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    Superstars of the Superstation

    Feb 17th Civic Center, Baltimore Maryland 1. Les Thornton defeats Shawn Michaels in 9:03 2. Joe Lightfoot over Ken Timbs in 12:28 3. Johnny Rich DRAW Iron Sheik after 20 minutes 4. Jake Roberts over Chris Markoff in 14:55. After the match, the rest of the Iron Curtain attacks Roberts until Johnny Rich & David Sammartino make the save 5. Bob Roop defeats Norvell Austin in 11: 48 6. The Fantastics defeat Great Tio & Chief Tapu in 13:29 7. Brad Armstrong DDQ Arn Anderson after Al Perez and Ole Anderson get involved after 6:15 8. National Heavyweight Championship: "Hacksaw" Butch Reed over Korsita Korchenko in 11:00 9. The Masked Superstar defeats Tito Santana in 28:44 Feb 19th Ohio Expo Center, Columbus Ohio 1.Scott Hall defeats Joe Lightfoot via submission with a bearhug in 4:21 2. Sivi Afi over Chick Donovan in 6:39 3. Al Perez over Bugsy McGraw in 12:03 4. The Olympians defeat The Iron Curtain in 10:55 5. TV TITLE MATCH: "Mean" Mike Miller (c) over Norvell Austin in 14:20 6. Paul Orndorff over Ole Anderson via DQ when Arn Anderson & Buzz Sawyer get involved after 16:10. Al Perez & Brad Armstrong make the save 7. Tito Santana defeats Johnny Rich in 12:39 8. Brad Armstrong over Buzz Sawyer via DQ in 18:53 9. National Tag Title Match: The Long Riders (c) defeat Chief Tapu & Great Tio in 7:33 10. Ted Dibiase defeats David Sammartino in 16:41. After the match, The Masked Superstar attacks Ted Dibiase and then David Sammartino joins the attack and hugs the Superstar as they leave the ring. Feb 20th Convention Center, Cleveland Ohio 1. Chick Donovan over Jim Powers in 6:21 2. The Iron Curtain defeat Shawn Michaels & Ken Timbs in 9:00 3. Bugsy McGraw & Norvell Austin defeat Joe Lightfoot & Les Thornton in 8:32 4. Lanny Poffo defeats Great Tio in 12:53 5. Tito Santana defeats Bob Roop in 15:49 6. Ole Anderson, Arn Anderson & Buzz Sawyer over Johnny Rich, Al Perez & Brad Armstrong in 24:38 7. Ted Dibiase DDQ The Masked Superstar in 16:25 8. Paul Orndorff over Iron Sheik in 18:48 Feb 21st Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati Ohio 1. Joe Lightfoot over Shawn Michaels in 11:43 2. David Sammartino over Chick Donovan via submission in 7:12 3. TV TITLE MATCH: "Mean" Mike Miller (c) over Johnny Rich in 13:38 4. Jake Roberts & Paul Orndorff defeat the Iron Curtain in 16:50 5. Ivan Koloff over Bugsy McGraw in 10:33 6. Brad Armstrong defeats Ole Anderson in 20:11 7. The Masked Superstar defeats Pez Whatley in 18:25 8. National Heavyweight Title Match: "Hacksaw" Butch Reed defeats Arn Anderson in 17:44 9. Tito Santana over Sivi Afi in 6:24
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    WWE Elimination Chamber 2019

    Not even close.
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    Superstars of the Superstation

