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    I'll have to pass on that. I don't have anything in creative for Miller right now.
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    Superstars of the Superstation are looking to move the following. Chris Markoff "Mean" Mike Miller Iceman Parsons
  3. Captain Redneck

    Superstars of the Superstation

    Thanks for the catch. I'm glad everyone is enjoying the product.
  4. Captain Redneck

    TNT Wrestling

    Race is having a series of great matches, along with Bockwinkel. The old guys still have it.
  5. Captain Redneck

    AWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling

    Flair is the ruler of the roost still. Brody can't catch a break.
  6. Captain Redneck

    Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling

    Really interested in the Valentine storyline. He really seems to have zero friends (except for Kernodle).
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    Superstars of the Superstation

    April 21st: Municipal Auditorium in Columbus, Georgia 1. Omar Atlas over Joe Lightfoot in 8:33 2. "Iron" Mike Sharpe defeats Ken Timbs in 12:06 3. The Gunslingers over Jim Powers & Shawn Michaels in 14:29 4. BODYSLAM MATCH: Yokozuna over Scott Hall in 15 minutes when Hall couldn't slam Yokozuna 5. COLUMBUS STREET FIGHT: Brad Armstrong over Arn Anderson in 22:48 6. TV TITLE MATCH: (C) Stan "The Man" Hansen over Ole Anderson in 16:47 7. Tommy Rich over "Mean" Mike Miller in 7:27 8. David Sammartino over Lanny Poffo in 18:52 after Angelo Poffo cold cocks Lanny with brass knuckles April 23rd: Cobb County Civic Center in Marietta, Georgia 1. Pat Rose over Chick Donovan in 9:10 2. Bob Roop over The Iron Sheik in 14:22 3. "Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff over Terry Daniels in 10:08 4. NATIONAL TAG TITLES: The Fantastics DQ WIN over (c) The Long Riders in 19:53 5. Iceman Parsons over "Mean" Mike Miller in 15:30 6. MARIETTA STREET FIGHT: Bob Armstrong over Ole Anderson in 26:39 7. The Masked Superstar over Lanny Poffo in 17:34 8. Ted Dibiase & Gary Hart over David Sammartino & Angelo Poffo in 28:55 9. STEEL CAGE MATCH: Tommy Rich over Buzz Sawyer in 21:37 10: NATIONAL HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: "Hacksaw" Butch Reed DDQ "HACKSAW" Jim Duggan in 10:44 April 24th: Augusta- Richmond County Civic Center in Augusta, Georgia 1. Heaven's Angels over Jim Powers & Shawn Michaels in 11:57 2. "Norvell Austin DRAW Bobby Fulton in 20 minutes 3. Tommy Rogers over "Pistol" Pez Whatley in 17:32 4. "Mean" Mike Miller over Scott Hall in 13:28 5. Brian Adias over Kelly Kiniski in 16:07 6. Ole & Arn Anderson over Bob & Brad Armstrong in 15:30 7. NATIONAL TAG TITLES: (c) The Long Riders over Tommy Rich & Lanny Poffo in 22:19 8. Masked Superstar & David Sammartino over "Hacksaw" Butch Reed & Iceman Parsons in 24:49 after "Hacksaw" Duggan knocked out Parsons with a 2x4. 9. Ted Dibiase over "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer in 38:22 due to blood loss. April 26th: Macon Coliseum in Macon, Georgia 1. Shawn Michaels over Pat Rose in 10:33 2. Jim Powers over Chick Donovan in 13:47 3. Scott Hall DDQ Yokozuna after 14:38 4. The Gunslingers over Heaven's Angels after 14:20 5. Bob Roop DDQ The Iron Sheik after 11:52 6. Ted DIbiase & Tommy Rich over The Masked Superstar & David Sammartino in 36:29 7. TV TITLE MATCH: (c) Stan Hansen over Arn Anderson in 11:45 8. NATIONAL HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: (c) "Hacksaw" Butch Reed over "Mad Dog Buzz Sawyer in 18:54
  8. Captain Redneck

