with the black box.  Can't wait for the next show

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Flowers and Burke are both mainstays of Canadian wrestling, with Flowers in particular going on to have a long history in Vancouver. With my territory spread out over several former territories, I am trying to have a different flavor for each town. Next week in Portland will have a bit of a different focus. Without hopefully giving too much away, the black box will be an angle that will tie the different towns together.

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Great debut show Rain! I've always loved your writing style. Like Kev said, it's easy to follow. I like how you give info on the wrestlers during the match like a commentator. 

RnR get a solid win and are set up as immediate contenders. I can get behind a Baron/Spoiler feud. LOL, Larry Z is up to his old tricks as he steals a win over Steve O. Starr and Cobra put on a show stealing match as Cobra wins the nail biter. The highlight is Rose and his henchmen. Great ending as Flowers is deemed "King of Canada". I think Burke will want another shot at Flowers but looks like he might need some friends to help fight off Rose and Co. Looking forward to the next show in Portland. 

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Pacific Wrestling Showcase from the Portland Sports Arena, Portland , on ESPN / TSN , January 714th

 "Hack" Sawyer & Jesse Barr vs. The California Cowboys

 Pacific Wrestling Showcase opens  up  its first show from Portland with a couple of well established faces in the North West, Brett "Hack" Sawyer and Jesse Barr, squaring off against the tag team of Bob Orton and Tim Brooks, going by the collective name of the California Cowboys. Although the Cowboys may have had a slight advantage in size, Sawyer and Barr were determined to make up for it in sheer toughness, and they refused to give up a single bit of ground in what proved to be a hard hitting affair. Barr seemed about to put away Orton with the Figure Four Leglock, but while the ref was escorting Sawyer from the ring, "Killer" Brooks slid something into his elbow pad and used it to blast Barr in the back of the head. Orton then rolled up the barely conscious Barr and got the one two three, as the crowd loudly booed. A dirty win for the Cowboys, but it is doubtful that will keep Sawyer and Barr down for long.

Leo Burke vs. Goldie Rogers

 Last week, Burke lost a close match to Rogers partner in the Diamond & Gold Exchange "Diamond" Timothy Flowers, due in no small part to the distractions provided by Buddy Rose's Army. This time out, it was only Flowers who was at ringside for his partner's match, and it seemed that much of what Burke did was directed at Flowers.  If so, Flowers had best be paying close attention, as Burke laid a vicious beating on Rogers. No matter what Rogers attempted, he was greeted with a blistering series of lefts and rights , followed by several nasty suplexes, including a belly to back suplex that scored the victory for Burke. Flowers momentarily looked like he would enter the ring afterwards to attack Burke, but then thought better of it as he simply dragged Rogers out of the ring and helped him back to the locker room.  Flowers had best proceed cautiously, at least as far as "The Man Of A Thousand Holds" Leo Burke is concerned.

Adrian Adonis vs. Brian Adias

 Last time out , Adias gave it his best shot in what proved to be a losing effort against "Playboy" Buddy Rose. This week, he didn't fare much better against "Golden Boy" Adrian Adonis, who had Jesse "The Body" Ventura in his corner. For the most part , Adonis seemed to be toying with Adias, who managed to work in a few brief rallies before they were shut down by the man from Hell's Kitchen. Adonis finally put a stop to the challenge by grabbing his head and driving it sharply down into the mat in a brutal move.  Better luck next time, Brian.

Billy Jack vs. Tony Anthony

 This match pitted the considerable raw power of Billy Jack against the cunning of the "Dirty White Boy" Tony Anthony.  The fans were clearly on the side of Billy Jack, but this just made Anthony more determined to dig into his bag of tricks every time Billy Jack had a him in a compromising position.  Anthony kept pulling out of close scrapes until he missed a clothesline and Billy Jack caught him on the rebound with a crushing power slam that got the victory. Billy Jack had prevailed, but from the shrewd look Anthony was giving him after the match, he is not through with the challenge of the "Dirty White Boy" by a far sight.

