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"The Big Show" Paul Wight a.k.a. The Giant


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I wanted to make a thread about The Big Show, as he's coming to the end of his wrestling career & I feel like he's vastly underrated. Maybe not the best worker or talker there's ever been, but I think he's done really well for himself in wrestling, both in WWE & WCW, as a big man worker. There's not a lot of "giants" left in wrestling nowadays, certain that work as a big - with David Vs. Goliath feuds & the big man falling down spot & whatnot. When I was growing up, there were quite a few of those guys, like Akeem/One Man Gang, Kamala, Big Boss Man, André the Giant, etc. but they're few and far between anymore.

Granted his run with Hogan & The Dungeon of Doom wasn't any good & produced some bad television like the monster truck sumo, Yeti, etc. but he's had plenty of memorable moments too. Him going up in Lex Luger's Torture Rack & Goldberg getting him up in The Jackhammer both come to mind. Kevin Nash Powerbombing him on his neck & getting the Jackknife banned. Also him taking multiple F-5's from Brock Lesnar over the years. He's great for the feat of strength spots. I also really enjoyed when he was the 1-man army against the nWo for awhile. There were some other non-nWo guys that would fight them off, like Luger, DDP & of course Sting, but there for awhile The Giant coming out was always a "holy shit!" moment. 

Has anyone ever turned heel/face more times than The Big Show in wrestling history?

He's also done a lot of comedy over the years, which was hit-or-miss, but some it was (to me) quite funny. Like when The Big Boss Man was surfing him on the casket. He had the run where he was doing impersonations for awhile too: Showkishi, The Showster & all that stuff. 

I think his tag team run with Chris Jericho was pretty good. His tag team with The Miz was pretty good. I liked most of his WWE ECW run. His feud with Brock was decent, especially when Paul Heyman was on The Big Show's side. I remember liking his chairs match with Mark Henry. I liked when he changed his finish from The Chokeslam to the WMD punch because he never did The Chokeslam the same was as he used to do it in WCW when he would go down with them & spike them. 

Probably the highlight of his career though was his Wrestlemania feud with Floyd Mayweather. That moment on RAW when Floyd broke his nose was money. 

I'm up for some re-watching to get some more recent perspective on his career so I was curious what everyone thought his best matches were?

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We appreciate him more than most!

210) Nigel McGuinness  (550 points, 18 ballots, 70.89 avg, high: 4 - ShittyLittleBoots, 2006: unranked)

209) Tomohiro Ishii  (557 points, 16 ballots, 66.19 avg, high: 20 - Alan Counihan, 2006: unranked)

208) Osamu Nishimra  (574 points, 16 ballots, 65.13 avg, high: 35 - anonymous, 2006: honorable mention)

207) Seth Rollins  (580 points, 22 ballots, 74.64 avg, high: 48 - DMJ & anonymous; 2006: unranked)

206) Kota Ibushi  (592 points, 20 ballots, 71.40 avg, high: 14 - The Great Puma; 2006: unranked)

205) Pat O'Connor  (597 points, 14 ballots, 58.36 avg, high: 28 - simen oem; 2006: honorable mention)

204) Daisuke Sekimoto  (597 points, 12 ballots, 51.25 avg, high: 10 - Alan Counihan; 2006: unranked)

203) Big Show  (612 points, 21 ballots, 51.25 avg, high: 38 - topropepodcast, 2006: honorable mention)

202) Christopher Daniels  (612 points, 19 ballots, 68.79 avg, high: 20 - anonymous, 2006: honorable mention)

201) Cima  (613 points, 17 ballots, 64.94 avg, high: 13 - anonymous, 2006: honorable mention)

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The Mayweather match is the Misawa/Kawada of celebrity matches, but I have no real use for Show otherwise. The main issue is that the dominant but vulnerable monster doesn't really work as a weekly TV character. Either he's too dominant and kills off his opponents or he's too vulnerable and loses his aura. The ones who made it work, like Andre and current Brock Lesnar, were special attractions.

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