    Superstars of the Superstation

    April 20th WTBS Studios: VTR: Shows the brawl from Toledo Ohio involving Tommy Rich and Buzz Sawyer. Ole Anderson helps Sawyer until Stan Hansen comes to Rich's aid. Hansen helps Rich to the back as Rich is holding his right arm. Solie: Welcome back to another 2 hours of Superstars of the Superstation. This week we have a special challenge match for the National Heavyweight Championship involving "Hacksaw" Butch Reed vs. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan. We also have an updated on Tommy "Wildfire" Rich after the incident in Toledo the other evening. (crowd cheers) First I like to welcome out Bob & Brad Armstrong. How are you gentlemen doing? Brad: Mr. Solie, I'm a bit sore still, but I'm well enough to get Arn & Ole Anderson in that ring (girls scream). We are tired of all of this back jumping and it's time to put an end to this. Bob: Gordon, you know that Brad is young and full of vigor, so he heals up a bit more fast then I do these days. Brad is right, ;look at what happened to Tommy Rich last week. It was the same ol', same ol' involving Pig Face Anderson and this time, his little puppy dog, Buzz Sawyer. Tommy is fine but you boys better watch out as your time is coming and it's coming soon. Jim Powers & Shawn Michaels (with Les Thornton) vs. Pat Rose & Chick Donovan The veterans control the match early on as Les Thornton is shouting instructions to Michaels & Powers. Rose has Powers in the corner and as he tags Donovan in, Powers is able to see an opening and hits Donovan with an elbow to the chops. Powers makes his way over and tags in his partner. Michaels comes in and throws a drop kick, which takes down Chick. Michaels climbs the ropes and leaps off the top, but Donovan moves as Michaels hits the canvas. Donovan bounces off the ropes and hits a knee drop to the jaw of Michaels and goes for the cover. Rose cuts off Powers as Donovan hooks the near leg and gets the 3 count, much to the chagrin of the fans in the studio. After the match, Thornton scolds the two rookies as Donovan & Rose point and laugh after their opponents. WINNERS: Pat Rose & Chick Donovan Solie: That was a tough break Shawn. Thornton: Gordon, we had a game plan heading into this match and the two rookies here decided to go against it and look at what happened, they lost. (staring at Powers & Michaels) If the two of you want to listen and improve, then I will continue to help you. If you go against what I laid out for the both o you, then you are on your own. (Thornton walks off) commercial break. "Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff vs. Terry Daniels (with Bob Roop) The youngster tries to get a quick start on the former world champion, but Koloff is too intelligent to get into a speed type of match against the younger Marine. Koloff backs Daniels into the ropes and knees him in the stomach, which is followed by a double axe handle to the back of Daniels' neck. Koloff starts to rough up the youngster and yelling over at Roop telling him that Russia is #1. Koloff gets a bit too cocky as he turns his back to Daniels and Daniels goes for a backslide. Koloff kicks out at 2 and is visibly angry. He attacks his young opponent and really starts to bend the rules, choking him and only releasing when referee McGowen gets to a count of 4. Roop climbs onto the apron and this allows Koloff to throw Daniels to the floor. Koloff and Roop go nose to nose and out of nowhere, The Iron Sheik grabs Daniels and kicks him in the head with the point of his curved boot. McGowen doesn't see this and Daniels is busted open. Koloff sees the blood on the face of the youngster and starts to bite and claw at the cut. After about a minute of this, McGowen is able to stop Koloff to check on the cut as the blood is really pouring down his face. McGowen decides to wave off the match and to get the victory to Koloff. As The Sheik and Koloff celebrate, Roop gets into the ring to check on Daniels. WINNER: "Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff via referee stoppage. Solie: I hope that the 2 of you are proud of yourselves, trying to injure that young man. Koloff: Proud of ourselves? Of course we are proud as I won the match. You Americans are no match for the superior Russian athlete and with my old comrade The Iron Sheik at my side, we are going to take over the area. Sheik: IRAN #1, RUSSIA #1, USA, pooohy. (crowd boos) Solie: (crowd boos) Now I have The Masked Superstar with his manager Angelo Poffo. Mr. Superstar, you are continuing your rivalry with Ted Dibiase and it's starting to get more and more vicious by the week. Superstar: Gordon Solie, all I'm going to say is that when a man cheats, you cheat back. I'm going to use the same tactics as that cheat Dibiase and as long as he has that Chicago gutter slime Gary Hart with him, he will continue to get some of their own medicine. Solie: Ummm, if I remember correctly, it was you who went after Dibiase and started things off. Poffo: This is where you are wrong Solie. It was Dibiase who started this and WE are going to finish things. If you remember correctly, it was Dibiase and that gutter trash Hart who used the brass knuckles against this man right here the other night. It was Hart who passed it to him through that cage and they were the ones who tried to cripple me after the cage match. If it wasn't for this brave gentleman and David Sammartino's bravely, I could be in a wheelchair right now. (crowd cheers) Solie: Well the 2 of you can try and settle your differences in a Coal Miners Glove on a pole match. Superstar: That's correct. When I'm the one to climb up that pole, I will be able to use that loaded glove anyway I damn well please. I'm going