Al Madril vs. Scott McGhee

 Al Madril has clearly shown his colors of late as being affiliated with Buddy Rose's Army but was out on his own for this match with "Irish" Scott McGhee. He didn't seem to take McGhee seriously for this match, mocking him throughout and taking time out to jaw with the fans. A costly mistake with a savvy competitor like McGhee, who bided his time until Madril tried to take him down to get him in the figure four leglock. McGhee blocked the takedown and, quick as a cat, reversed it into a waistlock that was followed by a German Suplex that got the one two three. Madril threw a tantrum at the ref after the match but the decision stood.

Jimmy Valiant vs. Eric Embry

 Now if there was ever a man who could get the crowd going, it would be "The Boy From New York City" himself, the "Boogie Woogie Man" Jimmy Valiant. He certainly had every fan on their feet cheering themselves hoarse for him. One fan in particular, a brawny and bearded man wearing denim overalls, showed great enthusiasm as he danced along with Valiant from his ringside seat. Embry thought he could take advantage of all of this by ambushing him as soon as he got in the ring, but Valiant recovered quickly and started firing back at the Flamboyant One. What resulted was a knock down, drag out, slugfest that only ended when Valiant caught Embry with a flying elbow that got him the pinfall. After the match, Valiant proceeded to dance once again with the big fan at ringside while his music played and the fans clapped along.

Buddy Rose vs. Chris Adams

 Once again, Rose came out with the members of his Army in tow, with Madril back to carrying the large black box. For this match, however, he would not be facing a rookie, but rather the always tough "Gentleman" Chris Adams.  The popular Englishman shut out the hectoring of Al Madril and Rip Oliver and maintained a laser like focus on Rose. Even when Timothy Flowers and Goldie Rogers made their way to ringside, Adams just kept going after Rose and pinballing the "Playboy" all over the ring. Unfortunately, the ref was less successful at ignoring what was going on at ringside, and turned to chastise Oliver for attempting to interfere. While the ref was so distracted, Flowers charged into the ring and shut down Adams attempt to Superkick Rose by viciously clipping him from behind. As Flowers dove out of the ring, Rose nailed the Inside Out Backbreaker for the tainted win. After the match, he summoned Madril into the ring, took one of the remaining 3 gold rings from the box and egotistically put it on his own ring, all while the other wrestlers chanted "King Of Portland!" over and over again. Then both the Army and the Diamond & Gold Exchange started to put the boots to the prone Adams until Jimmy Valiant, Leo Burke and Scott McGhee charged the ring to run them off. What on earth is Rose playing at with these rings?

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It didn't take you long for AWA Portland to become must see TV.  You are giving the people with ESPN some great cards with real quality matches.  From start to finish, the matches were really competitive which made it a fun read. 

And the King of Portland is Born!  A perfect choice which will lead to angle after angle.  Valiant and his new friend are going to be a lot of friend as are the California Connection.  

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This was a really fun Portland card. It's great seeing all these guys with Portland history. 

I like the Brooks/Orton California Cowboys team and it looks like they are going to be involved in a solid program with Sawyer and Barr.

Burke gets a measure of revenge by beating up Flower's partner.

Adias shows he has some fight but Adonis prevails. Cant wait to see the Adonis/Ventura team in action. 

Portland favorite Billy Jack gets a tough win over Dirty White Boy but looks like Anthony will be back. 

McGhee gets in his German suplex and impresses with a win over Madril. 

LOL I wonder who that guy is dancing with Jimmy? Should make for some good comedy relief. 

Rose (and the Army) get the shady win over Adams. It looks like Adams has some back up. I'm loving the rings and cant wait to watch this play out. 

Great job! 

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Pacific Wrestling Showcase from the Cow Palace , San Francisco , on ESPN / TSN , January 19th

 King Kong Bundy vs. Steve O.

 This match was the Pacific Wrestling debut for both King Kong Bundy and his manager, JR Foley.  Steve O was likely wishing that they had chosen a different time to make their debut, as the moment the bell rang to start the match, Foley pointed at Steve O, and Bundy charged over him like a runaway train. Bundy made terrifyingly short work of Steve O, crushing him with the Avalanche and demanding (and getting) a five count in his victory. Foley was looking particularly smug after the match, and who can blame him? He is now manager of one of the biggest players in all of Pacific Wrestling.

