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1984 DRAFT


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The draft order is as follows:                                                

RD 1:                                                                         RD 2                                                                    RD 3                                                          RD 4                                      RD 5

Spaldoni :  Kendall Windham                               Cpt. Redneck:  Shawn Michaels                  Rain:  John Nord                           Cpt. Redneck:  Yokozuna         Rain:  Steve Simpson

Rain:  Jushin Liger                                                   Kevin:  Marty Jannety                                 Kevin:  Lance Vonerich                 Kevin:  Keiji Mutoh                  Cpt. Redneck 

Kevin:  Nikita Koloff                                                 Rain:  Undertakaer                                       Cpt Redneck:  Jim Power             Rain:  Steve Doll                     

Cpt. Redneck:  Scott Hall                                       Spaldoni:  Dan Spivey                                                                    


Rounds 3 and 4 will follow the same order as one and two as will 5 and 6.  



1.  Remember all wrestlers drafted are rookies.  Due a little research on them and treat them the way they actually were in 1984.

2.  Draft will start as soon as Spaldoni makes his first pick.  You can drop out any time you wish.

3.  Please try to make picks in a timely fashion.  (24 hours at most)

4.  Rookies do not need to be saved with an exemption

5.  All undrafted rookies will  be added to free agent list

6.  Roster size is now 46.  If you draft someone and it puts you at 47, you must release someone at the same time.


Al Perez:  

Blue Demon Jr.

Dan Spivey

Jim Powers

John Nord

Jushin Liger

Keiji Mutoh

Kendell Windham

Marty Jannetty

Mike Thor

Nancy Benoit

Nikita Koloff

Miss. Elizabeth

Scott Hall

Shawn Michaels

Steve Simpson

Steve Doll

Tom Zenk


William Vaughn  (Lance VonErich)


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