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[2019-02-16-CWF Mid-Atlantic-End of An Era] Trevor Lee vs Cain Justice


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Trevor Lee defends the CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title.

The match was amazing, unsurprisingly. Even though Trevor has more than proven himself to be the master of putting on super lengthy matches, I still always have my doubts when I see a match going to such monster minutes as this one, but as was the theme of his title reign, he completely sucked me into the battle that was done inside that squared circle. The 75 minutes flew by as if they were 15; it built & built & built & BUILT, and by the end, the drama was just so perfect I got them goosebumps. Trevor pretty much completely ate Cain alive in their first meeting back in January, and that was the case for much of this one, too; Trevor straight up dominates, with him stretching Cain all over the place, with his, always oh-so-great looking holds. Cain makes some brief comebacks, but every single time the champ shut him down very quickly. I interpreted the storytelling very much as Trevor making Cain go from a boy he trained to a MAN who's ready to be the forefront of the company - Cain proved he had a lot of heart in the 75 minutes, as he survived Trevor's brutal onslaught on him, and as the match went on, he got more & more into those comebacks of his; the last 20 to 25 minutes are crazy amazing w/ it's drama - the nearfalls & especially the drama revolving around their submission finishers in the Twist Ending & STF is top notch stuff, and while I probably would've let Cain win, I loved the finish. Trevor was absolutely BRUTAL with those Danielson stomps, and those were a good reminder of why I went & gave Trevor in CWF a shot in the first place; I saw someone compare his work in the match vs. Andrew Everett from 2016 to that of Danielson's during his ROH World Title Reign, and that sparked my interest, and I am so glad it did, because Trevor ended up becoming one of my favorite wrestlers. And he made sure to leave his territory with one of his greatest masterpieces. ****3/4

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  • GSR changed the title to [2019-02-16-CWF Mid-Atlantic-End of An Era] Trevor Lee vs Cain Justice

This was a one man show, if I'm honest. The match was all Trev. Trevor Lee dominated the match. Trevor Lee lead the grappling. Trevor Lee had the best moments in the match. Everything he did looked brutal yet majestic at the same time. It's hard to explain really. Everything he did in this match stood out to me as something special. This match made him look like a world beater going into the fed, now I don't know if that's the best choice as far as the company and the idea of putting over someone on your way out but it's a good send off for Trev nonetheless. Now onto the bad parts of the match. I really didn't like Cain Justice in this match a whole lot. Everything he did looked so amateur compared to Trev, so much that it was very jarring and took me out of the match whenever he was in control. I liked how much fight he showed and the overall story but he didn't do a lot for me. Also the ending I found pretty laughable and if they really wanted it that way, Cain should've won. Oh well - still a great match, largely thanks to Trev. The pacing of the match was fantastic. The length was very daunting but it really didn't seem that long. The story was well told, except for the ending. And the drama was, well, dramatic. ****

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