Tony Anthony vs. Matt Borne

 After a tough loss last week at the hands of Billy Jack, the "Dirty White Boy" seemed like he had something to prove as he faced the talented second-generation wrestler Matt Borne. He seemed to throw any sense of fair play out the window from the get go, breaking every rule he could think of in any chance he could fit  it in. After a nasty series of eye gouges and low blows, the ref tried to put a stop to it, but got a hard punch to the face for his efforts. This put an end to the match with a DQ win for Borne, but didn't stop Anthony from throttling Borne with the cord from the ringside microphone until Billy Jack charged out to run him out of the ring. Billy Jack then got on the mic and challenged Anthony to a tag match with the partner of his choice against Billy Jack and Matt Borne. Anthony accepted, cackling loudly as he did so.

Interview : Frank Bonnema stands in the ring.

 Bonnema : Ladies and gentlemen, my guest tonight is the self proclaimed King Of Portland … "Playboy" Buddy Rose!

The crowd explodes into boos as Buddy Rose pompously struts to the ring. He is accompanied, as always, by the other members of the Army, Rip Oliver and Al Madril, with Madril still carrying the black box with him.

Bonnema : Buddy Rose, all the fans want to know, what is this nonsense with the four rings in the black box?

Rose : You watch your tone, Bonnema, or you might not make it out of this interview in one piece. The answer is simple : four cities, four families … four rings, four kings! You see, when I got the word that Pacific Northwest would expand up and down the coast, I knew I had my work cut out for me. Complete control of the whole coast would be a considerable challenge for one man, even one as incredibly talented as myself. So I got my Army together and started to reach out to some of the other families.  Each family would rule one city, with each ring going to the King of each family, and I of course would be the King of all Kings! And this way, we would have all of AWA Pacific under our complete control!

Bonnema : But you talk about four kings … clearly you are one and "Diamond" Timothy Flowers  is another. Who are the other two?

Rose : That's none of your business, Bonnema. Flowers is a man I can easily understand, and the Diamond & Gold Exchange and the Army are the first two families. As for who is next … well , it certainly won't be losers like Adams, Burke, McGhee or Valiant. Only first class individuals are fit to wear these rings, and people will just have to wait to see who that will be.

The LA Express vs. Phil Lafleur & Brian Adias

 The LA Express turned out to be "Rotten" Ron Starr and "Flamboyant" Eric Embry , teaming up and wearing matching flashy robes. Their opponents would be two rookies, young Brian Adias and Canadian newcomer Phil Lafleur. Lafleur would pull of some very impressive moves, including a back body press that almost got a three count on Starr before it was broken up by Embry. The Express took some time to regroup and when Adias tagged in, they proceeded to work him over with a series of double teams and dirty moves. Lafleur tried in vain to tag in, but just wound up providing a distraction to the ref while the Express hit a spike piledriver on Adias that spelled the end of the match.  It looks like the tag scene in AWA Pacific has gotten even hotter with this deadly new duo.

The Cobra vs. Mr. Hito

 These two Japanese superstars put on a hot technical match, with the only sore point being Hito's new manager, KY Wakamatsu , who proceeded to annoy the fans by lambasting Cobra through his ever present megaphone.  At various points in the match, it seemed like either man could take the match, but it wound up being a mistimed duck down by Hito that led to a sunset flip by Cobra getting the masked man the 1 2 3. Hito was stoic in defeat but Wakamatsu was livid and clearly plotting some sort of revenge.

Larry Zbyszko vs. Jimmy Valiant

 The Boogie Woogie Man's number one fan was once again in a ringside seat, and the two once again danced together as the fans cheered them on. Larry Z clearly had no patience for these shenanigans, looking like he had bit into a lemon and complained about pretty much everything to the referee. He went for his usual stall and cheap shot tactics, but Valiant would not be held back by that and knocked him down time and again. Valiant looked like he was set to take out Larry with a big running kneelift, but both members of LA Express had snuck down to ringside and pulled down the top rope. Valiant took a nasty spill to the outside and was unable to make it back into the ring in time, giving the win by countout to Zbyszko. This incensed the fans, especially the big man in the ringside seat, and when Larry and the LA Express tried to taunt him, he was clearly looking to vault over the ringside barricade before he was hauled away by security.

