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Marko Estrada (NSPW Champion)

Travis Toxic (NSPW Tag Team Champion)

Matt Angel (NSPW Tag Team Champion)

Thomas Dubois

Mathieu St. Jacques

Ivan Sullivan (NSPW Jr Heavyweight Champion, managed by Klode Maloon)

Stephen Sullivan

Evil Uno

Stu Grayson

Benjamin Tull

Matt Falco

Markus Burke

Brad Alekxis

Kevin Bennett

Tyson Dux

Flying Frank Milano

Dylan Bostic

Ilya Dragunov

Dirty Dragan

"The Avalanche" Robert Dreissker

Brute Van Slyke

Brody Steele

Captain Michael Pezz

Chris Andrews

Michel Plante


Matt Novak (managed by life coach Sébastien Robert)

Branden O'Connor (managed by life coach Sébastien Robert)


Kevin Blanchard

Pee Wee

"The Beast King" Franky TM

Sylvain Grenier

Buxx Belmar

Big Magic

Scott Parker

Sexxxy Eddy

The Green Phantom

Michael Style

Trent Gibson

Channing Decker

Maxx Testosterone

Marty Boston

Mike Bedrich

Maddison Miles

Jody Threat

Cici Galavis

Shotzi Blackheart

"The Pink Flash" Kira

Klode Maloon (manager)

Sébastien Robert (manager)

Tag Team & Stables

Untouchables (Marko Estrada, Travis Toxic & Matt Angel)

Le Tabarnak de Team or TDT (Mathieu St. Jacques & Thomas Dubois)

Super Smash Bros (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson)

Cerberus (Ilja Dragunov, Dirty Dragan, "The Avalanche" Robert Dreissker & Julian Nero)

The Flying Francis (Novak & O'Connor)

Les Brasseurs (Benjamin Tull & Matt Falco)

Montreal Elite (Brad Alekxis & Jean-Frais)

The Fraternity (Trent Gibson & Channing Decker)

Dead End (Marty Boston & Mike Bedrich)

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Results for NSPW Kickoff 2019

January 12th, 2019

Centre Horizon, Quebec City


Little bit of kayfabe history: Untouchables have been a dominant force in NSPW since their formation in September 2018 as they were able to get all the gold when Travis Toxic & Matt Angel put their differences aside to beat The Super Smash Bros for the NSPW Tag Team Titles and they helped Marko Estrada do the same and recapture the NSPW Heavyweight Championship for the 2nd time on the same night. Untouchables didn't waste any time wreaking havoc, actually ruining the finals of the Standing 8 Tournament, causing for the first time in history the tournament to have no winners. But Untouchables' actions caught the attention on the indy scene. NSPW had been secretly working some working agreement deals with a couple of promotions. One with IWS in Montreal made official earlier in 2018, 2 new ones emerged; with Smash Wrestling in Toronto but more surprisingly, wXw in Germany. Thus, as Kickoff 2019 takes place, Untouchables are in Germany working a couple of events for wXw and will also likely miss the New Era event on February 2nd as well. In exchange, quite the gift from wXw...or a curse, depending on which way you like it; one of NSPW's newest additions via the working agreement with Smash Wrestling, Kevin Bennett, wanted to make a statement and was somehow able to reunite one of the most devastating stables in wXw history: Cerberus. Kevin Bennett would then team to face Dirty Dragan, "Avalanche" Robert Dreissker, Adam Polak, and of course, the ever dangerous Ilja Dragunov to take on a team of NSPW homegrown talents who would want to step up. To no one's surprise, the first team to do so would be Le Tabarnak de Team themselves, fan favorites Thomas Dubois & Mathieu St-Jacques. But the 3 other names were a bit unusual; first, a young lady by the name of Maddison Miles, added to the roster via NSPW's acquisition of the UCW promotion in the Maritimes. Miles had worked a couple of shows in NSPW and quickly became a fan favorite as well. To complete the team, the team of Marty Boston and "Greatness" Mike Bedrich. 2 super heavyweights who hadn't been seen on the local scene for awhile but no strangers but the question is would they be good enough to stop the impending threat of The Kevin Bennett Experience featuring Cerberus? The stage is now set as the co-main event of the show will feature Stu Grayson taking on special guest for the show, Mexican veteran luchador Angel Blanco Jr.