    FEB 16Th, WTBS Studios: Beginning of program is a VTR from the Civic Center in Augusta Georgia. It's Ted Dibiase attacking the Masked Superstar during his match with Johnny Rich. Dibiase attacks him when Rich is in the Cobra Clutch. Gordon Solie: Welcome back for another week of the Superstars of the Superstation. I have a man next to me who has been attacked and betrayed by his former partner, Arn Anderson. Brad Armstrong: Well thank you Mr. Solie. I just wanted to come out here and say a few things. One is that I've been getting my cards & letters asking me about my physical condition. Well I am fine, but when I done with everything, Arn Anderson will be the one who needs some medical attention. Solie: Do you have any plans on combating the odds against you since Arn seems to always have his Uncle Ole and "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer watching his back and taking care of his business? Armstrong: Yes I do Mr.Solie. Sawyer and Ole Anderson have better watch out as the next time they try anything, they will be in for a big surprise. Solie: Thank you Brad, now let's go to the ring. Pat Rose vs. Lanny Poffo 15 minutes Poffo takes control early as he athleticism is no match for the slower Rose. Rose does catch Poffo with a few forearms and kicks to the stomach, but Poffo is able to counter out of them by taking Rose down with a double leg takedown. Poffo then changes things up by going back to his amateur background and dazzling the audience with his knowledge of scientific wrestling. Poffo goes for several roll ups but van going get a 2 count. Poffo picks Rose up and hits Rose with a vertical suplex and then Poffo climbs the ropes with his back facing Rose and flips over and lands on his opponent. Poffo covers as Referee Patrick counts to 3. WINNER via pin, Lanny Poffo Solie: Lanny, that was a decisive victory over a veteran opponent. Poffo: Well thank you Gordon. I like to try and give the fans their moneys worth when I'm out there. Solie: Lanny, since I have you here, I would like to ask you about a possible sensitive subject and I would like to find out what you think about your Father, Angelo Poffo, managing then Masked Superstar and the National Tag Team Champions, The Long Riders. Poffo: Well I knew sooner then later, I would be asked about my Father. I don't have the same views about wrestling like he does, as I want to win honorably and he only cares about winning at any costs. (crowd makes some noise as Angelo Poffo and The Masked Superstar come to the podium) Angelo Poffo: Lanny, you will never change, which means that you will never be a winner like myself and this man right here. As long as you stay out of my way, you won't get hurt and won't have to go crying back to your Mother about it. ( Masked Superstar laughs) Superstar: (Pointing to Lanny Poffo) If I was you, I would listen to your Father for once and just stay out of the way. (Angelo Poffo & The Superstar walk away laughing) Solie: I'm sorry for that Lanny. I know things have been strained between yourself and your Father and I'm sure that this doesn't make it any easier. Lanny Poffo: (Lowers his head down and walks away) Solie: I feel bad for Lanny as he is a good young man and wants to follow the rules of fair play. commercial break: World TV Title Match, 1 fall, 15 minutes: "Mean" Mike Miller (c) vs. Terry Daniels It was Terry Daniels who was defeated by Miller in the first round of the TV Title Tournament. Daniels didn't actually submit, but he did pass out from the pain became too great when Miller had him in his Indian Death lock. Miller starts the match by trying to go after then injured knee of Daniels. Daniels is still favoring his knee and it's been heavily bandaged for support. Miller focuses too much on the leg as the former Marine is able to get the early upper hand by taking Miller to the mat with a headlock takeover. Daniels is in control until Miller makes it to the ropes. Miller rolls to the outside as Scrappy McGowen starts to count. Daniels makes a mistake by getting to close to the ropes and this allows Miller to grab his legs and yank him down to the canvas. Daniels is then pulled to the floor and Miller starts to stomp away at the bandaged knee. Miller tosses Daniels back inside and goes to work on the injured leg. Miller starts with several spinning toe holds, cranking each one harder then the previous. Daniels tries to use his free leg and kick at Miller, but Miller grabs that leg as well and turns Daniels over into a Boston Crab. Daniels is trying to reach the ropes, but can't. Miller is smiling as the pain is starting to get the best of him, but he won't give