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[2019-01-22-WWE-Smackdown] Rey Mysterio vs Andrade (2/3 Falls)

paul sosnowski

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  • GSR changed the title to [2019-01-22-WWE-Smackdown] Rey Mysterio vs Andrade (2/3 Falls)

Rey Mysterio is an unreal animal. What I do enjoy about this match versus other spotty high flying matches is that you can almost see the wheels turning as they try to outmaneuver each other. It gives a nice sense of struggle to everything and it doesn't ever feel overly cooperative. There are spots in this that I don't think anyone imagined Rey Mysterio would be doing in 2019. A top rope hurricanrana to the floor? The return of the West Coast Pop? What about that insane sunset flip powerbomb to the barricade (kudos Andrade for taking that crazy bump). I loved how the 2/3 stip allowed them to really sell the impact of some of their more dangerous spots like that wild powerbomb off the top and Rey's gorgeous Destroyer counter. The third fall had some nice wrinkles with a short heat segment on Rey's arm plus their botch that they recovered from nicely making it seem like the wear and tear of the match was getting to them. Just awesome wrestling wall to wall here.


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The first fall was great, explosive action w/ the highlights being that picture perfect RANA w/ Rey jumping from the top rope to Andrade on the outside & then the absolutely crazy finish. Perfect, pretty execution, but also with a superb impact to 'em. The 2nd fall was quick, but also perfectly executed; Rey survives the first, brutal powerbomb Andrade throws, so Andrade gets frustrated & caught up by that goddamn amazing Destroyer by Rey. The final fall is one big finishing stretch, and it's just outstanding - that sliding sunset flip powerbomb into the barricade & DRAGONRANA though. There was quite a bit of moments that stood out in this one, but maybe my favorite out of all of them was when Andrade had been doing some brief work over Rey's arm, he then kinda drops that gameplan & does his signature Hammerlock DDT - only for Rey to survive it by putting his foot on the ropes. What does Andrade do next? He goes to the arm he had been softening up right away & does a very nice, vicious looking Fujiwara Armbar! Great stuff there. They recovered from the botch perfectly too, and it didn't feel out of place in the match at all. Definitely liked this a tad bit better than their bout from last week. ***1/2

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This was almost on par with the match they had the previous week, but typical WWE booking prevented this from reaching it's climax. Same structured match with lots of bombs and incredible athleticism. The top rope powerbomb was so nuts; I'm surprised no one else in the wrestling world does that move. There was a botch at the end with Rey trying to replicate THAT DDT that Rey hit on Eddie decades ago, but it didn't land. Fortunately they recovered quickly to keep the momentum going. And then unfortunately, a lame DQ non-finish ends it after all of that. It's like why even bother if the finish just nullifies everything, ****.

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