-In the opening match, Evil Uno defeats Chris Andrews with Something Evil

-A video is shown of the history between the team once known as Perfect Genetics. Now the director of operations of NSPW, Martin "Clasher" Girard had spent the last few months hoping that he could drive his former partner Stephen "Razen" Sullivan to retirement through various means. But when Matt Falco snapped in December after losing to Marko Estrada in controversy and attacked Girard with the help of Benjamin Tull, Stephen Sullivan did what he felt was the right thing and helped his former partner/now sworn enemy. In an emotional moment, Sullivan and Girard reconciled and Girard lifted the "career match" stipulation he had put on him ever since he accessed power in NSPW. So, for one night, Perfect Genetics would reunite by challenging Benjamin Tull & Matt Falco to a tag team match.

-In the 2nd match of the night, Perfect Genetics defeated Les Brasseurs (Benjamin Tull & Matt Falco) with the Pledge of Allegiance on Matt Falco

-In the 3rd match of the night,  Francis Novak (w/ his life coach Sébastien Robert) score the upset over Maritimes powerhouse veteran Brody Steele after a timely distraction from his life coach Sébastien Robert and interference from his Flying Francis partner Francis O'Connor. After the match, an irate Steele attacked both Flying Francis members through a table!

-A video of Untouchables in the wXw locker room is shown as they brag about how they're now the true household names of NSPW and that's the reason why they're in Germany and not anyone else on the roster. NSPW Champion Marko Estrada says that he isn't impressed by the reformation of Cerberus and they couldn't hold any of Untouchables jockstrap. Estrada says NSPW fans better get used to this because they'll still be in Germany for New Era on February 2nd and they might not even return to the promotion. Estrada issues a warning to Ilja Dragunov that he's gonna still be watching him anyway later tonight.

-In a 6-Men Tag Match, Montréal Élite (honorary member Michel Plante, "Blackout" Brad Alekxis & Handsome Jean-Frais) defeated Jody Threat, NSPW Junior Heavyweight Champion Ivan Sullivan (w/Klode Maloon) and Captain Michael Pezz after Jean-Frais pinned Ivan Sullivan. Michel Plante barely got any action in as Alekxis & Jean-Frais kept most of the tags between each other. In the end, they left Plante high and dry as Sullivan almost took Plante's head off with a big boot, which lead to Jean-Frais pinning Sullivan for the win. After the match, Brad Alekxis is staking his claim at Sullivan's Junior Heavyweight title!

-A video featuring The Green Phantom is shown. Since it's a new year and a new era for NSPW and Quebec wrestling, Phantom wants to have a party like only he can do this: a good ol' fashioned Green Phantom Hardcore Invitational Match to take place on February 2nd. Phantom says it doesn't matter how many show up; the more, the merrier! At the end of the video, the ring announcer makes the official announcement that The Green Phantom Hardcore Invitational will main event New Era on February 2nd!

-In the co-main event, Stu Grayson defeated Angel Blanco Jr with the Final Smash

-Before the main event, an incident featuring Tyson Dux and Brute Van Slyke during a Smash Wrestling event is shown with a melee of wrestlers and staff members getting involved to separate everyone. After the video, it is announced that Smash Wrestling had requested a neutral venue for Tyson Dux and Brute Van Slyke to settle their score. Therefore, NSPW had volunteered, given Dux's past history (Tyson Dux ended the 1000 + days reign of Marko Estrada as NSPW Heavyweight Champion), to host the show and to ensure it will have a definitive winner, it will take place INSIDE OF A STEEL CAGE!

-In the 10-Men Tag team Match main event, The Kevin Bennett Experience featuring Cerberus (Ilja Dragunov, "Avalanche" Robert Dreissker, Adam Polak & Dirty Dragan) defeated Dead End (Marty Boston & "Greatness" Mike Bedrich), Maddison Miles & Le Tabarnak de Team (Mathieu St. Jacques & Thomas Dubois) after Ilja Dragunov pinned Bedrich with Torpedo Moskau. After the match, the onslaught continued as Kevin Bennett & Cerberus used athletic tape to tie everyone except Bedrich from each side of the ring to the top rope. Cerberus forced Boston to watch his tag team partner Bedrich's neck being pillmanized by Dragunov! The show ends with Kevin Bennett and Cerberus celebrating together as staff members and EMTs check on the opposing teams.

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