up. Miller then decides to roll him onto his back and is able to put Daniels in another spinning toe hold and then the Figure 4 Leg lock. McGowen is asking Daniels about giving up and he can't see Miller grabbing the ropes behind him to add extra pressure to the hold. Miller let's go of the ropes and Daniels still won't give up. McGowen checks on Daniels again as he sees that Daniels isn't moving as much. McGowen calls for the bell as it appears once again that he would rather pass out then submit. WINNER via Referee Stoppage, (c) "Mean" Mike Miller Solie: Once again, the former Marine showed his toughness and passed out as the pain became too great for him to bear. Miller: That punk kid asked for the match and I proved once again that no one can break out of my Indian Death lock or Figure 4 Leg lock. I'm waiting for someone else a bit tougher to challenge me for my belt, but so far, no one will come forward. Solie: I've heard that "Pistol" Pez Whatley might be throwing his hat into the ring so to speak Miller: Pez Whatley? I want competition, not someone who I can defeat faster then that punk kid in the ring now. Solie: Whatley is double tough and you might be eating those words if and when this match happens. commercial break Ivan Koloff vs. Shawn Michaels The newcomer Michaels is no match for the "Russian Bear" as Koloff disposes of the youngster in 25 seconds after a clothesline in the middle of the ring. After the match, Koloff is calling out the name of Jake Roberts saying that he will receive the same treatment as this opponent did. WINNER via pin fall, "Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff Koloff: Jake Roberts, you are like these people out here as you just like them, have no class. All you want to do is to jump people from behind, instead of facing me face to face. You are a American Coward, just like these people out here. (crowd chants USA, USA) Solie: Now Mr. Koloff, I understand that you want to face Jake Roberts at the next show at the Omni on March 3rd. Koloff: Yes I do. I want to show him and these people that Russia is far superior then you Americans. commercial break. National Tag Team Champions, The Long Riders vs. Ken Timbs and Chick Donovan The Long Riders attack before the bell and throw Donovan out of the ring. The Long Riders beat up on Timbs until referee Patrick is able to get Bill Irwin to the outside. The Long Riders dominate the action and the as Scott tags in Bill, Bill whips Timbs into the ropes and Bill Irwin backs up and hits Timbs straight in the face with a big boot. Donovan doesn't even attempt to make a save as Patrick counts to 3 as the crowd boos. WINNER via pin fall, The National Tag Team Champions, The Long Riders. Solie: That was quite a show of force by the Champions. ( crowd cheers) Coming out is "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff. Orndorff: Thank you for having me. I would like to say that I'm ready for any kind of action and will take on all comers. I might go after the National Heavyweight Title or I might Even find a partner and go after those Tag Team belts of the Long Riders. Solie: Do you have anybody in Mind Mr. Orndorff. Orndorff: I have a few people in mind, but I would like to keep that close to my vest. ( Orndorff leaves the area) Solie: I have here a recorded interview from the new AWA Heavyweight Champion, "The King" Jerry Lawler. Lawler: I have been the "King of Memphis" for a long time now and I can now add that I'm the "King of the AWA" to my long list of accolades I have collected over the years. I will be coming into Georgia on March the 2nd and I will appear on TV as I will be facing a challenger to be named at the March 3rd Omni show in Atlanta. No matter who I face, I will come out on top like I always do. Solie: It will be interesting to see on who the new AWA Champion will face. Whoever it is, Mr. Lawler will be in for quite the contest. commercial break: Solie (boos from the audience) I have with me one "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer. Sawyer: (Screaming and pacing) Al Perez, you have bit off more then you can chew when you came after the "Mad Dog"! Once I get my hands on you and getting into our fight with Brad Armstrong. Solie: Al Perez is a talented wrestler and I think that you won't be having such an easy time as you think you will. Sawyer: (screaming and pacing) Perez is nothing! I will take a bite out of you and you will be going on your way. (laughing) Let me show you on what I mean when I destroy this one in the ring! "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer vs. Jim Powers Sawyer paces as he waits for the bell and as soon as it sounds, he