Adrian Adonis vs. Mad Dog Vachon

 Adonis came to the ring with his partner, Jesse Ventura, while the PA played "Bad To The Bone" by George Thorogood. Vachon simply lumbered to the ring and dared Adonis to come at him. Before the match started, Buddy Rose, along with the Army and the box, appeared at the back of the arena, but the ref got on the mic and announced that he had an injunction from the AWA Pacific board of directors that if any of the members of the Army or the Diamond & Gold Exchange interfered in the match or even showed up in the ringside area during the match, they would be immediately suspended. Rose held his hands up in a sort of Who Me? Gesture and kept his men at the back of the arena.  Mad Dog came at Adonis ferociously , pinballing him all over the ring. Adonis came back hard, but was still at a loss to contain the French Canadian legend. It looked like it would be all Mad Dog when Ventura jumped on the ring apron, looking to interfere. The ref immediately told him to get back down, but this was all the distraction that was needed, as out of nowhere the California Cowboys dove into the ring and Tim Brooks blasted Mad Dog in the back of the head with his loaded elbow pad. As the Cowboys scattered from the ring and Buddy Rose nodded in approval from the back of the arena, Adonis went for the cover. The ref turned around and realized that they had put one over on him, but there was nothing he could do but count the one two three. With the match over,  Rose and his men were free to enter the ring and grandly presented Adonis with the gold ring, as Ventura and the California Cowboys chanted "King Of The Bay!" and "Bad To The Bone" played once again … until suddenly, the music cut off.  The various wrestlers stood in confusion, until the music started up again, except is was military snares followed by bagpipes playing "Scotland The Brave". The spotlight shone on the back of the arena, showing none other than "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, grinning maniacally! The crowd gasped and the wrestlers started to charge to the back, only for the light to cut out and Piper was gone.  What could this mean for AWA Pacific? Tune in next week to find out!

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Wow... I am hooked.  Forget the great matches ... and they were awesome for a tv show... The 4 Families... the Four Kings.... Such a creative angle that has Port;and on fire and then Piper comes out... sort of... and then disappears.  PIper just might be the man to wage war on all 4 families or maybe he just tales out the head in Playboy Buddy Rose.  Can't wait for the next show.

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WOW! So much happening in the Cow Palace! Rose explains the rings and Adonis gets his. Rose and Co. look to rule the Pacific Northwest but then Roddy Piper appears!!!!! Looks like Piper is going to be a huge thorn for Rose. What a great storyline.

The matches were a lot of fun. Foley comes out with Bundy. Bundy makes short work of a solid wrestler in Steve O. Strong debut for Bundy. 

Tony Anthony seems to be going off the deep end as he gets DQed in his match with Borne. Billy Jack runs out and the tag challenge is made. 

The tag division is really stacked as the LA Express debut and look good. 

Cobra and Hito put on an exciting technical bout with Cobra coming out on top. Wakamatsu doesn't like this. 

Valiant almost puts Larry Z away until the LA Express interfere. I'm sure Valiant's friend is going to get involved now. 

Fun night full of drama and surprises. 

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Breaking news from AWA Pacific!

In a special press conference, AWA Pacific Commissioner Dutch Savage announced that, the day after the January 26th show from the Olympic Auditorium, there would be a special one night tournament from the LA Memorial Sports Arena for the AWA Pacific Tag Team Titles. The 8 teams that will be competing for the belts are :

The Rock & Roll Express

The Diamond & Gold Exchange

Jesse Barr & "Hack" Sawyer

Mr. Hito & Gama Singh

The California Cowboys

Phil Lafleur & Brian Adias

LA Express

Billy Jack & Matt Borne

In addition to the Tag Title Tournament , there will be other exciting matches, including a six man main event whose participants will be announced in the near future.


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Pacific Wrestling Showcase from the Olympic Auditorium , Los Angeles , on ESPN / TSN , January 26th

 The East-West Connection vs. Phil Lafleur & Brian Adias

 This would be the first match in AWA Pacific as a team for Adonis and Ventura.  Adonis was flaunting the gold ring he was bestowed last week by Buddy Rose, but seemed wary of any possible appearance by Roddy Piper. They came with the California Cowboys in tow, who spent the match patrolling ringside and calling out the Hot Scot.  Piper did not show his face, but the young team of Adias and Lafleur tried to take advantage of their distraction, but ultimately it was for naught as Adonis simply sent in Ventura to beat down Adias before the "Body" forced the youngster to give up to a crushing bearhug. Word has it that the Connection and the Cowboys have officially united as the California Connection and are now the third of Buddy Rose's four families. If so, this will make them especially hard to beat.

