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[2019-02-24-AJPW-Excite Series] Kento Miyahara vs Suwama

paul sosnowski

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Very good match bolstered by a great performance by Suwama. Everything he did seemed to have that extra bit of impact behind it. Loved his work on Kento's neck. Loved his variation of throws and suplexes. Suwama's offence was crips and pinpoint loved what he brought to the match. However Kento didn't really do it for me. His comeback felt really underwhelming to me, and I was never really pulling for him during the match. His selling was decent I'd say although he could've done better in the high-end parts of the match. The closing stretch was really good, loved Suwama kicking out of everything Kento did and and loved the struggle to lock on the delayed german suplexes BUT I didn't buy it as a finish because Kento used it quite a few times through the match so when he pinned Suwama with it, it didn't feel climatic to me. Now I'm not for one to complain about spamming moves but not when it was done like it was in this match. Shame really because I really did like the match but it certain things didn't allow it to reach its full potential. ***1/2

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Kento is just on another level when it comes to big matches. Yes it was another 30 minute Triple Crown match, but he kept it full of energy the entire time. I don't have any reason to believe he isn't at Okada levels of greatness right now. Suwama was a beast here too, and honestly speaking this was the best singles match I have seen between these two generational Aces. Suwama's offense was crisp and impactful, and Kento's comebacks were wild. Incredible finishing stretch with Suwama desperately trying to prove he could survive Kento once again. One of the best matches of the year so far, ****3/4.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2019-02-24-AJPW-Excite Series] Kento Miyahara vs Suwama

Really great match and a terrific bounce-back for Kento after his disappointing performance in the KAI match. Kento tries to soften up Suwama early with shots to the head and neck but makes one mistake and Suwama decides turnabout is fair play. I love how Suwama varies his approach to attacking the neck by not only throwing huge shots but also trying to choke Kento out with sleepers. I felt that Kento's comebacks were also a bit more earned. As much as I love his breakneck speed and offense, he sometimes recovers a bit too quickly. This time it came off much more as Kento actually running on adrenaline and a will to survive as opposed to a "Nope, I'm fine!" sort of thing. The finishing stretch is also one of the hottest of the year so far and tells Brock Lesnar who the REAL proprietors of Suplex City are. One thing I've really noticed in these title matches is that Kento starts off as kind of a cocky hotshot who proceeds to get in over his head and has to mount these valiant comebacks. Not sure if I think that's a good or bad thing for a top face, but's interesting nonetheless.


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