lets out a yell and attacks Powers. Powers is way out of his league as He can't even defend himself and the crazy Sawyer. Sawyer is beating the hell out of Powers and Sawyer is yelling and screaming at no one in particular. Sawyer covers Powers several times, but at the count of 2, he picks Powers up by the hair to continue the torture. Referee McGowen warns Sawyer that if he does this aging, he will be disqualified. Sawyer whips Powers into the corner and charges, hitting Powers in the neck with a clothesline. Powers falls to the mat and Sawyer quickly picks Powers up, whips him into the ropes and Sawyer nails Powers with a devastating powerslam, covers the limp Powers and gets the 3 count. After his hand is raised, Sawyer goes back on the attack and throws Powers to the outside. Sawyer jumps out, picks Powers up and hits another powerslam on the concrete floor. Brad Armstrong, Al Perez come out and chases Sawyer away. McGowen goes over to Gordon Solie and reverses the decision and disqualifies Sawyer. WINNER via DQ, Jim Powers Armstrong: Sawyer, you and the Andersons need to be stopped and will be stopped. Whether it's me, this man over here ( Al Perez) or someone else, you won't be running rough shot around here anymore. Perez: Sawyer, I accept your challenge and will face you at the Omni on March the 3rd. Sawyer, it will be you biting off more then you can chew. commercial break. The Masked Superstar (with Angelo Poffo) vs. Bugsy McGraw The Masked Superstar is cautious as McGraw is very unorthodox and McGraw is keeping the Superstar off balance. McGraw slams the Superstar and goes for a body splash, but the Superstar moves and McGraw hits the mat. The Superstar goes to the canvas and starts to choke McGraw as Poffo yells with encouragement. Referee Patrick tries to pull him off of McGraw, but the Superstar elbow Patrick in the ribs. The Superstar realizing this, goes over and makes sure that Patrick is ok and tells him that he didn't mean it. The Superstar starts to work on the neck of McGraw and hits various neck breakers. Superstar applies a chin lock, pulling back hard and putting pressure on McGraw's neck. The Superstar is in control and is pounding away on Bugsy, until McGraw is able to catch the Superstar setting up for a back drop early and kicks the Superstar in the head. McGraw starts a comeback, but that's short lived when McGraw once again misses a body splash. This time the Superstar wastes no time and applies his corkscrew neck breaker not once, but twice. The Superstar hooks the near leg and gets the victory. WINNER via pin fall, The Masked Superstar The Masked Superstar: I prove once again that I'm the man to beat and Butch Reed and Ted Dibiase better watch out as I'm coming for you. Solie: Well, you might think that you have it easy, but I know that... Angelo Poffo: Solie, I have the upmost confidence in The Masked Superstar that he can defeat both of these men very easily. I also think ( Poffo stops talking) Gary Hart: Poffo, you have been running your mouth and hiding behind people for years. You have avoided and you leave an area every time I come into a territory. This time, that won't happen and the both of you and the Long Riders and anyone else you can get, will be wishing that they weren't ever associated with you. ( crowd is actually cheering Gary Hart) Poffo: What are you going to do you loud mouth? Hart: I'll show you (punches Poffo and knock him down and leaves) (crowd is cheering) Solie: Well I guessed that you might have to watch your step. Masked Superstar: (screaming) HART! You won't get away with this! You better watch yourself you bald head geek! commercial break "Pistol" Pez Whatley vs. Scott Hall Hall is an impressive looking fellow, but doesn't have the experience that Whatley has. Hall has the strength advantage and is able to use a few power moves against Whatley. Whatley is whipped into the corner and Hall sets up too early and Whatley hits a sunset flip, but can only get a 2 count. Whatley jumps up and Hall doesn't see where Pez went until it's too late as Whatley runs towards Hall and hits a flying headbutt and gets the 3 count. WINNER "Pistol" Pez Whatley Solie: It's been an action packed show again this week. I have a few seconds left. ( Pez Whatley comes to the podium) Whatley: Gordon, it's great to be alive in 1984! The competition here is as strong as it's as ever been and Miller, you better watch your step as the Pistol man is coming to get you sucka'.
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    Superstars would like to pick up Brian Adias
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    What are you watching?

