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[2019-02-02-WWE-Worlds Collide] Tyler Bate vs Velveteen Dream

paul sosnowski

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This was a very good match and a great angle for Velveteen, not just this match but the whole tournament. Shades of Bret's 93 KOTR run. It's a shame WWE decided to do this thing in such a poor way, this could've been a great Network special like CWC or MYC, but instead everything had an awful atmosphere, like an indy show at the bottom of Parts Unknown.

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Yep, they half-assed the presentation of the whole thing and it really showed. Not just the hack job editing, but even the live atmosphere seemed hushed. Which is a shame since this is a truly unique and intriguing concept. On top of that, this came at the worst time for a Network special, released on Super Bowl weekend sandwiched between Rumble the previous weekend and Halftime Heat. Between this lapse in exposure and not appearing in action on the recent TakeOver, it's a deflating moment for The Dream, who should be on top of the NXT world but seems to be getting the short end of the stick. If anything, the tournament viewed in whole only poses Tyler Bate as the top worker and prospect of the respective divisions. Which is not a slight on Dream, just another example of how this whole push seems like an uphill battle despite how inevitably over he is and will be. Actually it's a huge compliment to VD, who will persist despite some rough patches of booking. The match itself is really strong TV and a fitting cap to a blue collar tournament full of hard work and little shine. ***1/2

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