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[2019-01-13 BJW] Takuya Nomura vs Fuminori Abe


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Over the course of 2018, I've come to realize that I like my pro-wrestling in small, hard-hitting doses and this match delivers in more ways than one. Unfortunately, it's clipped so we don't get to see these two tear it up in full glory, but what we get is probably my favorite thing I've seen in wrestling so far this year (haven't seen the tag title match from the same show so this may change). Abe is better than Nomura on the mat. He's quicker, he's got slick counters and footwork, and when Nomura goes first to what he knows best - the kicks - Abe is ready and takes him down. I love that they mix good struggle for control on the mat with palms to the face and cheeky slaps. Abe's high kick in the corner and Nomura's "I'm dead" selling was great. The footage bounces around - we get a capture suplex counter by Nomura before they start in with the lunging strikes. The nasty kicks and headbutts and slaps, with Nomura getting busted open at some point. Abe's baseball punch connects hard and his selling of the hand was great. Also the grounded enziguri he hits on Nomura was very dope. Abe's able to get the calf hold counter to another high kick attempt, transitions into a leg-trap German suplex when Abe tries to escape. And the finish made Nomura look like a badass - he slaps the shit out of Abe when he tries for another baseball punch, dragon suplexes him on his head and chokes him out. Hideki Suzuki has taught him well. Loved what we got but sad I didn't get to see the full thing. Still, my current MOTY. This is a generational feud that is going to rule over the next few years. 

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I agree that it was a shame we didn't get to see the full version of this, but just like their match last year this was a banger. Great, back-and-forth striking contest between two of the hardest hitters in wrestling despite both being on the smaller side. Really didn't like those headbutts Nomura threw in but this was still a blast and had a very BattlArtsy feel. Not quite a MOTYC for me but definitely the sprint of the year thus far.


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  • paul sosnowski changed the title to [2019-01-13 BJW] Takuya Nomura vs Fuminori Abe

Yeah, the editing hurt this imo, specially because every move and second counts with these two so 4 minutes missing out of a 10 minute match is not a minor thing.

Still, what was shown was fucking awesome. Loved the sense of urgency since the bell rang, the strikes were brutal and you get the sense that the match can end at any moment. A worthy rematch from the one of the best match from 2018. I hope we get to see this in full once BJW Core is up and running again.

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