    Tim Horner, the Grappler, Marty Lunde and Tony Anthony were pretty aces as well.
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    What are you watching?

    The best part of the Flair/Nikita feud is obviously the cage match in which Dusty comes in to help Flair and the Anderson's attack and then Naitch joins in for the hell of it. It was just seamless booking.
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    What are you watching?

    Neither Rich or Sawyer ever recovered from those matches. It was the pinnacle of their careers.
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    WWE Hidden Gems

    According to wrestlingdata.com Greg wrestled and lost to Tommy Seigler in Miami Beach that night.
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    WWE Hidden Gems

    Lowrance was also the ring announcer at the Sportatorium for several years before moving to TV full-time; he was originally hired in 1980 to replace Boyd Pierce, who had been with the group since the 1960s and left to join Bill Watts' Mid-South Wrestling promotion. Other ring announcers in WCCW included George Preston (1960s), Joe Rinelli (from the 1960s until 1988) and Ralph Pulley (mid-1980s), who also served as a referee for a time. Lowrance, who was 21 at the time, was originally hired for a three-week stint until a permanent replacement was found for Pierce. Soon after, when no one was found, Lowrance's stay with World Class became permanent. Doyle King, and for one week Jim Ross, worked as fill-in announcers for Lowrance for the Fort Worth telecasts. In 1981, Dallas rock 'n roll singer Gene Summers took over the ring announcing duties for both the Dallas and Fort Worth matches. However, his tenure was cut short due to conflicting European music tours. It was during this time period that he released the now famous recording "Ballad of Moon Dog Mayne" under the pseudonym of Ricky Ringside. Summers' brief announcing career in 1981 lasted from March 8 to May 31. Marc Lowrance returned to the ring announcing duties in Dallas, and either Ralph Pulley or Joe Rinelli handled the Fort Worth matches. Dan Coates George Preston Boyd Pierce Gene Goodson Bill Mercer Marc Lowrance Ralph Pulley Joe Rinelli Craig Johnson Gene Summers Doyle King Steve Harms
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    WWE Hidden Gems

    He's so cool that Bill Watts himself chauffeured Ladd & his wife around for their wedding anniversary.
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    Wrestle and Romance (PROJECT19)

    I really like the direction you are taking things.
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    NJPW (Project 19)