Chris Adams & Scott McGhee vs. Rip Oliver & Al Madril

 The nations of England and Ireland may not be able to see eye to eye on much, but "Gentleman" Chris Adams and "Irish" Scott McGhee can certainly agree on one thing, and that is how much they hate the Buddy Rose Army.  Both men were very much in synch throughout this match, tagging in and out and using their considerable technical expertise to work over Rose's two main cronies. Oliver and Madril were certainly no pushovers, using underhanded tactics to get out of trouble and rough up the Europeans. But then, out of nowhere, Adams nailed Oliver with a lightning quick thrust kick to the jaw that put the "Crippler" down for the count. The Army might be looking to dominate the entire coast, but they have stirred up some tough opposition.

Mad Dog Vachon vs. Goldie Rogers

 Mad Dog was clearly not happy with the circumstances of his loss last week to Adrian Adonis, and was looking to take it out on any member of the Four Families that got in his path. Unfortunately for Goldie Rogers, that turned out to be him, and he got a hard lesson on why the Mad Dog is a former World champion and a feared competitor in the AWA. Vachon furiously attacked him and knocked him from pillar to post, finally hitting a nasty running elbow smash to the head that got him the pinfall. After the match, "Diamond" Timothy Flowers charged into the ring with a chair, and he and Rogers battered Vachon with it, opening up a nasty gash on his head. They were finally run out of the ring by Leo Burke, who challenged the pair to a tag match next week. The Diamond & Gold Exchange, figuring that they had done enough damage to Vachon to put him out for a while, laughed as they accepted the challenge.

Ron Starr vs. Steve O

 Ron Starr seems to be leading a double life of late. On the one side, he is part of the down and dirty tag team of LA Express, with his partner Eric Embry at ringside for this match. On the other side, his singles matches have been more a showcase for his underrated technical skills, shown in his recent close loss to Cobra. Word has it that he has been trying to get his name put forward as a contender for the AWA Light Heavyweight title, and has wanted to show that he would be a credible challenger for Dynamite Kid. He kept it clean for most of this bout,  which went back and forth throughout, until the end when he snuck in a cheap knee shot to Steve O's ribs, which had been hurt last week in his match with King Kong Bundy. Steve O seized up in pain, leading to Starr being able to hit a running cross body press and get the three count. Time will tell if this will put him in contention for a title shot.

Matt Borne & Billy Jack vs. Tony Anthony & ?? ??

 Borne and Billy Jack came out looking wary but determined, clearly wondering what exactly it was that Anthony had up his sleeve. The "Dirty White Boy" made his way to the ring alone, with a diabolical grin on his face.  He then took the mic and thanked them for showing up for the match, but they were going to regret their decision to accept it once they met his partner … the Mad Man from Borger, Texas, Stan Hansen! The crowd was in shock as the "Lariat" charged out to the ring and took his place by Anthony's side. Strangely, Anthony wrestled much of the match his own, with Hansen pacing on the ring apron. Then, late in the match, the ref was escorting Billy Jack from the ring while Borne trapped Anthony in a bearhug, and the huge Hansen came in and blasted Borne in the back of the head with a lariat. Anthony swiftly tagged out, Hansen stood up Borne and hit another mighty lariat on him and that was that. But even after the three count, that was not enough, as Hansen nailed Billy Jack with still another lariat while Anthony put the boots to Borne.  Borne ended up being taken out on a stretcher, and this puts his team's participation in the tag title tournament tomorrow in jeopardy.

"Hack" Sawyer vs. Gama Singh

 The Great Gama, like his partner Mr. Hito last week, came out being managed by KY Wakamatsu. Wakamatsu is clearly bent on having his men be more aggressive, shown in Gama's relentlessly working over Sawyer's back throughout the match. The always tough Sawyer certainly put up a fight, but it was all over once Gama locked him in the Camel Clutch in the middle of the ring. Not satisfied with winning the match, Gama gave another of nasty kicks and stomps to Sawyer's back after the match. Wakamatsu is clearly set on bringing out the nasty side of his new charges.