to rearrange his and Gary Hart's face in one night. And one of thing, if Lanny Poffo wants to try and interfere in this match to help his buddies, then he will suffer the same fate. commercial break. Norvell Austin & "Pistol" Pez Whatley vs. "Iron" Mike Sharpe & Omar Atlas This is basically a squash as Whatley and Austin are too quick for their opponents. Atlas is in the ring the entire match as Whatley & Austin tag in and out. The end is when Austin tags in Whatley and whips Atlas into the ropes and Whatley comes off with a flying headbutt to finish off Atlas. WINNERS: Norvell Austin & "Pistol" Pez Whatley Solie: Big win for this newly formed team. Whatley: THAT'S RIGHT GORDON!. We want to be known as the The Gunslingers. I'm the Pistol while Norvell is the ,38 special! Austin: We want one thing and it's those Tag team belts that those Long Riders own, for now. They might've slipped by the Fantastics, but they won't get by us.. (crowd cheers. Tommy Rogers comes out) Rogers: I hate to come out here Mr. Solie, but I'm here to set the record straight and that we are STILL the #1 contenders for the National Tag Team Championship. Whatley: Oh really, why don't you put that claim up against us next week right here in that ring right there. Rogers: We can do that. Mr. Solie, can you tell the matchmaker to send us a contract for next week? Solie: I will see on what I can do. commercial break. Solie: (crowd chants, "Ain't no way you can beat Tommy, ain't no way") As you hear by the crowd, my guest is Tommy" Wildfire" Rich. Tommy, how are you feeling? Rich: Gordon, did anyone hear say about being FIRED UP! I'm doing fine and I'd like to thank my old tag team partner, Stan" The Man" Hansen on helping me out of that jam the other night. You know Gordon, I thought our feud between myself and Buzz Sawyer was over, but I guess that I was wrong in thinking that way. He's a crazy son of a gun and he's not that bright either if he's listening to "Pigface" Ole Anderson for advice. Sawyer, watch your back as I have friends watching mine. TV TITLE MATCH: (c) Stan" The Man" Hansen vs. Sivi Afi Afi attacks before the bell and starts to rake the eyes of Hansen. However Hansen fights back and is throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Afi. Afi is dazed & confused as Hansen throws him from pillar to post. Hansen sets Afi up for and crashes down with a high vertical suplex. Hansen gets up and after several knees yo the upper chest of Afi, he picks him up to whip him into the ropes and hits him with that Lariat and it's all academic as Hansen covers as Nick Patrick counts to 3. WINNER: TV Champion, Stan Hansen via pin fall commercial break. National Heavyweight Title Match: (c) "Hacksaw" Butch Reed vs. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan 30 minutes time limit Reed & Duggan are trash talking and referee Patrick takes the belt. Reed & Duggan are both being cautious as neither wants to make a mistake that the other one can capitalize on. Duggan has Reed against the ropes and walks back for a clean break and when Reed's guard is down, he charges in with a forearm to the chest. Duggan works an armbar and side headlock for about 8 minutes, until Reed can power out of it and make it to the ropes. Duggan kicks Reed in the ribs and Reed hits the floor. Reed climbs back at the count of 6, but Duggan is waiting and kicks him back to the floor. This time Reed slowly climbs up by grabbing the ring apron and as Duggan's feet are near the ropes, Reed grabs one and yanks him down to the mat. Reed then pulls Duggan to the floor and rolls back into the ring. Duggan is furious and charges back in, but Reed catches him with a soup bone to the head and Duggan falls flat to the mat. Reed hits several elbow drops which hurt Duggan. Reed looks hot and starts to choke out Duggan. Patrick counts to 3 and then 4 and Reed releases, but get a stern warning from Patrick. Reed now has a spinning toe hold on Duggan, but then drops all his weight onto the leg/knee and Duggan screams in pain. Reed works on the leg as we are now 24 minutes in without a pin fall attempt. Reed picks Duggan up for a slam and climbs to the top. Duggan staggers up and sees Reed jump and Duggan pushes Patrick into the fire and goes down in a heap. Duggan waves his hand and Ole & Arn Anderson, along with Buzz Sawyer hit the ring for a 4 on 1 attack. They pound on Reed, trying to injure the powerful right arm of the champ. Ole Anderson climbs the ropes as the other 3 hold Reed down. Ole is about to jump as the crowd jumps to their collective feet and out comes The Armstrong's, Stan Hansen and Tommy Rich, who pushes Ole off the ropes. It's a 4 on 4 battle as Patrick has called for the bell. After a minute or so goes by, The Armstrong's, Hansen & Rich clear the ring of the Anderson's and Duggan & Sawyer. WINNER: via DQ. "Hacksaw" Butch Reed
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    Any interest on Mike Miller?
  10. Captain Redneck

    AWA Pacific Wrestling

    I think Gibson's dead.
  11. Captain Redneck

    Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling

    I really dig the crazy Valentine.
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    AWA World Class Wrestling

    Gotta give the Birds some wins against the Von Erich cheats.
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    AWA Pacific Wrestling

    Never knew Piper did the Belly to Belly.
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    Surprised to see Sweetan get a title shot. Always thought that he was maybe the worst Babyface ever. I think that Savage & Martel need a friend. Slaughter with the big win. Curious on how Nikita will do against him The Sheiks are still doing damage.