    Kevin Kelly: After a short intermission, we are ready to start the 2nd round. Referee Red Shoes is in the ring. Hirooki Goto vs. Shinsuke Nakamura Both wrestlers know each other really well and it shows as action is underway. Both men trade kicks and chops for a few minutes. Nakamura tries a little chain wrestling, but Goto has an answer and is working on the leg on Shinsuke. Goto knows that he loves to use the Bomaye to finish off his opposition and is trying to take that out of the equation early on. Goto uses various leg locks and knee bars to soften the right leg up. Goto switches to a single leg Boston Crab and as Nakamura tries to wiggle out, Goto transitions into an STF. Nakamura is trying to reach for the ropes, but his long limbs can't seem to reach them. Nakamura is able to push off his left arm and is able to move to his back and starts to kick away at Goto. Several kicks hit Goto and he has to finally give up the hold to protect himself. Nakamura hits Goto with a leg sweep and Goto is on the canvas. Shinsuke starts to use his left leg now and hits Goto with some vicious knees into Goto's body. Nakamura starts to break out some submission wrestling holds and is now working on the left arm of Goto. After several minutes of mat wrestling, Nakamura goes for a cross arm breaker, applies it, but Goto is using his opposite hand to make sure that his arm doesn't straighten out completely. Goto actually uses his leverage and picks Nakamura up while the arm breaker is being applied and smashes Shinsuke to the mat several times, with him hitting his head hard on the canvas. Nakamura releases and Goto goes on the attack. Goto starts to brawl a bit, using elbows to the back of Shinsuke's head and neck. Shinsuke looks stunned and Goto goes for a Ura GTR, but Nakamura sees it coming and kicks Goto in the face with a spinning kick. Goto is down and Nakamura starts firing away with kicks and chops to the body of Goto. Nakamura works over Goto with various slams and suplexes as Goto is starting to show signs of really slowing down. Nakamura takes control even more with 3 Death Valley Drivers and goes for the pin, but Goto raises his shoulder up before the hand hits the mat for a 3 count. Shinsuke picks Goto up whips him into the corner and lays in several more kicks. He picks Goto up and sets him on the 2nd rope. Nakamura climbs up as Goto is trying to fight out of it. Nakamura is able to pick him up and hits a Landslide Samoan drop from the top turnbuckle. Nakamura rolls over and drapes his arm over the fallen Goto and gets the victory. WINNER in 25:31, Shinsuke Nakamura Masa Kitamiya VS. Tama Tonga Tonga attacks before the bell sounds and throws Masa to the floor. Bad Luck Fale ( who is Tonga's second) starts to kick and punch away at Kitamiya as Tonga distracts Marty Asami. Fale then uses a chair to bash Masa over the head several times as the crowd boos and hisses at Fale. Fale is able to pick Kitamiya up and hits his Bad Luck Fall as Kitamiya's back and neck hit the concrete. Tonga jumps to the outside to rolls Masa back in the ring. After several vertical brain busters, Tama picks up Masa, who's barely able to stand at this point and hits a Stun Gun and goes for the cover. Tonga hooks the leg as Asmai counts to 3. WINNER in 4:17, Tama Tonga EVIL vs. Will Ospreay Both men are coming into this match injured and it shows as neither man can muster enough energy to take advantage of the others injures. They are fighting out in the center of the ring and EVIL sends himself into the ropes and Ospreay and himself bang heads near the center of the canvas and fall down hard. Referee Red Shoes starts a count as neither man can get up. EVIL's cut has re-opened and Ospreay is holding his neck. Red Shoes gets to 7 and both men are trying to get up. The count gets to 8 and then 9 as EVIL is trying to push himself up by using his forearm. Ospreay isn't in no shape of continuing and isn't going to get up. Red Shoes then counts to 10 and as EVIL fell back to the mat. The match is a draw and both men are eliminated. The Match was declared a DRAW after 8:14 Kevin Kelly: What a shame to end the dreams of both EVIL and Will Ospreay as neither man could continue their match. Both men were in really no shape to even compete in the 2nd round and it showed. This means that the finals will be Shinsuke Nakamura will face the surprising Tama Tonga at the Tokyo Dome. Tonga isn't afraid to break the rules and Nakamura will have to watch out for Bad Luck Fale with eyes in the back of his head. Gedo: Nakamura needs to find a friend or 2 before the Tokyo Dome. If not, he has no chance if he can't combat Tonga's second on the outside. It appears that Shinsuke will get what he deserves after he left for America and leaving New Japan high and dry. Kelly: You would say something like that wouldn't you. Next week we will be coming from the Saitama Super Arena to determine the finals of the IWGP Tag Team Title Tournament. Remember to watch us on NJPW World and follow New Japan on Twitter to find out any breaking news.
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    NJPW (Project 19)