Larry Zbyszko vs. Roddy Piper

 A number of elements at the start of this match set it up as a powderkeg.  First of all, Larry came out accompanied by both members of LA Express, possibly looking to put in a bid to become the fourth of Buddy Rose's  Four Families. This would seem to be backed up by the appearance of Buddy Rose and his Army at ringside, complete with the black box. Add to this volatile mx the presence of Jimmy Valiant's number one fan in a ringside, who immediately drew the attention of LA Express. A sure recipe for trouble, and you can always count on Piper to light the fuse. He stormed the ring, dodging past Rose and his attack dogs, and went straight for Larry Z. He had no time for the usual stalling tactics and relentlessly dogged Larry, no matter how much the so-called Living Legend tried to backpedal. When forced into a corner, Larry still had the skills to give as good as he got, but was clearly completely flummoxed as to what to do with the Hot Scot. The match plummeted into complete chaos. When LA Express started to jaw with the fan at ringside. The genial bearded man did his best to ignore it, but finally had had enough and stood up, towering over his two tormentors. Embry still took a swing at him, but the fan dodged it and fired back with his own punch, which sent Embry sprawling. Both Embry and Starr then started to throw down with the fan, leading to Johnny Valiant to charge out to the ring to his fan's defense.  The ref came over to try to clear up this fracas, and Buddy Rose jumped on the ring apron, looking to take advantage of this distraction by popping Piper with his big gold ring. However, when Larry whipped Piper into the ropes, Piper reversed it and sent Larry careening into Rose, causing Rose to plummet from the apron on top of Oliver and Madril. Piper swiftly rolled up Larry Z and got the one two three. While the members of the Army were trying to get themselves untangled from each other, Piper dove outside and grabbed the one remaining gold ring, which had fallen to the ground when Madril dropped the box. Piper then dashed back to the locker room, cackling "King Of LA!" as he ran. Back in the ring , Rose and Zbyszko started arguing with each other as they tried to figure out just what happened. It looks like Rose's carefully laid master plan has hit a major stumbling block.


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Hahahah... that was AWESOME!  Piper got the last ring and cacled that he was the King of LA.  Was surprised that Hansen came out to team with Anthony but they would be a nasty duo especially if Anthony does most of the heavy lifting and Hansen just comes in to clean it up at the end.  Hansen is one of the all-time best and can do it all!  I agree with you of the underrated skill of Ron Star and he should get a some thought on being the next Light Heavyweight Champion.  Great tag team showcase here and loved how you described the Adams Superkick.  That is exactly how I remembered it.... It always seemed to come from nowhere and it was lights out!  Adonis and Ventura bring the big name to the division but I wonder who will eventually end up with the belts!  NICE SHOW!

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Pacific Wrestling continues delivering non stop action and intriguing storylines. 

Awesome seeing Adonis and Ventura team up and they look strong in victory. Now they have formed an alliance with the Cowboys. The families are looking to rule the Pacific. 

Adams and McGhee gel well and pick up a huge win over Rip and Madril.

Vachon teaches Rogers a lesson but Flowers gets revenge with a chair! I'm sure Burke has a plan. 

Starr shows off his ability by defeating Steve O. Starr would be a tough challenge for Dynamite. 

Man, Anthony gets the partner of a lifetime in Stan Hansen! It sure paid off as Hansen's lariat puts Borne and Jack down! Great surprise here! 

Sawyer puts up a fight but the vicious Gama walks away with the win.

LOL, fun main event as Piper puts a big wrench in Rose's plans. Piper not only walks away with the win over Larry Z but gets a ring as well. Awesome stuff! A Piper/Rose feud is money.  