    Feb 13th, Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Hall Kevin Kelly: It's the dawn of a new day here in New Japan Pro Wrestling and today is the start of the 12 man IWGP IC Title Tournament. We have wrestlers from all over the globe in this one and it should be action packed. Gedo, can you think of someone who could be considered a front runner in this Tournament? Gedo: Shinsuke Nakamura has something to prove. He was knocked out in the first round of the Heavyweight Tournament and he needs a good showing here to get back into the good graces of these fans. Hirooki Goto vs. Hiroyoshi Tenzan, 1 fall 30 minutes. You have the older veteran against a younger veteran in Goto. Tenzan comes to the ring confident and has Satoshi Kojima by his side. The match starts and Goto uses his speed advantage over Tenzan and starts to try and wear down the older Tenzan. Goto starts to work over Tenzan's limbs and is doing so effectively. Thinhs changes when Goto sends Tenzan into the near corner and charges, only to find the ring post as he hits it square on his shoulder. Tenzan is feeling the backing of the crowd and starts to work over the injured arm of his opponent. Tenzan uses various armbars and joint locks to further wear Goto down. Tenzan then decides to hit Goto in the upper shoulder with some of his famous Mongolian chops. Goto however, kicks Tenzan in the stomach and the crowd starts to boo. Tenzan is down on the mat as Goto uses a Penalty Kick to the face of Tenzan. Goto continues to batter Tenzan to the point that referee Red Shoes looks concerned. Sensing that he has done enough damage, Goto picks Tenzan up and hits his GTR and goes for the cover. He is surprised when Tenzan shows that fighting spirit and kicks out at 2. Goto precedes to go to an old favorite and delivers his Shouten Kai, which completely knocks Tenzan out. It's an easy cover for the win. WINNER in 12:47, Hirooki Goto Togi Makabe vs. Shinsuke Nakamura, 1 fall 30 minutes. The King Kong Gorilla is on the loose as soon as the bell rings. Makabe has the upper hand by using his brawling tactics against Nakamura. Nakamura then gets his footing back and counters with several vicious kicks to the chest of Makabe. Nakamura takes advantage and hits several running knees to the head of his opponent. Nakamura sets Makabe up for the Bomaye, but Makabe sees it coming and blocks it. Makabe hits Nakamura with a Northern Lights suplex and takes him to the corner and starts to work over the body of Nakamura. Makabe sets Shinsuke up on the tunrbuckles and after several attempts, connects on his Spider suplex. Makabe climbs the ropes and goes for his King Kong Knee Drop, but Nakamura is playing possum and moves out of the way. Makabe is stunned and Nakamura goes into the corner and waits on Togi to turn his way. Nakamura charges and this time hits the Bomaye, goes for the cover and gets the win. WINNER in 10:28, Shinsuke Nakamura Masa Kitamiya vs. Toa Henrae The former young lion is in the biggest match of his career and going against the veteran Kitamiya won't be easy. Henrae and Kitamiya have a back and forth beginning to the match as Henrae is keeping up with the more experienced Masa. Henrae actually has the power advantage in the contest and is keeping Kitamiya off balance so far. Henrae makes his first mistake as he misses a dropkick and Masa starts throwing Toa around using multiple German suplexes. Since he has Henrae on the mat, he starts to work on the legs of the young opponent, trying to take away some of his speed. Kitamiya weakens Henrae down enough and applies his Prison Lock leg hold and Toa tries his hardest to wiggle out. The more he tries to get out, the more painful the hold becomes. Henrae has no choice but to tap out to referee Asami. WINNER: via submission in 8:59, Masa Kitamiya Sanada vs. Tama Tonga Speed is the word in this match as both wrestlers are using their amazing quickness and agility in this one. It's a back and forth match until Sanada misses a springboard to the outside as Tonga moves just in time. Tonga then uses the outside to his liking, throwing Sanada around like a rag doll. Tama hits Sanada with a "Stinger Splash" while Sanada is leaning on the guardrail. Tonga gets back into the ring as referee Red Shoes is counting to 12. Sanada struggles to his feet and makes it back in by 17. Tonga uses his speed and brawling to wear down the already weakened Sanada. Tonga sets Sanada up for his Fireman carry flapjack , but can only get a 2 count. This wakes up Sanada as he starts to fire back with various flying maneuvers like a cross body block and several dropkicks. Sanada sets Tonga up for a German suplex, but Tonga slips out and hits a Stun Gun out of nowhere and gets the upset victory. WINNER: Tama Tonga in 14:11 Manabu Soya vs. EVIL You have 2 powerhouses going at it here and this match is a complete brawl. Both wrestlers are using everything including the kitchen sink in this one. The action spills to the outside as they fight up towards the crowd. There are chairs going all over the place as referee Asami starts his count. Neither wrestler is even paying attention to Asami as the count gets to 14. They make their way back to the ring at the count of 19, but Asami still can't get control of the action. EVIL is busted open from a chair shot and hits Soya with a low blow. Asami missed this and this allows EVIL to take control of the match. EVIL hits several suplexes and a devastating Fisherman's buster. EVIL is able to connect with "Darkness Falls", which is his version of a Fireman's carry spine buster. EVIL goes for the win, but Soya kicks out at 2 3/4. EVIL grabs Soya and sets him up for the STO, but Soya counters into a "Power Booster" suplex. EVIL is stunned and Soya lifts EVIL up again and nails his Death Valley Bomb. He covers, but only gets 2. The crowd is into it as both wrestlers get to their feet and slug it out with forearms in the middle of the ring. Soya gets the advantage and goes to pick EVIL up again, but EVIL reverses things and quickly connects with an STO and gets the pin fall. WINNER: EVIL in 18:22 Will Ospreay vs. Kaito Kiyomiya They start out with some nice chain wrestling as neither man can get an advantage. Both young men are wise beyond their years and both have an excellent wrestling IQ. It's back and forth for the first 20 minutes as Ospreay and Kiyomiya counter everything that the other man throws at him. Ospreay makes a slight mistake and misses a a standing shooting star press. This allows Kaito to work on the upper body of Ospreay. Kaito has Ospreay in a Cobra Twist and Ospreay is trying to reach the ropes. Ospreay is finally able to hip toss Kaito to the canvas, but can't follow up. Kaito runs toward Opsreay and hits a prefect running elbow to the jaw. Kaito then hits a double underhook face buster, covers, but can only get 2. It is announced to the crowd that there is only 2 minutes left in the match as Kaito is trying with all of his might to put the British high flyer away. Kaito sends Will into the ropes, but Ospreay ducks under and rebounds off to hit his OsCutter out of nowhere. Realing he needs to move fast, Ospreay whips Kaito into the ropes and charges from the opposite side and connects with Essex Destroyer DDT. Kiyomiya's momentum takes him to the outside. Instead of going after Kiyomiya, Ospreay lets referee Red Shoes count. at 16, Kaito tries to get up, but falls back to the concrete. Red Shoes reaches 19 and then 20 as Kaito's right hand grabs the bottom rope to try and pull himself back up. Ospreay's hand is raised in victory. WINNER: Will Ospreay in 29:37 via countout Kevin Kelly: The 1st round is over and there are some really intriguing match-ups in the 2nd round. I see Will Ospreay being at a disadvantage as his match had to take a lot out of him. You can say the same about EVIL and he really took a beating before claiming a victory. Gedo: Watch out for Tama Tonga as he isn't afraid to bend the rules to win a match. I sense that Nakamura will have a difficult time against Goto, but maybe EVIL will reign supreme! Ha Ha Ha....
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    AWA Pacific Wrestling

    I'm going to say that Rose wins this.
  15. Captain Redneck

    RIP Pedro Morales

    A friend of mine from another board who had gone to MSG since in late 60's said of this about Pedro. I'm going to make a bold statement here but this is what I remember to be true and I remember it pretty well. Morales was WAY more over in New York than Sammartino. Blasphemy? No, fact. Pedro being Puerto Rican completely changed the demographics of the MSG crowd as well as in the outer borough spot shows. The crowds became overwhelmingly Hispanic and worshipped Pedro like a god. Being Hispanic they would become very emotional when Pedro took a beating. The closest I've ever seen to a full blown riot was when Don Leo Jonathan just kicked the living shit out of Pete at the Garden. The crowd was literally this close to storming the ring. They had to rush to a bullshit finish where DLJ put the Mormon Swing on Morales but got dizzy and fell out of the ring to be counted out