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AWA Pacific Wrestling show from the LA Sports Arena, Los Angeles, January 27th

 AWA Pacific Tag Team Title Tournament First Round :

 The Rock & Roll Express vs. The Diamond & Gold Exchange

 The Rock & Rolls his a double dropkick on Goldie Rogers to take the win

Mr. Hito & Gama Singh vs. "Hack" Sawyer & Jesse Barr

 Hito and Singh relentlessly worked over Sawyer's back, which had been hurt the previous day in a singles match with Singh, before Hito forced Sawyer to give up to the Oriental Crossbow

The California Cowboys vs. Phil Lafleur & Brian Adias

 Orton pinned Adias after a superplex


LA Express vs. Matt Borne & Billy Jack 

After the LA Express made there way to the ring, it was announced that, due to injuries to Borne at the hands of Tony Anthony and Stan Hansen yesterday, they would be withdrawing from the tournament. Embry and Starr reacted as though they had just won the match, but Jimmy Valiant came striding out to the ring and saying that he wanted to put his name in the tournament, along with his partner. The Express seemed to have an idea where he was going with this and, eager for payback, accepted the challenge.  Valiant then proceeded to introduce his partner, a new friend of his from Mudlick, Kentucky … Big Jim! Big Jim (Valiant's fan who had been seen at ringside for the past few weeks ) charged out to the ring and immediately started to slug it out with both members of the LA Express. What resulted was an out of control brawl that ended with both teams being disqualified and thus being eliminated from the tournament.

King Kong Bundy vs. Steve O

 Bundy won in 7 seconds with the Atlantic City Avalanche

AWA Pacific Tag Team Title Tournament Semi-Finals  :

 The Rock & Roll Express vs. Mr. Hito & Gama Singh

 Hito and Singh were clearly looking to avenge their earlier loss to the Express as they were much more brutal with their offense and badly battered Ricky and Robert. The Rock & Rolls never gave up and Morton was able to catch Singh coming out of the corner with a sunset flip to get the one two three. After the match, Hito blasted Morton in the head with Wakamatsu's megaphone. The Rock & Roll Express were now in the finals, but would they be in any shape to compete?

The California Cowboys got a bye directly into the Finals.

Baron Von Raschke vs. The Spoiler

 Both men went to a 15 minute time limit draw.

AWA Pacific Tag Team Title Tournament Finals  :

 The Rock & Roll Express vs. The California Cowboys

 Ricky and Robert were looking very unsteady coming to the ring, after the post match attack by Hito and Gama.  They were still determined to try to win the titles and put up a valiant fight. It looked like they just might pull it off when they hit the double dropkick on Bob Orton , but Orton collided with the ref as he went down, and thus there was no official to make the three count. Brooks looked to take advantage of this by coming in, primed with the loaded elbow pad, but Robert was able to dodge it and tackle him to the ground. Then, out of nowhere, two large men in camouflage gear , led by JR Foley, charged the ring and attacked the Rock & Rolls. The crushed them with massive sideslams and elbow drops before putting Orton on top of Ricky. The ref slowly recovered and counted to three. The fans were furious, but the California Cowboys are now the AWA Pacific Tag Team Champions.

Buddy Rose, Rip Oliver & Al Madril vs. Roddy Piper, Chris Adams & Scott McGhee

 As one could imagine, this was an intense and heated affair with Rose and his Army putting much of their effort in taking the gold ring off Piper's hand. They probably shouldn't have been so fixated on that, as Adams was able to sneak in and hit his thrust kick (which he calls a Superkick) on Madril and score the victory. The Army tried to go after Piper post match, but they were unable to get their hands on him, and he raised his gold ringed fist in the air in defiance as he left.

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Stacked card in LA!

The tag tournament was a lot of fun and some new angles develop. Like Kev said, The RnR Express seem to have a lot of enemies as Gama and Hito give them a post match beating, then later Foley's new monster team assaults them which gives the Cowboys the titles! I do like Orton and Brooks as your first champs. 

Big Jim finally makes his debut as him and Jimmy battle the LA Express to a wild double DQ.

Poor Steve O, he just didn't stand a chance against Bundy.

I liked that Baron/Spoiler draw.

Great main event as Piper once again gets the best of Rose. Adams and McGhee get a nice rub. I cant wait to watch this Piper/Rose feud explode. 

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The latest press release from AWA Pacific Commissioner Dutch Savage announces that,  after the successful recent Tag Title tournament in LA, there will be a tournament for the AWA Pacific Television Title. It will take place on February 3rd at the Victoria Memorial Arena in Victoria, BC, and will have the following competitors :


The Spoiler

Leo Burke

Al Madril

Scott McGhee

Rip Oliver

Phil Lafleur

"Diamond" Timothy Flowers


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